‘ Uganda Army planned coup if Col Besigye won’


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Nov 22, 2007

Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, a long serving minister and now flag bearer of his People’s Progressive Party, says in a candid interview that the Army was determined to reject a Kizza Besigye presidency in 2001.

Besigye, seen then as the only viable challenger to the incumbent Yoweri Museveni, lost the presidential contest that had four other candidates.

“I had the privilege, then, of being in one of the top NRM meetings where the Army vowed not to accept Besigye to take power if he won the election; so, that meant there could be bloodshed again,” he said on Thursday at the end of a campaign rally

But Army and Defence Spokesman Lt Col Felix Kulayigye in his response at the weekend said: “As provided for in the Constitution, we [Army] shall go by the decision of Ugandans; so, I don’t agree with Mr Bidandi’s claim because in 2001 that clause was already binding. We were consulted by the Odoki Commission before the making of the 1995 Constitution so we’ll always respect Ugandans’ choice.”

Kulayigye reaffirmed the army’s commitment to respecting the outcome of the 2011 election but warned candidates against intimidating the public. He stated: “We don’t agree with those who intimidate the public; for instance, you have heard someone who said ‘this time I won’t go to court if I lose’”.

Bidandi in the interview with Moses Mugalu also talks at length about his campaign in Buganda and his fallout with President Museveni.


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Feb 7, 2010
I think Musseveni has already got his legacy. "Stability". the Ungandan Army is pretty strong if not the number one Followed by Burundi. So I guess its ok for him even if he steps out. but Internationally has already got a nice resume in terms of moving uganda from Obote to Today Prosper Uganda. you guys have come so far to mess around with piece. dude

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