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10 Tips to Improve Your Work Efficiency

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Bujibuji, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Bujibuji

    Bujibuji JF-Expert Member

    Sep 18, 2012
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    Yeah... another day in the salt mines...and that dickhead boss of yours accusing you of killing time all day... and Monday... Who the heck invented that day, after all!? This is a lost day...

    Your friends start telling you stories of places they've been to, where they traveled in the weekend or how they did partied all night, while you start thinking that time passes and you haven't had too many exciting experience in your life... and with all these thoughts, who wants to keep working? Despite all this, you must organize your work. Here
    are some tips.

    1. Write your daily schedule. A list makes it impossible to forget tasks.

    2. Filter you e-mails. Learn to discard unimportant e-mails, not only spam. Set your priorities (including the most important mails) straight.

    3. Don't check your personal e-mail in the morning. It's so nice to waste time reading all the jokes, interesting articles and videos sent by your friends... till you realize you have lost about an hour... Do it during the break (lunchtime) and this way you can also relax a little. And answer to all those messages after finishing the program.

    4. Ignore sites with jokes, sport news and blogs. They only serve to make you waste some more precious time. In many companies, the IT service restricts your web access if you spend too much time on it.

    5. Limit the duration of personal phone calls while at work. Telling your friend what you did yesterday after you got home from work is definitely not an emergency.

    6. Always keep a bottle of water on your desk. If every 30 minutes you go get some water, there's the risk of starting some long 'discussions' around the same habit of yours: never wasting any change of killing time.

    7. If you have to ask something or talk with your colleagues, establish short breaks for this. If all the time you interrupt your work to ask, laugh, talk with the others...at the end of the day you'll realize you haven't worked at all.

    8. Use your headphones. This way, you'll be 'immune' to all the background noise made by typing, phones ringing, printers, and to improving your knowledge with valuable information like how your colleague's cat is feeling lately, when she had the last menstruation. But, watch out: songs with too many lyrics can distract your attention. That's why jazz or chill out music genres are recommended. In the end, from time to time you can also pause the music.

    9. Close programs you do not use: many open applications will make searching for those you need at a certain moment much more difficult, plus: they eat a lot of RAM, which slows down your computer.

    10. You may get bored of doing the same long tasks. Work for one hour on a certain task, then continue with another, especially if you have no urgent task to finish.
  2. mayenga

    mayenga JF-Expert Member

    Sep 18, 2012
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    Ahsante mkuu,ila hiyo namba 4 ni ngumu kidogo!