Workable solution for lasting peace between Israel and Palestains


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May 7, 2010
No country including UN apart from Israel and Palestian people will help the two to have a lasting peace. I am saying this because Israel is in the process of restoring their national life in their ancient Biblical home land which is illustrated in the Bible (Numbers: 32:1-33, 33:50-56, and 34:1-13) The Bible reads that Israel should not compromise for the Promised land! What should we expect from Israel?



Palestians should read and understand the first five books of the Bible in order to have a lasting peace between them and Israel. Israel is fulfilling the word of God, that is, building Israel a with religious eye and Palestians with a civil eye. Israel does not want to use civil eye and Palestians do not want to use a religious eye. Palestians should use the Bible to see their position otherwise they denounce the Bible and will never have a state!!!

Listen to this guy who has a different faith condemning Israel for following the Bible. What do you expect to happen to Palestian people? Didn't Arabs practise slavery?!

Israel ultimate goal is to cover what is in the map as reads the Bible (Numbers: 32:1-33, 33:50-56, and 34:1-13)

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