Urgent appeal for Children In Kenya


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Jul 11, 2009
Message from Walk Free.

Dear Activist Kahtaan.

We had to act immediately and remove our children from the shelter. We have previously had grievances with the place, but we felt that at least it was better than them sleeping on the street. We are not sure of that anymore – we have just found out that one of the girls we had put in their care was abused.” HAART Kenya

Will you help ensure safe shelter for rescued children with a donation today?

I received this urgent message for help from our partners, HAART Kenya. They had just found out the children rescued from modern slavery were being abused in the very place where they were meant to be safe. HAART immediately removed the girls from the shelter, into temporary accommodation. They now need financial support to rent a building where they can guarantee the safety of the girls in their care. HAART asked us if we could help secure funds for this emergency situation.

The new shelter provides not only accommodation and basic necessities but also services to help ensure that children do not risk falling back into being trafficked. $50 pays for medical screening, treatment and care for one girl. Will you help ensure rescued girls are rehabilitated and reintegrated to realise their potential away from modern slavery towards a bright future?

Children are rescued from situations of modern slavery across Kenya, HAART is often the organisation they turn to for help. HAART is there when a child is rescued from a brothel, forced into early child marriage or domestic servitude – and HAART works to ensure their safety and futures.

Your donation today will be passed directly to HAART to help keep rescued child survivors of slavery safe now and in the future.

With hope,

Joanna and the teams at Walk Free and HAART Kenya

HAART Kenya is seeking funds for their own shelter after the accommodation they relied upon for rescued children became a place of danger. Acting upon reports of abuse, HAART immediately removed the children for their protection, and placed them in temporary rooms.

DONATE to fund a safe haven for rescued children.

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