USD1.522m for team on Tanzania-Malawi dispute


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Jul 30, 2008

Edward Lowassa

Former southern African presidents, named to help settle the Tanzania-Malawi border dispute have asked each country to contribute USD 761.016.96 for the budget for carrying out the work.

The amount was revealed by the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who is also the MP for Monduli (CCM) Edward Lowassa in his report covering upto November this year.

Tabling the report on his behalf, the Kondoa South MP (CCM) Juma Nkamia said out of the required amount, Tanzania has contributed $ 387, 336.96 of its share which is equivalent to 50.9 percent.

The Malawian government has contributed $ 50,000 of the total amount, according to the report.

According to Nkamia, the committee was informed that Tanzania wanted the former heads of state, led by former Mozambican President Joachim Chisano to be given enough time to work on the arbitration.

The dispute over the boundary between the two countries resurfaced in 2012 when Malawi awarded an exploration licence to a British company, Surestream, for the exploitation of oil and gas reserves in Lake Nyasa.

Malawi’s assertion is that the entire lake in its territory, with the boundary on Tanzania’s shoreline, pointing to the 1890 Heligoland Treaty while Tanzania’s position is that in accordance with international norms and practice, the border ought to run down the middle of the lake. Tanzania proclaims that this is in fact the case with the demarcation of the Malawi-Mozambique border on the lake.



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