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The other side of jeetu patel part 2

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by mpelikulan, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Mar 27, 2011
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    I would like to thank the individuals who contributes to www.jamiiforum and make it exists. The website for me is not only informative but also entertaining. Asanteni sana Wandugu and keep up the good work, IDUMU www.jamiiforums.
    Reading through different articles, I came across the "THE OTHER SIDE OF JEETU PATEL", by Ndugu Jimmy Bwawani. I was striked by the comments from Wazalendo wenzangu, as a result I decided to open an account and to be an active member and contiribute to this article and other articles as I read them. Like Bwawani, Mzee Jeetu Patel ( I will be refer to Mzee J C ) came into my scene in the 90s, through a very close friend of his. I needed some references to secure a job outside Tanzania. Mzee J C( back then was " already self made" young man ) did helped me (without any strings attached) just like he would "NOT" let down any one in need when you reach him directly or meet him personally. The result we became very good friends.

    I allow me Ndugu readers to contiribute to this "sensitive article" on behalf of myself and the people who really know what Mzee J C stands for, and they have opted to "kimya" for the reasons best known to themselves. I salute you Ndugu Bwawani. You met the " Gentleman" briefly but you managed to write "some " truth about him. I know Mzee J C gave you nothing to write this article, this aricle is all about the english methali "THE TRUTH WILL OUT".

    I will start with "JEETU PATEL THE BUSINESS MAN"
    J.C started to make"money" since he was in his early twenties, he has been around for quite sometimes ( unlike the others so called TZ tycoons). He`s hard workng individual of curiosity nature and his "LOVE" for money give him "challenge to invent new methods of doing things". He´s impatient with work done the same old way, as always. He`s a man who sorts out the jigsaw pieces of problems then abdacadabra them into brilliant solutions. J.C has been always " a peachy dandy organizer" and always do it in his own way. Hes exremly imaginative and inventive, his "work" proves itself. What`s wrong for a person to be gifted with these qualities and use them to benefit himself, other human beings and society at large? As a business man this " gentle man" can be more than a little "sturbborn" but only when you give him reason to be, ( this is human nature and a part of any normal being) This is just to ….. knowing him… I want to say that, what we read or hear especially "bad" it is not always/necessarilly the truth.

    Back to the initial topic "THE OTHER SIDE OF JEETU PATEL, (am just quotting the readers as a am contributing this email)
    (1) "DISCRIMINATION", "Nature" is not self imposed, and in many cases we can not go against nature or change nature, that includes Mzee J C) . . 2 of the quality that nature has imposed on J C are, 1; "gregariuos nature" and 2; "tolerant of brotherhood & sisterhood charisma," These 2 laws of natures can/ would not allow J C to disciminate. You don't need to meet him to confirm that these 2 forces play a major part in him. If you know what for "variety"of friends he has, how Mzee J C "directly" deals with wafanyikazi wake wawe wa nyumbani, viwandani , ofisisni & not not forgetting the strangers he meet directly on the streets and change their lifes in a positive way,for good. This will confirm to those who can accept the truth that, Mzee J C has is neither a racist nor has he a blood of discrimination is running through his body.
    (2) I´m still on "mother nature", J C happen to be a " humanitarian". Since his young age, he has contibuted countless times directly and indirectly, has touched and changed lives of many in different circumstances and the society at large, BUT he never seek for publicity or fame from viombo vya dola like some of the so called Tanzanians Tycoons we know.
    He believes and practice the say "when your right hand gives out your left hand should not know". I remember asking him, "Did you made Mr … to be where he is succefull in his business? Alikataa mpaka nipomueleza kua Mr… himself told me so ( which was true) J C Alikubali by saying " If he did tell you himself, yes, hes a hard working man." He went on finishing by saying, " I have no right to talk about anybody." Typical J C, I /we know, he`s a modest gentleman by nature and doesn't have time for unproductive talks.
    At times it matters where/how and why we get our money from BUT what matters most is how we use this money. For those who are are sure they are "heaven material", don't be surprise if you see Mzee J C among you guys there/heaven. This man had done a lot of countless good deeds but chose to keep a low profile and not announcing them in public. In the end of the day, "Mwenyezi Mungu ndio anona na anajua yote".
    (3) HIS MARRIAGE , HIS GREAT TESTE FOR OUR SISTERS & ANA MENGI MACHAFU, ( mind you, Im still quoting our readers) "It takes more than just tendo la ndoa to make a successful marriage",words fromMzee J C himself, his 100% right. Ndoa invloves watu wawili to make it successful. In this case it is very unfair to judge him from result of his broken marriage by saying "he could not hold his marriage because ana machafu mengi". How can he have a great taste for our "African" sisters? if he practise racism and discrimination, dear readers.

    Mzee J C "LOVES MONEY" as a result he worked hard to be where he is today. This needs time, determination, consistent, devotion,sacrifice and a certein " high degree" of "decpline" among other things. So much has been said about Jeetu Patel when it comes to man/woman relationship. To clear the "rumours and names" branded on him"
    Jeetu Patel is a "NORMAL MALE/GENTLEMAN" who has great respect for his body ( as a man) He is a very busy businessman & most of his time is devoted to building his Empire. He does not have time for "dogging" around or womonizing just becaause hes not marrige or he has . J C is marriage & devoted to his business. Hes satisfied with his life. I happed to asked him " Are you lonely" hes reply was " Just because I am alone it does not mean Im lonely". He does have a normal life as a "man" BUT he has to find this "quality time" from his work with "that special lady". Hes a very clean man when it comes to matter ya tendo la ndoa/ngono. As a reuslt, he does NOT do what many believe he does with dada zetu au wanawake wengine. WOMINIZING is not in him just because he has what it takes namely money , manhood and unattached/single.

    Thank you Mzee wa Kazi for contiributing to my life in a POSTIVE way. If it was not for meeting you J C I would never be where I am today. I believe GOD BLESSED the day we met. This is the time for you to acknowlege and appreciate that time has pass us by, we are no longer what we use to be "young". Everything including age has its time & place. "Pesa zina mwanzo lakini hazina mwisho". Please, do yourself a favour by ending your "addiction to money", It's the time for you to relax and enjoy the fruits of your "hard" labour. Life is too short. I wish y ou ALL THE BEST with whatever is happening. I/we know how good an individual you are by nature Mzee wa Kazi Jeetu.

    All in all Ndugu zangu, tukumbushane msemo wa our the late brother Martin Luther King
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    Mar 27, 2011
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    Ume post mara mbili thread yako mzee, utawezje kufuatilia contributions?, omba msaada moja ifutwe.