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Urine Therapy And Candida

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Evarm, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Evarm

    Evarm JF-Expert Member

    Apr 15, 2012
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    Urine therapy (also known as UT) is the use of urine for curative properties and it's something that has been used by many holistic practitioners to fight many health problems including candida. In urine therapy, urine is used topically and ingested as well.

    This is a healing practice that has been used worldwide at various times, in various cultures and for varying reasons. Whether it is right for you or not is a personal choice but you can find a lot of information about the practice of urine therapy for many health issues including Cancer and Candida.
    What's in Urine?

    Urine isn't just water and waste material. When your body doesn't need specific substances for other processes it excretes them. This doesn't mean the substances are not useful; just that the body doesn't need them right now. It doesn't just expel the bad stuff. Urine is a sterile substance that contains enzymes, salt and hormones as well. It contains the by-product of blood filtration and can have helpful substances such as folic acid, iron, protein and more in it.
    How Does UT Help Candida?
    Many health practitioners use urine therapy to help the body boost the body's immune system. When our immune systems are low, candida bacteria can grow rapidly but when your immune system is functioning well, it can help fight off bad bacteria including the ones that cause yeast infections in the GI tract, in the mouth and on the skin.
    Many who try using urine therapy after repeated problems with yeast infections find significant relief.
    Apply Urine Topically
    Topically, it can help with itching and burning sensations on the skin.
    Rinse With Urine
    Using it as a rinse in the mouth can help with yeast infections in the mouth such as thrush.
    Drinking Urine
    Consuming urine can aid your body's immune system so that it can fight off the bad bacteria. It doesn't sound very pleasant as it is reported to have a repulsive flavour but many people heavily dilute it or mix it with other liquids to mask the taste.

    When doing urine therapy experts recommend that you should only consume your own urine. It's not suggested to drink someone else's. There are some properties of the substance that could be harmful as well.
    How much should you drink and how often should you drink it? There are no clear indications of this and there can be some dangers and side effects of urine therapy to be concerned with include diarrhoea, fever, and aches and pains and if you have had certain substances such as mushrooms it could make you ill. :wave::wave::wave:
  2. King Kong III

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Ukistaajabu ya mussa?
  3. Evarm

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    Apr 15, 2012
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    Huamini mkuu????
    Hebu Jaribu leo!!
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