Apika ugali kwa mkojo!

As another house help faces very serious charges in a Nairobi court for sexual activity with a 6 year old boy

House helps or maids or personal nurses, as some people would respectfully prefer to call them, can be deadly.

Still many Kenyans do not seem to realize this and some even think nothing of mistreating them and generally making life hell for them. They do this while forgetting that house helps can do great damage to them and their families because they not only get to know you well, but they have access to everything in the house and can cause havoc if they so wish.

A beautiful young Kenyan girl a Nairobi estate near Ruaraka has been traumatized for life and remains unmarried mainly because of the damage a house help did when she was young. If you meet this young lady, usually clad in a Jijab (the head gear part of a bui bui) you will see nothing strange or out of the ordinary about her. But when she was young a house help whose boss for some reason had refused to pay her her salary, boiled water to bath her and still seething in anger threw her into the water without cooling it. The result is that she has some ugly scars all over her body so that any man she undresses for will never enjoy what he is supposed to enjoy looking at but will end up staring for all the wrong reasons. But alas the damage is irreversible.

Then there was another recent case where a house help who was being mistreated by her employers decided to alter her cooking ingredients just slightly as a way of getting her revenge. She would make virtually everything with a little of her urine. That meant the water for Ugali would have her urine in it as would the morning and evening tea. Those making life miserable for her ended up taking in a lot of her urine.

In another horrifying incident that I would never have believed if I did not trust this lawyer friend of mine who narrated it to me today, a woman faced some very serious charges in a Nairobi court after it was discovered that she had involved the six year old child of her employer in lewd sexual acts. Disgustingly she apparently got the young kid to lick her private parts. The mother of the child discovered the whole thing quite by accident when the son innocently asked her one day;

“Nikulambe vile mimi ulamba Auntie?”

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