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Yajue makosa 13 ya rafael banitez:liverpool legend

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Teamo, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Teamo

    Teamo JF-Expert Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    SOURCE: thesun

    13 baffling Beni blunders

    The 13 massive blunders

    1. PLAYING centre-half Martin Skrtel as right-back at Boro last term - he was run ragged.

    2. THE failure to keep Xabi Alonso, who finally quit for Real Madrid after a feud with Benitez.

    3. BENITEZ'S refusal to bring back goalscoring legend Michael Owen. He's now with despised rivals Manchester United.

    4. SELLING Peter Crouch to Pompey last year. The England hitman had a decent strike record - 54 goals in 132 appearances.

    5. SELECTING Andriy Voronin at Lyon on Wednesday. He was an embarrassment.

    6. THE failure to buy a proven second striker. Ryan Babel and Co aren't up to it.

    7. LIVERPOOL seem more worried about losing than winning - like last weekend's 3-1 defeat at Fulham.

    8. LOSING No 2 Paco Ayesteran after a petty row.

    9. BUYING Robbie Keane for £20m from Spurs, showing little faith before selling him back for an £8m loss.

    10. LEAVING strike star Torres on the bench for 60 minutes in the stalemate at Stoke last season.

    11. WHEN goals were needed in the 2007 Euro final he had Crouch and Craig Bellamy on the bench.

    12. THAT Fergie rant. Rafa was right to question the United boss' influence last season but the timing could not have been worse.

    13. TAKING off Yossi Benayoun in the home clash against Lyon. Even the loyal Kop booed.

  2. Belo

    Belo JF-Expert Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    Kumuuza Cissoko ,naamini angekuwepo angeziba pengo la Alonso badala ya kumtegemea Lucas
  3. Juma Contena

    Juma Contena JF-Expert Member

    Nov 6, 2009
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    Mjomba myonge mnyongeni lakini haki ya ke mpeni niliyo acha sikubalini na wewe.

    2. Xabi akutaka kumuuza bali alikua anataka kuondoka mwenyewe since last season wanamatatizo ya home sick, hawa spanish players. Hila mistake ni kuto search for a replacement before the season.

    3. Owen ameishiwa na si a reliable ambaye unajua ataenda msimu mzima bila ya maumivu. Manchester wamemchukua because he was free na half of his demandind wage ya £100,000. Na sell ya Ronaldo they could afford to gambe with him. Rafa ana limited spending.

    4. I dont know what you see in that lanky, talk about lucky in football you'll be describing Crouch.

    6. Babel ni talent ambayo kai-aribu huyu benitez, may be mfuatilie before he went to mersey side. If only he took the Arsenal option at the time.

    10. torres ana matatizo ambayo inabidi alindwe akicheza sana anaweza aggreviate them ndio maana unaona anam-limit, alimchezesha gerrad nadhani na Lyon akiwa kwenye situation hii look at what happened. matter of fact kuhusu Torres sasa wana jadili aende surgery lakini they can not afford to lose him for two month at the moment.