Absent Drogba 'stripped of award'


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Feb 11, 2007
Absent Drogba 'stripped of award'
BBC News Online

Drogba was named Africa's Player of the Year in 2006
Didier Drogba says he does not wish to be considered for future African player of the year awards after Frederic Kanoute won the 2007 title by default.
The Ivory Coast striker is playing at the Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana and claims he was told he had won but had to travel to Togo to accept the prize.

"I was told if I didn't appear the rules would change and the prize would go to the runner-up," he said.

"This attitude doesn't honour Africa so I've pulled out of future elections."

Drogba, who won the 2006 award, said it made no sense to have the awards ceremony in another country while such a high-profile African event was ongoing.

"If I refused to go to (Togo capital) Lome it was first for my team-mates, as you don't organise such an event just two days before a quarter-final (Monday's game against Guinea)," the Chelsea forward said.

"I didn't go as well because of the son of Ulrich Stilieke (the former Ivory Coast coach) has died.

"We're all working for the African continent, there's a huge media presence in Ghana for a competition that was heavily criticised 10 years ago.

"So there comes a time when we all have to pull together."

Ivory Coast spokesman Jean-Claude Djacus said the Confederation of African Football (Caf) had "brought itself into disrepute" by its handling of the affair.
Huyu jamaa namshangaa sana anapenda kulalamika mno KANOUTE deserve to win that award
Issue sio kwamba anadeserve the award of not...issue ni the disorganized way the ceremony is set up..Drogba is definately getting his fans in the UK and millions of Africans to watch the game...he is right for not going to Togo..Wot kind of idiots would organize that in another country why not do the award ceremony in Ghana?? Waafrika sometime tunajiaribia wenyewe...and again drogba is right about the media presence, this is to the advantage of all players there..the media might focus on drogba but see future potentials in the process..huu ni upuuzi mtupu..
My worry is that "If he was not able to attend then the award will be stripped?" What were critea to choose him in the first place ?Gooosh, this can only happens in Africa.
I don't think Kanoute was a better football player from Africa in 2007than Drogba, but even in football there is politics.

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