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WiFiLeaks: Hypothesis

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by whizkid, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. whizkid

    whizkid JF-Expert Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    I posted something earlier. Something to remind us that we are not as safe as we think, whenever we go online at public WiFi hotspots. Sometimes, even on the not so public internet or data networks. Then I read some article, which strikes a resemblance to what I did a few months back. Read this post to find out: Wireless Dar: How I hacked you!
    Then read this article: Google relents, to give WiFi data to Germany, France, Spain. Thanks Steve. Now, lets go on with yet another bumpy read!

    Call it cyber-activism if you may. But only bigger and better? We are here to find out.

    Imagine this. Say, some daring guys out there who understand the nitty-gritty of networking, programming and all that am explaining here, join forces and we create a project team. Hypothetically speaking. We build an organization around it. "What for? ", I hear some geeks ask in unison! Well, here is how your partner geek in crime (thats me!), describe it in a nutshell!

    We take a lightweight computer (a BeagleBoard should do?), enclose it in a book-like casing for a good decoy, pack it up with a custom sniffer system (Damn Small Linux + Kismet) with a GPS dongle (a Canmore GT-730 will do). Multiply the working prototype into several hundreds production units. "Get outta here!", I hear you say. Well, wondering what the heck is all this setup for? Well, read on!

    We are doing nothing else but sniffing out wireless data, tag it with location data overlaying on Google maps. Not exactly what the Google StreetView car was doing. We go further. We create a searchable database for it all! And after all that tech trouble? Comes the overkill: we go around every corner of town to start with, like what I attempted earlier (but didn't get caught like the guys at Google), collecting data with our cleverly designed low-power book-like data sniffers, processing all our findings using nothing else but our automated plug-and-upload CUDA-powered high-end processing computer (super computer). The feisty beast quietly sends all the strings of relevant data to our website! Yes, it all goes ONLINE just for you to see! I know, sounds more like a sci-fi story. Not something that can happen in Tanzania right? You bet!

    But why would anyone do anything like this? Why would I bother to even think of it really? I got my reasons. A cause to justify it? Lemme try. But while am at it, remember one thing: this is all hypothetical!

    We will call ourselves the WiFi Illuminatis, for lack of a better term. We are defined as a group of concerned individuals and cyber-activists protesting for a better understanding of the dangers our societies face as we use the internet and/or any other data network, anything one assumes to be properly/improperly protected. We are the wikileaks but for wifi! "You are crazy, how does that justify anything?", I hear yet another concerned geek pointing that out in a "on your face" kinda tone. So the following is what we do with our data mine.

    Put simply, our duty is to perform the daring act of exposing information that will exist as reputable proof of our irresponsible habits on the internets. Yes, not just this internet... but all internets accross the universe! (I am sure there is another secret internet out there, echelon conspiracy resurfacing?) Our mission is to raise awareness and understanding of the real dangers that the internet throws at our societies. While doing so, we provide free education to the community on how to stand protected from the snarly arachnid, the unseen spider roaming on its spicy world wide web! Sounds like a good cause!

    "Any ideas for the title of this good project, sir?", a voice of a calm young geek murmurs within my subconscious. Lets try something that should sound familiar, I reply. And what do I come up with? WifiLeaks! :clap2:

    I can't help it but wonder if there is any daring souls out there who would be willing enough to actually try this out. If given the chance, that is! So listen to the geek in you, and holla back with your take on this!
  2. Steve Dii

    Steve Dii JF-Expert Member

    Aug 5, 2010
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    WifiLeaks!! lol

    Dayyymn, I salute that one :)
    You obviously have been reading too much proliferated leaks from wikileaks, and keen to delve into the arena!