Building on Africa's Potential Since Independence: Statement of the DUA Annual Conference Held at Imperial Beach Resort, Entebbe-Uganda

Mpaka Kieleweke

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Feb 27, 2007
Umoja wa vyama vya kidemokrasia Afrika, (DUA)umeendelea kujipanga ili kuimarisha ushawishi wake kwenye mkutano wa wakuu wa common wealth ambao unatarajiwa kufanyika mwezi huu huko Uganda.

Mkutano wa wakuu wa vyama umeendelea kufanyika nchini uganda na nimefanikiwa kupata press statement yao waliyoitoa leo mchana huu.

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We, party leaders and members of the Democrat Union of Africa (DUA), both ruling and opposition parties with center and center-right policies, gathered from 19th to 21st October 2007 at the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel, Entebbe-Uganda for the DUA Annual Conference with the theme 'Africa since independence-building on our potential'.

Having shared knowledge and experience on creating an economic framework for success, delivering affordable, effective healthcare and universal education, and defeating corruption and embedding good governance;

Having received and discussed country reports from individual political parties on the status of the respective political parties and democracy in their respective countries;

Having discussed the DUA progress report including strides made, the involvement of women and young people in the union;

Having deliberated on the priorities and programs of the Democrat Union of Africa (DUA) for the coming year;

We hereby resolve and issue the following statement:

1. From poverty to prosperity - Creating an economic framework for success

Weak economic frameworks have inhibited most of the African countries from moving from poverty to prosperity since independence. Poor policies and weak governance have failed Africa, resulting in a declining share of world trade while trade within the continent remains stagnant.

Most of the African countries have failed to create the conditions for their own development since independence because the majority of their political leaders think development comes by chance rather than by deliberate choice and planning.

We affirm our belief that a democratic society provides the best opportunity for economic development by guaranteeing individual freedom, political liberty, personal choices, and economic freedom and equality of opportunity under the rule of law.

We underline the importance of creating the necessary conditions to enable each individual to reach their full potential and to carry out their responsibilities to their fellow human beings.

We believe pluralistic competition, smaller, effective and efficient governments, low taxation, and the free enterprise market economy are the best framework to ensure economic prosperity for all.

Free enterprise and the promotion of democracy are the keys to Africa's development. Investment in education, infrastructure, agriculture, and the protection of the environment are the necessary ingredients for faster economic growth. For Africa to reach its full potential and fight poverty, we need to harness the youth and women of Africa, which is a crucial part of any future economic growth.

We call upon all Africans, particularly the political leaders, to change their mindset and embrace the concept that development is a matter of deliberate choice and not chance. The development of the continent will depend on the vision and commitment of its political leaders in embracing this concept.

2. Deliver affordable healthcare and universal education

The majority of the African countries are meeting some of their commitments to achieve universal education, particularly through widening access by removing school fees for basic education. However, the quality of education that is being provided leaves a lot to be desired. Systems to deliver affordable public health services are limited.

We call for quality education that provides skills for Africans to be able to meet development challenges:

- The education environment has to be improved by ensuring that the schools have adequate learning materials/facilities and teachers.

- Review of curricula is essential to ensure that appropriate practical and theoretical curricula are developed at all levels. The developed curricula should also take into account the needs of special groups such as the physically challenged, disadvantaged, and adult groups.

- Budget allocation for health should be generally enhanced in order to meet the provision of essential health service delivery. This should aim at providing a wide base medical insurance scheme which is pro-poor in orientation.

- Equal attention should be paid to preventive services as this will eventually reduce health budget requirements.

- Build technical and human resource capacity in all health institutions.

3. Defeat corruption and embed good governance

Weak governance, bad government policies, bad laws, corruption, bureaucratic systems, weak accountability institutions, usurpation of functions and the lack of political will, limit the development of many African countries. In several countries, we have seen manipulation and subjective interpretation of the constitution through facilitating overstay of leaders tenure in office.

We, therefore, resolve that:

Citizens should be educated and made aware of their rights.

All citizens should be treated equally before the law without fear or favour.

Independent media is a critical partner in highlighting and exposing corrupt practices in society. Free and independent media should, therefore, be supported and strengthened.

ALL political leaders should engage citizen participation in defeating corruption and embedding good governance through the strengthening of institutions, in particular, strong parliaments and an independent judiciary that ensures the rule of law, a credible opposition, and vibrant civil society.

DUA priorities and programmes for the coming year:

Our DUA priority program for the coming year will contribute to our mission of providing forums in which parties holding similar beliefs can come together and exchange views on matters of policy and organizational interest, to promote democracy and center, center-right policies in Africa. We have reaffirmed our commitment to:

Widening membership base.

Building capacities of political parties.

Networking and sending missions to monitor some of the elections in Africa.

Strengthening and expanding the involvement of women and youth people in DUA.

Issued this 21st day of October 2007.
Mkutanomhuo umemalizika jana na naambiwa wamejiwekea mikakati kabambe wale waliokwenda kuiwakilisha CHADEMA tuleteeni yaliyojiri huko.

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