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Comrade Edward Lowassa; Who Shall Quench The Thirsty?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by KAMBOTA, Apr 4, 2012.

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    KAMBOTA Senior Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    By Nova Kambota

    Tanzanians can still flash back what took place in 2008 when Edward Lowassa declared his resignation in Dodoma telling the public that after serious mediation and deep reflection he had to quit from the post of Prime Minister. Let me confess here that, I was one of those who thought Lowassa was at his climax and thus his quitting was a turning point, from there his political glory was to decline to zero.

    This has never happened, and Lowassa is still one of the big figure in political arena who for months now has been pointed out as "the next president" of Tanzania. There is no abundant evidence about this claim, yet still suspicious linger that Edward Lowassa shall contest for presidential post in 2015, henceforth it is unjust to let this pass without a comment, here is a critical analysis about Lowassa's position as "the expected president" of this blessed country.

    The need to quench the thirsty
    Tanzanians are starved simply because they lack committed leadership, with all resources and opportunities, for fifty years of her Independence, Tanzania is still to be titled as a "slumbering economic giant". Thus it is Tanzanians' thirsty to see their nation rise to become economically, socially, culturally and even political developed. How do we come to this point? This is a challenge I leave it to comrade Lowassa , whether he becomes the next president or not , the fact that he is mentioned , this ought to be in his finger tips. The following are crucial areas from which Tanzanians' thirsty is drawn;

    Thisis the field that since ever has not been dealt with seriousness, though Mwalimu Nyerere tried at his level best and there is no doubt that his economic policies have a lot to be desired and explained yet still we can't deny the fact that all Nyerere's economic policies surrendered in when socialism lost an international appeal, it was through socialism, NAM, PAN-AFRICANISM and African liberation struggle Tanzania stood as one of African economic icon, even though we were poor but our economic status was so far promising. Lowassa should know that Tanzanians need economic revolution, we are tired of being beggars, let it be known that we are fed up of western investment we need Tanzanian-oriented investment.

    Tanzanians are still to remember how Lowassa used three minutes in the parliament to challenge Kikwete's government , when he strongly insisted on taking the so called "concrete decisions" . Tanzanians need to see beyond such comment, they need to see such decisions are undertaken so as to strengthen Tanzania national economy.


    This is another area that needs to be reshuffled if not leveled, as days go , it is as if our politics are being poisoned by some enemies, it even cumbersome to analyze if we are democratic, dictatorship or kingdom. If this is not chiefdom how comes the ruling CCM a few days ago was seriously striving to handle back Arumeru constituency to the late Sumari's linage?. With such misconducts I feel compelled to say openly that it is high time now our politics ought to undergo "mutatis mutandis" before it is late. Am not sure how far Lowassa knows such problems, but at least am convinced that he knows it ever since he was one of those who were subjected to "dubious operation vua gamba".

    This is another area which ought to be restructured, so far Tanzanians have been questioning whether they should expect any development or not? Because with the incumbent ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi CCM leadership style and disgracing our country in the name of embezzlement it obvious that if this situation continuous for a while, then development shall remain the nightmare that shall never be fulfilled. It is high time now Tanzania restores its moral glory that ever crossed borders via platforms such as NAM and African liberation struggle. Our social life has changed timely mainly adopting more negatives than positives, if I reckon those patriotic days, then with no doubt I can say it has now perished, Lowassa should highly consider this , without morals the nation is good for nothing.

    What Lowassa insists to be underground bomb to be exploded in a short while can well be explained in aftermath of corruption in both government and private sectors, massive unemployment among Tanzania youth since ever has been cycling in Lowassa's mouth in its real context is nothing but proof beyond the reasonable doubt that our society has been morally damaged to the extent that the government parastatals have been closed down and majority of people eventually turned to be jobless. Not only Tanzanians's thirsty is to see these parastatals are back to function but also nepotism is stopped as soon as possible both in government offices and private.

    Here is another sector that needs strategic revolution, number of outcries have been burst out by Tanzanians concerning the continuing cultural imperialism in the face of western globalization. Look the way our sisters are yearly paraded half naked in the name of miss Tanzania. It serious painful that Tanzanian young generation knows nothing about our heritage, it goes further to the extent that nowadays there is an emerging class amongst us which is completely ridiculous about anything concerning our beloved Tanzania. We have been trapped in the nets of European culture both the citizens and our leaders, and let me prophesize here that if no measures are taken then our Kiswahili shall die just in less than a decade to come.

    Lowassa should know that this is the right moment we culturally equip ourselves that we are able to put afloat whatever comes in the face of cultural imperialism. We surely need the second liberation, our nation is starved with this thirsty, the question still stands" who to quench this thirsty?". A luta Continua!


    MANGUNGO JF-Expert Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Shortly,i will be back.
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    MWananyati Senior Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Mwanafunzi wake
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    Apr 4, 2012
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    Apr 4, 2012
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    Lowassa is a paper tiger!
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    Iramba Junior Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    I don't think if someone like Lowasa or with similarcaliber will be able to quench this thirsty, as a matter of fact just askyourself for how long EL has been in power or part of the system to make all thesechanges na nini amefanya! We need someone else with fresh thinking and vision.

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    Kaseisi Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Another drum-bitter for EL after a big failure in Arumeru :lalala:
  8. MANI

    MANI Platinum Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Absolutely !
  9. Rutashubanyuma

    Rutashubanyuma JF-Expert Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Our political history defies this perception........................with exception of Nyerere - who was smart enough to relinquish the PM portifolio to Kawawa in less than a year!- no Premier has ever risen to become our Mr. president.......................and Lowassa; like other ex-premier "pretenders to the throne" will soon appreciate the reasons behind this historical fact. The only premier who seems to be conversant with this enduring reality is no other but Pinda.........................the guy has repeatedly reminded us he will leave politics no sooner his protege JK hands over power to his successor likely to be Dr. Slaa .............and no amount of coercive persuasion will deter Pinda from calling it a day allowing new blood to take blood does not mean old is no longer gold.............................I hope Lowassa gleans something from this gentleman of virtue and humility...............By the way thinking far and aloud I am begininning visualizing lowassa losing even his Monduli parliamentary crown for people are really frazzled by his obsessions of national politics and overlooking that every else is local..........
  10. Lole Gwakisa

    Lole Gwakisa JF-Expert Member

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Kambota , be fair to yourself.
    Changes will never start with Lowassa, at the time being he is still smarting from bigger than life snub from his own back yard.
    Politics is a science that thrives on basic principles with central players being the people.

    I am not sure if at all your script is an attempt to put Lowassa as that political messiah, that Tanzania , according to you, is longing.

    Presently the scenario is that of an inept ruling party with equally disastrous policies.
    Surely a change is wanting, but where from?
    Definately not in the form of Lowassa