Animals that you didnt know actually exist

Mr What

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Oct 22, 2016
Markhor Goat

Look at this beautiful spiral design of this wonderful goat. It’s like he’s trying to catch an alien radio signal from space.

2. Emperor tamarin

Check out the fabulous moustache on this one. Looks a bit like an actual emperor or an old, wise man, huh? Guys may be jealous of this wonderful creature.

3. Fluffy cow

This type of cow is very rare, and difficult to believe that it actually exists. It's covered with a fluffy skin.

4. Red-lipped Batfish

This is a creature that has the features of both a bat and a fish. It also seems as if someone did a job with a red lipstick on this creature. Ladies will love to have this type of lip permanently. Guys shouldn't attempt kissing this red-lipped fish. Lol

5. The Pacu Fish

Pack Fish is a fish that has a human-like teeth. Fishermen often fear that this fish will tear off their testicle while swimming in water.

6. Thorny Dragon

Colored in camouflaging shades of desert browns, this lizard has a “false” head, which he presents to his predators by dipping the real one.

7. Mangalitsa Pig, a.k.a. ’a pig in sheep’s clothing’

This creature is as simples as its name. A pig in sheep's clothing.

This is a bonus.

8. Cloud Antelope

This animal is gorgeous, isn't it? It's a toy made by Cmwyvern. Let's just assume this creature is real. Lol

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