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Ethan Cruz

JF-Expert Member
Apr 29, 2021
Shout out to the lovers out there.

A real relationship must have simple fights, trust, faith, tears, and genuine laughter. Jealous, Communication, patience, weird/stupid unnecessary arguments; no hiding secrets, true love and most importantly there must be forgiveness on both sides.

No one is perfect on earth, we all make mistakes in our relationships but the best solution is to accept your mistakes and say SORRY to your loved one. It’s a small word but it means a lot. Many of us find it so hard to say it out yet it costs nothing, but it only eases the tension between lovers. Say it from deep inside your heart. Don’t fake it please but just mean it always.

And if he/she is the one in wrong never get tired of forgiving him/her depending on what they have done. If you get to think of moving on because you’re pissed, my dear think of where you’re going, the time you will take to find & fit in a new relationship, The imperfectness you will find with that new lover might be incomparable to the one you dumped, then you will start regretting and wishing you never dumped her/him.

Think about it my dear friends having it in minds that WE HAVE GOT NO ANGELS ON EARTH. We’re the ones to transform our men/women to be like angels

So be proud of the one you have got and fight all the challenges that are trying to tear you apart. Right now you may be seeing your guy/girl as a fake person but some dude/girl is somewhere seeing him as a handsome king/beautiful queen.

They’re wishing and praying you fall apart for them to replace you.


Jasmoni Tegga

JF-Expert Member
Oct 28, 2020
Nimetafuta mahali panaposomeka: ^A real relationship must be as enduring as the life of the individuals involved,^ ila sijapaona. Nimegundua wewe ni miongoni mwa waleeeeee waumini wachache wa Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates & Nelson Mandela.

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