The God's Failures


Jul 31, 2015
Wadau nataka kuwaojesha chapter Tatu za kitabu changu ambacho kitakoka kwenye Robo ya tatu ya mwaka huu

Chapter One

God's failure

Human worship God, The faith in God make believers vulnerable to true habitat of the world. The faiths in so called religions ask people to be real, frank who speak the truth always, honest and royal. This create a society of people who are easy attacked by manipulators and end into trusting no one. This will lead int social hesitation, self isolating and finally social withdraw
The religion ask people not to accept the world beauty and luxuries and wait til the last day where they will be rewarded. We accepted the faith in God from those who pre-existed before us. We were taught to worship, trust and depend on God, We learned that our trust and dependence on God will make us hit success and not otherwise. We all prayed to grow and have our own families. We prayed for good wives and others prayed for their good husbands. How many says they are living their dreams today. Did God gave you that girl that you believed that she will lead into your retirement on seduction. If your are a girl, Are you with that Man you thought he can fill the empty space in your heart.
The winners of this world knows that everything has a price and what they do is to beat the price. They manipulate the frank believes of God, The honest and trustful behavior of those poor believers only makes the life easy to those who know the cool technique on how to manipulate and uses others talents and energy.
The poor believers believe on any one who swear by using the name of God, The speak no lies, This behavior supplement information to those who want to take advantage of them
Those poor believer chant on their own ask God to give them this and that, The truth is God offer nothing to prayers.
You can carry this experiment on your own. Worship for three day and keep asking god to give you goods of this world, You have to spend those three day doing nothing and the third day start to counting your blessings gained in those three days. You will gain nothing, This is because prayers never pay.
After the third day start working without worshiping, Work hard on odd jobs that payment are given per completion, After third day count your blessing. If you do this you will realize that works reward and God Remain only as the theoretical Thing.

Chapter 2

Input and Output

The brain of human start to develop in the womb and reach maturity at age of 7 yrs. A kid speak non than her mother tongue language. The words we speak among ourselves and those spoken to a kid are the input to our kids minds and we don't expect our kids to speak a foreign language than those spoken within his or her environment

Our kids can't know God until we tell them about God. God can be taken as a discipline with it is own subject matters. It is the discipline with its own experts. God is not inborn knowledge but merely told thing. We know God just as how we know our mother tongue language.
Parents love children, Despite of their love, they make sure that they have the control over their child, The effort of parents to control their children include making sure that their kids are well manned. Good manner of children are oriented in making the kids submissive to their benefitors.
One way to make a person manned is to train him or her to have self discipline and good principals, This is the area where invisible and all seeing God is required as key player in disciplining people.
Your God is the output of your environment, Something which we inherit from our parents, from our Grandparents
The God is worshiped differently between Christians and Muslims. Even Muslims or Christians from different location worship God differently, As i have said religions is Specific discipline with its exparts. Some people took time to study those variations and collected them and founded the foundation of sects. If you carry certain customs that they accept then they accept you as one of them and if do otherwise then they view you as non of their members.
Believing in God help in stabilizing the community as those who does acts that are against values established by religion are branded to be friends of devil and they should be isolated or handled with care.
As I have said, Religions come into our life as our mother tongue language did. There are thousands or religions and thousand of sects within those religions. Those religions contradict each other, and every religion speak with confident that they are only true and their in good fervor of God.
The religions become a dangerous thing that can make a father and child foe. Religions can legalize killing of millions of people just because they are not obeying some features of that religion. Many religions that have managed to survive many years had integrated their faith with politics and become officially sect of the Government. Here I'm speaking of Islam and Christianity.
The existence of many confusions concerning religions is the prove that God failed to save many people against the devil and this can be a ground to question on his existence

God is merely the input from our environment into our mind and now the output into our environment.

Chapter 3

Homosexuality and Love of God
As we were told before we become able to digest, That the creation of God is perfect and can be witnessed by watching ourselves, and that become our truth, Now I can question one with, one organ that put a line between our salvation, The anus. The anus can be used as just as how vagina is used to bring sexual satisfaction. The sex between males become possible due to existence of this organ. The one who is used as female is called a Gay, a person who is not accepted in any God fevoured religions and is condemned to hell fire.
Life is not simple as you think, A man who is sexual hunter sometime fail to obtain sexual partner and he can't risk the chance of having sex other man, Mostly it is impossible to spot a gay so he may target the young male or another male who is in disadvantage position example being in need of basic needs. Some can take advantage of sleepiness of his fellows men or can use even drug to to make him unconscious and use him as female. Some men are being black mailed and get fucked. This make them to cross the bridge of nor return into the world of being actors of real life. peoples who should hide their sexual life and pretend to be just like other males.
Man, This things sucks, The penis exactly fit into anus, It bring sexual satisfaction to all participators, It bring two people into so called sin, Into no accepted people in the society.
The the one who utilize the other as female can marry and change sexual prevalence and living the other one into no accepted desires and no acceptable member of any sect.
The anus to offer satisfactions just as vagina is one of mistakes in our creation. and God looses a lot of people as longer as children and gays are considered as female

Chapter 4

Silent War
You can wonder the number of gays when they declare public demonstrations, They are thousands of people, Those who had willing to go public are thousands, Just ask yourself how many have supported the demonstration silently only to protect their image. You will agree that A lot of men have turned into gays.
They understand that God hates them as long as they satisfies their added sexual desires, They have crossed the bridge of no return and now they have nothing to loose. They were just like you but environment has brought them to who they are. they have nothing to loose, They feel good to see you fucked so that you can no longer look down on them.
The dangerous enemy is the one who enter when the doors are open, They look just like one of you, you cant identify they interests as they make you believe that they just like you, You eat with them and sleep with them. They utilize you as female, They know cool tricks to make you believe you are impotent, They can destroy your confidence and do things that can make you fail doing sex with women with their arranged environment.
I like to tell you that you are cornered, You are boxed in. They act at you absence or when you are asleep. They can blackmail your wife and conspire with her. To them you are a female just like them. They are everywhere. God cant serve you against them, If you become depressed, feeling yourself so low, and you start to isolate yourself from public mark their victory.
They are in Government, Military and mass media. The share classified information among themselves, They choose what and when to share with public. To them life is just a game and was meant to be happy. They take from us what we took from them, Their believe on equality of resembling them. To them God (Who hate them) is Just another asshole
If assassination is part of your destiny then God can kill you using their hands.


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Jan 17, 2015
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The Quantavious, I see you've run away again from your ESL class

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