Tension in America as people protest for Bill Gates arrest

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Oct 22, 2016

Bill Gates who is now the most popular figure in America has angered it's citizens. A large has trooped out to protest against Bill Gates proposed vaccine as there are calls for the arrest of billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, while many others are fighting the battle through the media.

There have been many rumours and reports that the business of procuring vaccine is a hidden agenda to how the coronavirus became a pandemic.

Many people believe that since he has come up with a vaccine for the virus,then he really has a mission. Bill Gates had revealed a new RNA vaccine, together with a schedule of things that must be carried out for the world to return back to it's normal shape.

However this development hasn't gone down well with his fellow Americans as they question his ambition since he isn't a scientist,doctor or a microbiologist.

There have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the origination of the vaccine. This a tweet from Bill Gates last year,just few weeks before the CoronaVirus broke out. The world seems to wonder what he is planning.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Americans Call For Bill Gates' Arrest

©Bill Gates introduces COVID-19 vaccine

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Oct 12, 2015
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Ila huyu jamaa kuna mission anayo.

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