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The leader we need

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by MwanaFalsafa1, May 11, 2010.

  1. MwanaFalsafa1

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    May 11, 2010
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    The general elections are on the way, five months and coming. We are at a point we have never found ourselves in before. Corruption is public knowledge, scrutiny of top leaders is no longer a taboo and there is a general feeling of change in the air. It is now time to ask ourselves what type of leadership do we need.

    If you read a few books or are even just a little bit observant you will notice that there are different kind of leaders and there is different kind of leadership. Not every kind of leadership is suited for every people, place or time. We are Tanzanians, in Tanzania, in the year 2010.....what kind of leadership do we need? Do we have that kind of leader in Tanzania? if so does he/she have a realistic chance of winning?

    In the past few months in JF alone I've heard different people give their opinions on what kind of leader they think we need. I've heard everything from a dictatorship, military rule and even some who believe that we need to be ruled under the guidance and principals of religion. It is fair to say I've heard everything from smart to God forgive me, just plain dumb ideas. Anyway it is not for me to say what idea is good and what is not. That is up to Tanzanians to decide.

    I'm going to go ahead and give my opinion on what kind of leader we need. A quick disclaimer, "maneno yangu si sheria", it is just how I see it. Well first of all I think we need a leader who does not come from a political dynasty. This is because these types of leaders come in and concentrate more on fixing or continuing the legacies of their fathers rather than concentrating on present issues. These leaders tend to want to avenge their fathers. That's not what we need! But most importantly, a leader not from a political dynasty will have fresh ideas and a new outlook on things.

    We need an experienced leader. Not necessarily in government but in life in general. A leader who has diverse experiences. A leader who knows what it's like to be poor. A leader who knows how others live outside Tanzania and can bring about the good from those places. We need a leader who has not been raised in one way of life or one way of thinking.

    We need an educated leader. I know most will say even an educated person can lead...true. But at this day and age lacking education especially for a leader is like a race car driver racing in a 50's car, no matter how talented he is he stands no chance against the competition.

    We need a charismatic leader. Now I know I'm going to get heat from this because of Kikwete but just here me out. We are in a period when we want to see change. Change has to be inspired by someone who gives people hope to pursue those changes. Kikwete was in that position, maybe he didn't take it but he was in that position due to his charisma. We need a charismatic leader!

    The leader must be humble. He is proud of what he has achieved but sees no little need to belittle others because of it. He must be a person who can balance between confidence and cockiness without crossing that line. A leader who will be accessible to his people. A leader who won't hide behind the suits of his bodyguards, the armor of his convoy or the walls of the State House.

    We need a leader who understands that with great power comes with great responsibilities. One who will be ready to put himself on the line when things go wrong but also not take all the credit when things go right. One who knows that the State House is no hotel in the Caribbeans but a place where he will face great adversity and big challenges.

    Most importantly ladies and gentlemen we need a PATRIOT! A person who has had all the chances in the world to move past the struggles of Tanzanian life but non the less chose to serve his people. A leader who knows that he is a servant of the people. A leader who identifies first with his country not religion, race or tribe. A leader who is ready to make any sacrifice necessary to ensure the future of the children and grand children of this country.

    Now it my seem that I am asking to much of one man but I believe that in a nation 40 million strong it will be a disgrace and an insult to the Lord all Mighty to say that not even one amongst us is such a leader. I believe he is out there waiting for Tanzania to be ready for him and accept him because he knows that he does not have the money nor the connections to become president but believes that only the power of the people will grant him the pleasure of being ordained the president of the United Republic of Tanzania. Mungu ibariki Afrika, Mungu ibariki Tanzania.