10 African countries with the Most witchcraft

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Oct 22, 2016

10 African countries with the Most witchcraft​


Tanzania is land of many different religions beliefs ,one in Such belief which famous is witchdoctor , according to BBC in 2011 the deaths of more than 600 woman where all charged with witchcraft ,they also believe that Albinobody parts are good ingredients for magical portions ,which leads to persecution of Albinos in Tanzania.



Yahya jammeh is a Gambia president dictator and also faith healer , taken to eradicating the sitizens who dare to stand on his way ,by using witchcraft as a front for his actions ,in 2013 Jamme had about 1,000 so called sorcerers arrested and made them drink magic potions to exorcise their possessed bodies and souls ,6 of them died during the torture rituals.


8.Papua New Guinea

In this country they are known for burning woman accused of witchcraft , that the law had to prohibit the burning of those accused of practising black magic , According to ABC News Online website ,the woman of Papua New Guinea where living in fear of being burned for accusations they had no knowledge of most women had to flee their homes ,these accusations killed a lot of women in Papua New Guinea.



Take note that not only woman are accused of witchcraft ,A man in Uganda was accused of practising black magic who was tied up and beheaded for it ,there have been many cases like these in the country , because locals believed that witchcraft was being practiced by their fellow man , accused of being the ones to use witchcraft to get rid of the people they don't like.



Sorcery forms part of Ghana's mythology , which brought a new rise to in purnishment due to witchcraft , According to the Guardian 2010 ,a 72 year old woman was burned to death by people who suspected her of being a witch , however Medical experts claimed that she was suffering from dementia and her behaviour which was strange ,was misinterpreted as of a witch.




According to international business times in 2013 ,50 000 children where accused of practising black magic , many of them where abused by their captors ,these people indicao that they discovered that these children where involved in sorcery for the following reasons , wetting the bed at night , suffering from nightmares and also being disabled.



In Kenya they post printed papers on poles for witchdoctor , offering assistance in love , money ,matters of business and even fertility ,these posts can be seen in almost every surbub of Nairobi ,there are also legendary stories about Nairobi girls using this type of witchcraft to secure man.


It's been stated that there are two districts with people who can teleport in broad daylight ,it's been said that they can travel from Malawi to USA in a matter of Just seconds ,these people are not educatet and have no sort of airplanes , but in Malawi it is well known to be possible.


Witchcraft is indeed really and can be found on each and every corner of the planet ,and also in Zambia ,in ZAMBIA there are people who use sorcery to harm others ,and there are people who use Sorcery to heal others ,it is very common in Zambia to see a truly sick person ,get back on their feet after visiting a witchdoctor.


In Nigeria it is not only elder people are mostly accused of black magic , the youths of Nigeria join witchcraft because they want to make quick money ,they don't mind what the price is for the riches , most of their times they are asked to kid their mother , father , brother , sister etc ,and they usually do it , because of money.

Ezekiel Mbaga

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May 28, 2018
Uchawi wa Kiafrika ni sawa na sayansi ya wenzetu huko majuu ya mbali ila wao wametuzidi


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May 27, 2015
Namba 1 mpaka 5 walistahili Nigeria maana walienda na waganga wengi kombe la dunia kuliko bench la ufundi na wakafungwa.

black sniper

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Dec 10, 2013
Duniani watu wengi wanatembea na kuamini nyota zao na ushirikina
Hata wazungu pia wanaamini sana mambo haya ingawa Africa bado wanafiatilia zaidi
Kuna kipindi niliangalia World most unexplained wanaongelea jinsi watu maarufu wanavyoamini mambo haya
Kwa mfano Nancy Reagan alikuwa na mwanamke mtabiri wa nyota
Hatoki mpaka amejua leo kuna nini kwenye nyota yake
Kina Kadashians na Brad Pitt na wengine wengi wanapiga ramli
Angalia au soma hicho kipindi ni maajabu matupu kwa wenzetu pia

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