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Want to destroy your team? Bring in Wenger.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Mlachake, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Mlachake

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    Jul 6, 2011
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    [h=1]Want to destroy your team? Bring in Wenger.[/h]

    I know I am no Arsenal fan, and actually like any true fan of bitter rival club, I do derive immense joy from watching the gunners suffer, especially that horror fortnight they had in Feb/March, to quote the effervescent Barney Stinson, ‘It was Legen…….wait for it…….. dary!!!”

    But as I was about to tweet on Nasri’s mooted departure from Emirates, I remembered they were once, not so long ago, called the Invincibles! And it was barely 6-7 years ago!!

    What the hell has happened in the last 6 years? I’m sure times haven’t changed much and all teams have gone through changes since then! Chelsea has gone through managers like a Diva goes through clothes, while United have gone through 2-3 phases of transition over the past decade. But that hasn’t stopped either from winning silverware and challenging on all fronts continually, also stay at the top of the league but Arsenal have been on a steady decline since the season of the Invincibles, and it has reached the level where they are going to be overtaken by Spurs! No offense to Tottenham, they have improved a lot, but still shouldn’t have anything on Arsenal. If Arsenal aren’t careful, they might soon even fall below the Scousers and their dream team of world class, value for money buys! Oh yeah, 35 million for Carroll, Bargain of the century!

    The manager is the crux of the team, and the players he brings in, and how he plays them is pivotal to how the team performs. As City have very enthusiastically shown, buying a truck full of good players, who are desperate for money/ have no other options, guarantees you nothing, well they did get an FA cup, so maybe something. But they also managed to over inflate the market with their enthusiasm to bid on any name that gets printed on the back pages of any newspaper. Anyway back to the main topic, in my opinion, Wenger’s biggest mistake, the one that has brought Arsenal where they are right now has to be selling all the experience in his team! Oh sure it’s exciting to watch a bunch of youngsters out-pass every team in the league, and I’m sure that euphoria and excitement watch them do everything but win titles lasted for a few seasons, as ever Arsenal fan went with their favourite phrase

    “We’re in transition, they need time”
    Well, what have they got out of these bunch of super talented youngsters? A bunch of sissies who don’t know how to battle it out in physical games, and grind out results when needed. I’m all for bringing youth through and giving them a chance.

    But you don’t just sell all your best and most experienced players just because the kids can play pretty football!! I’m sure we’d be seeing a different team, one with more titles at least if Wenger had got in a few leaders into the team, or at least refrained from letting players like Gilberto, Toure, Veira, Pires, Henry, etc go.

    I don’t blame players like Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy from wanting to leave really, they have achieved nothing so far, while United, Chelsea keep pushing away from them, the likes of City have overtaken them, while Tottenham are almost past them to. The league is getting tougher as the lower table teams are getting closer to the top, and to stay at the top means taking tough decisions and buying the right players, but Wenger’s insistence on selling those who have reached their peak and replacing them with teenagers is going to be his downfall!

    Now with Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri leaving, and Arshavin also rumoured to be keen on a new challenge, Wenger has a huge problem on his hands, how to stop his club from going the Liverpool way? Well I’m no manager, but common sense dictates that he should splash out on the likes of Modric, Sneijder, Sanchez, etc rather than on players like Gary Cahill, etc. Why go for overpriced and mediocre English players when he might as well buy better like Subotic, Cheillini, etc. That is just an example of the kind of transfer business that has brought Arsenal where they are.

    What’s the point in going for Cahill or Dann, when either is not an improvement on your present and you already have two better CB’s in the team! Wouldn’t it be smarter if Wenger focused on spending the money on buying an LB who can actually defend?! If both Fabregas and Nasri aren’t replaced by someone with experience and ability, I’m sorry to say but looks like the top 6 will be a more realistic target for Arsenal this season! It’s time Arsene gets his head out of his ass and pulls it together, or the rest of PL will ironically with just pass by his team, while he remains in perpetual transition.
  2. g

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    Jul 6, 2011
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    Wenger won the best coach of the decade last year.