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Britain 'on board' for US air strikes on Iran

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Game Theory, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. G

    Game Theory JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Joined: Sep 5, 2006
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    Note to wana JF. The article on this subject is from the Daily Mail, a paper whose forte is mindless nationalistic ranting and bourgeois hand wringing about house prices.As such, this article ain't worth the paper it was printed on: it probably wouldn't even make good toilet roll.

    Having said this, I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Brown once again outsourced Britain's foreign policy to those well known friends of peace who go under the collective name of 'the American government'. Brown would simply be repeating British foreign policy for the last forty or so years, the recipe for which must go something like this:

    1) Side with the Americans on whatever rash and idiotic scheme their invariably stupid government has drawn up to the cost of our true interests in Europe.

    2) While Brits are busy kissing fat Yankee arse, the Germans and the French can trample all over their interests unaccosted and essentially decide on the future of the EU (and thus the future of Europe) between them.

    3) When the latest American inspired odyessy comes crashing down in a shower of blood, gore and governments, Britain has to go cap in hand to the other Europeans and beg to join the glorious new Franco-Germanic order on whatever terms they so wish to dictate.

    4) Rinse and repeat.

    I long for the day when the British government actually grows some testicles and tells Washington where to shove their latest murderous crusade in the name of 'freedom'. Then perhaps they can try and secure Britain a reasonable future within the European Union, the only place where its interests really lie.

    5)Meanwhile back to our GLORIOUS WIZARA YA MAMBO YA NJE NA USHIRIKIANO WA KIMATAIFA under Membe, will give directive to our man in NY bwana AGOSTINO MAHIGA to vote with UK & USA on bombing if not invading IRAN since we have some bilateral agreements with those two countries that cant be compromised... and any delays means they will bug MAHIGA and MIGIRO's offices just like they did with KOFI ANNAN

    6)The fall out would be Iran will cut off the little oil concessions that we might have with them, barell of oil in International market will be at $100 pb, this means PETROLI na MAFUTA bei juu bila kusahau BEI ZA VYAKULA bei juu and of course our humble opposition(CUF,CHADEMA,TLP etc) will have a field day

    anyway thats whats called ripple effect of GLOBALIZATION and INTERNATIONALIZATION

  2. K

    Koba JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
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    ..Iran is not thing for sure they will do it and 'll be bloody,Bush is a stupid born again madman believing in his neocons fantasies,Iran will fight this tooth & nail to the end... tragedy lakini will be lesson learned to americans,just watch!
  3. J

    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Joined: May 5, 2006
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    Na wakifanya hivyo wameifungulia Iran mwanya wa "kuchafua zaidi" mambo nchini Iraq.
  4. Gamba la Nyoka

    Gamba la Nyoka JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Joined: May 1, 2007
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    I have learn't a hardway that, those so called powerful media in the western countries are nothing but powerful propaganda machines.

    i came to this realization when the president of iran was in US for the UN general assembly this year.

    the news papers called him names, called him holocaust denier ,dictator ,terrostist, others even question his clothing style.

    to them to wear suits with long neck tie is a sign of civilization.

    But i think clothing is a matter of choice, provided you cover your body with dignity, look how INDIRA GANDHI used to wear, look how Nelson Mandela wears, the guy doesnt like suits much

    But because ahmednejad is a president of the country which at this moment is openly against their policy of aggression ,then any propaganda weapon at their exposal will be used against him.

    The western media is very powerful but unfortunately it is brainwashing the americans.many americans dont know what exactly is taking place in the world! they are fed on cooked up news.

    If you see a western media praising any leader, then you have to ask why?, possibly this leader has been a good agent for them, if he works for them they will call him good names like "the democratically elected president", "an ally against terrorism",
    "adheres to the rule of law",but behind all these ,they know they will take minerals cheaply and easily, they know they will take oil,or they have plans to put their military base in his country..

    But one good thing i observed in Ahmednejad trip to UN is, the iranians are very Smart, they know how to counter propaganda, and they know how to push their agenda with a calculated responses.

