5 top secrets to improve your memory


Jun 12, 2015
One of the most amazing things about the human brain is how it has the unlimited ability to pick on new things, this is why it is possible to master a new concept. Just because you have finished all the university degrees you wanted doesn’t mean your learning has to stop there. The brain isn’t only malleable to pick up new things but it is something that can actually improve your memory and it allows you to get better at so many different things in life. Anyone who will tell you that learning is for the young hasn’t taken the time to try something new.

Bellow are 5 top secrets to improve your memory

Creative people have notebooks and diaries they carry around and in them they write down ideas or draw sketches. This is both a creative exercise but also a healthy one because it means that you don’t forget some of the most important ideas you come up and you don’t create this huge back log of thoughts which can threaten your memory.
Reading seems to be the answer to so many of the world’s problems. This is because it exposes you to new ideas and concepts so it keeps your memory in tip top shape. When we read books we encounter things that are worth remembering so we’ll try very hard to remember things. The fact that you’re reading this blog right now will actually help your memory. Whether you read books, magazine or articles - the process of your mind going over words will actually act as a mental exercise which goes a long way to make sure you remember other important details.
Exercise promotes the development of a brain chemical called norepinephrine, which has a strong influence and impact on memory. So when you’re working out your body you are also working out your brain as well, it’s a win-win. Exercise also helps people relieve their stress so that their brains don’t come under the pressure of anxiety and stress. When people finish workouts they often talk about how good they feel, this also has an impact on how we retain our memories and it makes forgetting things less likely.

Diet is an important aspect of developing a good memory. Here is a list of foods that can actually improve it.
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beans and Legumes
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Nuts
The brain needs a break sometimes and getting enough sleep is the best way to give it what it needs. When we’re awake our brains don’t fully get to rest because there is no time when one can say that their mind is completely blank. When you go to bed however, some of the brain functions are given a break so that the brain regenerates and any new information gets properly absorbed. Have you noticed that not getting enough sleep has a big impact on your condition on the next day?

Source:- matokeoyamitihani.blogspot.com

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