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Conflicted Conflict Conflicting Conflicted Communities

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Thanda, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Thanda

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    Jul 20, 2012
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    What hapenning in Tanzania now in terms of the existing politics is highly considered that the rulling party "CHAMA CHA MAPINDUZI" or "REVOLUTIONARY PARTY" has lost majority support and gone astray, by making people to be "confused in capital letter", hence I am prompted to net the above thread.

    The Conflicted Conflict, with both rich in basic needs and basic wants...This is the inner circulation of conflict between the party, which led by minority rich who have survived the conflict despite many complains against their future political aspects. They were named to be "Mafisadi". Though they are drastically trying to purifying their mischiefs and immorals between the society. These are Great Conflicters of Tanzanias fate

    The Conflicted Communities, with their less basic needs....Are those majority poor by which past fifty years of independence are still lives in poverty, hovering over though few who are elected to enjoy the cake of nation without caring or even daring to support others. hence CCCCC.

    The endorsement of 2006 oppositon political constitutions namely "CHAMA CHA DEMOKRASIA NA MAENDELEO" or "DEMOCRATIC AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY" shook the country by attracting majority, (those which are poors, those who were ones conflicted by the conflicting swap) by introducing "NGUVU YA UMMA" or "PEOPLE'S POWER" begins to be happy of this cake smell, hence they should at all means wait it to be ready on October 2015.

    Unlike this "INTRODUCTION", There are other movements and operations conducted allover the country to "RESCUE" the conflicted ones...........M4C (Movement for Change), Operation Sangara.Yet another operations to come like Operation Simba (Lion), Chui (Duma), Nyoka (Snake), Twiga (Girrafe) Tembo (Elephant),etc etc.

    Operation "VUA GAMBA VAA GWANDA" or MANTLE THE COMBART BY DISMANTLE THE SHELL" is on the move ever since the recognition of misuse of "this cake of the nation".

    There was another mile to go, when the ban of using copters (chopers) during campaign...!! This action was considered by the "CONFLICTED SIDE" as defence mecharnism for the rulling party, but despite the race of introducing theirs, This movement for change tailored their determinations toward destination, which is "WHITE HOUSE RALLY" by bringing in TWO more chopers and ONE HUNDRED, FWD D.CABIN trucks to reach 4000 villages in a month. This is the message to the government of the rich and The rulling party that the poors will take their country and put to their custody, that means,THE COUNTRY WILL BELONG TO THE PEOPLE, THE ONES WHO WERE CONFLICTED, THE POORS, Those who had only possesing less basic needs will now be equal to those rivals of justice and will play the same rolls.

    My sincere and great worry is, Can the conflicted be patient or tolerant enough to sit at one table, eating with those who were conflicting them? Will "The Hague" be forgotten or remembered by that ample time which is 2015?

    I am worried.