    And infact the Iranian President proved to US public that,he is not what the media portray him to be, and infact he cameout seemingly very intelligent and educated as well.
  5. YournameisMINE

    YournameisMINE JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Joined: Aug 29, 2007
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    Those are just noisy noises, the drum beat will die and we will see no war in Iran.
    US just can't afford now to comfront the "powerfully" iran......the move will destabilize a vast piece of "real estate" from Mediterranean coast to the hills of Kashmir!!!.
    US is in enuff mess already, a stretched to the breaking point millitary force, recruiting woes and no "good" reason to sell the invasion/bombing to the American people.
    No body in washington wants even to discuss the military option in dealing with Iran...........hii ni mikwara tu to "scare the pants" off Ahmadinejad.
    Iran ina matatizo tosha ndani yake, juzi jumanne Ahmadinejad kazomewa na wanafunzi mjini Tehran, kuna watu hapa USA wanaamini serikali ya "Amjad" ita-collapse from within na sio kwa mabomu made in USA.
    Tatizo la Iran na west ni la kihistoria na lilianza in mid 50's, pale walipoangusha Serikali ya PM Mossadat.......since then Iran imekuwa ni beast ambae wameshindwa kum-contain.
    Seymour Hersh ana-tendecy ya ku-sensationalize/slant news, kwahiyo si mtu wa kumwamini.....all he wants ni ku-sell out copies za New Yorker.
  6. G

    Game Theory JF-Expert Member

    Oct 10, 2007
    Joined: Sep 5, 2006
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    Thats an intersting observation GAMBA LA NYOKA. I also think the odds are now there will be an air strike some time before Bush leaves office. Iran has no intention of ever stopping their nuke program.

    But since we do not have the briefings the leaders of the US , UK, France etc get we don't know when they really estimate the point of no return for Iran's nuke program is. But I would guess its in a couple of years probably. If thats true then I would think Bush would put it off as long as possible so Iraq can be stabilized some more. Also it will give Germany and others time to try longer to get some deal with Iran and help them be on board later with the air strikes.
    Now what about Irans Governments response? This really is a very interesting subject.

    1)They cant invade anyone because they wont have air cover. And just take a look at the road of death leading out of Kuwait for Saddams forces to see what would happen. So they are left with smaller options.

    2)They can try and destabilize Iraq more.

    3}They can try and shut down he straits all of the oil is shipped through.

    4)They can fire missiles at Israel and maybe larger US bases in Iraq.

    5)And they can try and commit terrorists attacks in the EU and US.

    And another question is what about Irans peoples reponse? If there are air strikes they will make a point of only hitting the nukes sites, some goverment sites and the goverments elite radical forces. They will try and keep civilian deaths to a minimum.

    At the same time they will try and start a coup or a revolution. What are the odds of this succeeding? This I do not have enough information to give good odds on. I dont think anyone really knows. Even the Iranian Government seems to be split on the subject. Some think it will make the Goverment stronger if they are attacked some don't. And same thing for my Iranian friends they cant agree either.

    And lastly if not least, We Tanzania's will be among the worst losers if this strike takes place
  7. Gamba la Nyoka

    Gamba la Nyoka JF-Expert Member

    Oct 11, 2007
    Joined: May 1, 2007
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    but Iran has an ally SYRIA.
    Syria is at odds with Israel for a long long time,it wants to regain its lost Golan heights.

    So any war between US and Iran,could trigger a secondary war between SYRIA and ISRAEL, then the two wars could merge into a very big war.

    also in the other front ,there will be a war between HIZBOLLAH and ISRAEL, HIZBOLLAH is an ally of IRAN, even though HIZBOLLAH is a guarilla warfare group, but it has proven very capable in their tactics. remember the summer war, Hizbollah provided a tremendeous resistance to the Israel forces with a degree never provided by any ARAB forces combined in their wars with israel before.

    Now, US want to bring onboard some Arab countries in their cofrontation with Iran,they are negotiating a multibillionare arms deal with countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.these are preparations to weaken iran whenever there will be a war .

    If there will be the war with Iran, obvious it will be of a catastrophic consequences to the World , Africa will suffer the worst.the oil price is going to hike in amounts may be never experienced in history.

    This will be because of the direct situation on the battle grounds and also due to Iran allies such as Venezuela to pressurize the hiking of oil price inorder to boycott the bombing of their ally Iran. Russia also another giant in oil industry and an opportunist will take it as an opportunity to make a huge profit from their oil.