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Tanzanians waking up from long slumber

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Mkenya, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Daily Nation:*- Opinion*|Tanzanians waking up from long slumber

    Over the years, Tanzanians have regarded Kenyans as a crazy lot. A quiet, peaceful and united people, to them, Kenya’s historic noises across the border and Kenya’s impudent corruption and alleged inhumanity, explain their disquiet within the East African Community and also why they joined the Southern Africa’s economic community.

    Indeed, Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere once described Kenya as a “man-eat-man society”.

    I am a Kenyan by default as most of my clansmen and women are Tanzanians. My paternal grandfather and grandmother are buried in Musoma. But my father acquired a wife in Yimbo and stayed on, so I was born Kenyan, but every time I visit my family in Musoma, they always ask me: Why do Kenyans behave the way they do?

    I once explained to them that the difference between Kenyans and Tanzanians could only be explained historically, by the fact that Kenyans are socially more developed, that our White settler economy heightened our political and social aggressiveness.

    I further told them that our competition with the White settlers, Indians and Arabs led the race for extensive education, for land greediness and for political bickering, and that even after the White settlers had gone, the spirit for competitiveness and jostling has continued.

    I told them that in a little while, with expanded education and social growth, Tanzanians will fall in line and behave just like Kenyans.

    Some agreed with my analysis, although they hoped that as they developed their path would be different, would be humane and would be less cantankerous.

    Indeed, our post-2007 civil strife simply confirmed to them that Kenyans are a loony crowd.

    Well, their turn has arrived. In less than six months since their last general elections, Tanzanians are demonstrating against “stolen elections”.

    They want a new and more democratic constitution. They have just realised that behind their slumber, some of their leaders have been doing bad things, and the other day in Arusha, five Tanzanians were killed and 60 injured as regional police fired into a demonstrating crowd.

    The protests were over the Arusha mayoral elections, which have been disputed by the opposition party, Chadema.

    Earlier, demonstrations in Dar es Salaam over the quest for a new constitution were also dispersed by police.

    Fortunately, the Tanzanian Head of State, Mr Jakaya Kikwete, is a cool and considerate gentleman, unlike most African leaders. He has already indicated his willingness to appoint a constitutional commission.

    But the democratic train, being ridden by the radicals, the Zanzibari secessionists, the tribalists and wranglers, has just left the station, and must be contained, without police bullets.

    Even more important, time for singing the old socialist lullaby is over and Tanzanians must learn to live with a rattling and discordant capitalist tune.

    It is equally important for Tanzanians to quickly learn that Kenyans are with them and that together, we can make East Africa a very pleasant place to live in.

    Together we must push the East African Community forward, in order to expand the benefits of our region, for ourselves, our children and our progeny.

    Prof Ochieng teaches History at Maseno University.

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Narrow minded people see things in the context of ones weakness! for me to call Kikwete a cool dude, is an insult and to try to brand the opposition movement right now as tribal is another stupid analysis that makes the writer no way better than your politicians in power! The article demonstrates how the writer envy Tanzania cohesiveness as he tries to link the Kenya's cronic tribal disease with the Arusha people's peaceful demonstration turned violently on the Government to adhere to the election laws and regulations !

    For your info. "lame Prof.", the people in power tried that before and failed as they ended up giving popularity to the party they fight through ethnic lines and currently they are giving a try "a religion factor" something a "lousy Prof." should have mentioned if smart at all but due to his shallowness and misinformedness, ended up seeing tribal factor and not the reality on the ground! However, i am sure both CCM and "the poor analyst" will fail on their current motives! As for the lousy Prof., your hysteria keeps determining your analysis of events in Tanzania and not the realities! I advice you to better be cheering while worried on your current political ambiance that instigate tribal alliances that are forming fastly in Kenya even after the new constitution than be comparing the two cultures! Since you probably posed to benefit if not loose as a tribe coming 2012! Wishing you guys all the best in the next election! Just watch out on what you wish on your neighbor cause might get you first even before your neighbor does!