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Wise and Otherwise:the J.K's.So let the sleeping dogs sleep.

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by JusticeNyari, Jul 3, 2012.

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    JusticeNyari Member

    Jul 3, 2012
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    The difference between Julius Kambarage and this Other J.K's achievements seem to be as easier platform for leadership comparison other than looking at their similarities which clearly only lie in their name Initials i.e J.K's.Unfortunately if Mwalimu woke up from his sleep today and found the other J.K he would go straight back to his sleep for shock of sharing a name with such a culprit. Clearly Mwalimu was a leader and wise,the other otherwise.
    It is shocking that the struggle for independence and security of our resources especially land, has come to fall under the control of one whose intentions are really not clear and a government commission of inquiry needs to be formed urgently to realize whether this the current Tanzania president is looking up to the welfare of Tanzanian's or is just another "Comprador Bourgeous" still like many all over Africa.
    Mwalimu resigned when he felt he was not the one to let the Tanzania people die of hunger because they had to pay debts to the Western con artists,now the largest land deal in Tanzania's history is on way without public consent.The cost benefit of giving 800,000 acres of Tanzania land to aliens and destroying the livelihoods of over 160,000 households who have lived on the land for over two generations is sickening as I try to find sense in this matter, which if effected is only detrimental to our welfare as Tanzania's, as eventually the plight of those directly affected will reach out to all of us to share.
    No duty is charged to the project, no taxes as well, only lies that there will be compensation and availability of jobs and a of income in the future for the government.Well, the government can help itself by not giving away the land in trying to find funds to support the same individuals whose livelihood it is destroying, unless of course it intends to buy some more land from say Burundi or Rwanda to settle this people.
    Kikwete's thinking together with his advisers, maybe looks at the situation as that the land is under occupancy of Burundi refugees and so the effect is not on Tanzanian's,but then so why compensate refugees.
    Tanzania's should be keen before the milk is on the floor and realize that this our Burundi sisters may not be Tanzania's but our endeavor now more than ever is to look at ourselves more as Africans than mare Tanzania's if we are to find ourselves out in this new world order,
    If the president is so much confused and does not know what way to go,let him resign and we, maybe will give him credit for at least knowing that it was about time he resigned.
    Somalia is fighting for it's deserts as we freely give away what we ourselves do not have.Wow! We are so gullible or maybe stupid for luck of a better word, so lets grab our blankets as we wait and see.:nimekataa
  2. Sijali

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Though I have failed to understand your pitch on this, I still managed to capture the anger and frustration you feel in what has become of Tanzanian leadership. This country, which had its grand stand in Africa and the world for the principled, thought-after positions and for setting African agenda and trends, has now become best known for its beggary and daft following and empty pride. It is also known for setting a Guinness record for the number of trips its leader has undertaken abroad- mainly for begging.
    We Tanzanians must resolve to bring to book all those who have squandered our national resources and wealth. These guys need no mercy as nobody was forced to stand for president. They wanted presidency for only one reason- to enrich themselves an for personal grandeurs inasmuch as they employed every dirty trick to hoodwink the largely naive and unlettered populace into catapulting them to Ikulu. They deserve nothing less than to spend the remaining days of their living in solitary confinements.