World’s First Phone with Foldable Screen


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Feb 26, 2006

Previously, Touch Phones and devices were considered expensive and luxurious because of their fragile and complicated nature but Apple cleared this misconception by releasing a cheap touch phone i.e. the iPhone which has revolutionized the mobile market.

According to Reuters, a Dutch Company plans to take over the mobile industry in a similar manner by releasing a new type of phone which is not only a Touch Phone but also has a fold-away screen thus making it the World's First Phone with Foldable Screen.

The Phone has a 5-inch (13-cm) display of Polymer Vision's "Readius" that folds up when not in use and folds out whenever the user plans to read news, blog or email on the phone.

The basic plan is to make a a phone which can promote the habits of e-reading so that people don't have to carry their laptops anymore. Though I hardly think that this phone can serve as an alternative to laptops.

The phone will be in tough competition with iPhone and Amazon Kindle which are similar products that target the same market. No official word on the price of the phone yet but it will be available somewhere between the mid of 2008.

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