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Things are getting nastier in Kenyan politics

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Geza Ulole, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Geza Ulole

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    Feb 20, 2011
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    Guys i won't be suprized if our Northern neighbours will end up stuck in a similar 2007 violence situation again and i am worried this time will be more serious! Listen to the people in the clip! I hear "uncircumcized" and "O" individuals mentioned in dilects (signifying the Luo; very dangerous situaton since we hear hate speech specifically targeting a certain ethnical and cultural identity) and i wonder what's next cause Kenyatta has Mungiki militants at read hand! The state of political situation is really sad to be fair and we need to learn something from this turn of events! We should remember this Kenyatta owns the largest track of land in the central province grabbed by his father, a main reason for Kikuyu deaths as he allocated land returned by settlers in Rift Valley Province to himself and his tribe kins instead of the natives of the area. Suprizingly the issue brewed for years before errupting in 2007 after the election result resistance!

    What makes me wonder now the enemies (Kikuyus and Kalenjins) are friends and enemy to Luos (a former alie of Kalenjins) reason being the Ocampo list and the Kenyatta a Kikuyu and Ruto a Kalenjin are instigating hate around (helped behind the scene by Kibaki a Kikuyu himself and openly by Musyoka a Kalenjin but an opportunist) and distort the truth by saying they are targeted by the ICC cause they are potential threat to Odinga in 2012 election and not the main topic at large that normal people testified on their involvement during the 2007 election aftermath! I hope Kenyans are smarter than this cheap politics and i hope their sanctioning motive on Marende fails this week since their National Accord clearly states the conditions for an MP to oppose his party ( i.e. resign and vie the seat for the party the MP has corruptly fell in love though dissidents within ODM pretend not to know). I see another turmoil erupting (of the scale of Milosevic and Serbia)..! That's bad we have something to learn here
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