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"Tanzanians’ blogs are full of gossip" -Mh.Nyarandu

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by KIM KARDASH, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. K

    KIM KARDASH JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Minister Mr Lazaro Nyalandu said: "Tanzanians' blogs are full of gossip"

    Tanzanians spent a total of Sh2 billion for talking through mobile phones in 2010.

    However, it is amazing that most of the conversations and messages were on sexual relationships, the deputy minister for Industry, Trade and Marketing, Mr Lazaro Nyalandu, said recently.
    He was talking to students who are members of Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) at the University of Dodoma (Udom) during a short meeting held at Kilimani, Dodoma.
    "Unlike our colleagues from Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda who have been using blogs and their mobile phones to learn basic things like the state of markets for different products, we have spent much time making non-profit contacts; many Tanzanians' blogs are full of gossip," said Mr Nyalandu.
    He said the conversations made on mobile phones for the past year reveal that Tanzanians can participate in building the country if they have a tendency to think of basic things for the community, especially strategies of production and abandoning the concept of tax evasion.
    "We want all Tanzanians to pay taxes; as you can see the money used for mobile phones is more than the budget support we got from the United States for that period... I want Tanzanians to think of building their country and make sure we concentrate on basic things and abandon the habit of evading taxes," he said last month.

    ooh dear..
    and here comes a responce to this a week after that:

    Last week the deputy minister of Industry Trade and Marketing Mr Lazaro Nyalandu surprised me when he revealed that Tanzanians spent a total of Sh2 billion on mobile phones bills. That is a lot of money spent on communication alone, I thought.
    However, what even shocked me most was the disclosure that most of the conversations were on relationships and gossip!
    It is sad and unbelievable that the amount spent on such trivial conversations was even higher than the budget support that we got from the United States during the same period.
    The minister even expressed his concern that while youth from other countries use blogs and mobile phones to learn basic things like stock markets for different products, we spent a lot of time and money making nonprofit contacts; many Tanzanians blogs are full of gossip.
    The minister's statement has been reflected in so many websites and my friends did not hesitate to forward me the links and I couldn't help but wonder. I did not know that we gossip that much! Like most of you, I thought this was a little bit harsh and farfetched, I wonder if the minister made the assumption based on experience or statistics.
    So I decided to confirm this by going through my text messages to see what kind of messages I had received in the past month. My discovery was a disappointment; most of the messages I have sent or received were either on relationships or just plain gossip.
    It's a fact that cell phones have had a great impact in the way we do things; business, relationship, information dissemination and much more. It's heartbreaking that for most of us the mobile phone has been a tool to cheat, gossip and indulge in unproductive ill talks.
    A high number of the websites and blogs that I have visited are on celebrity gossip, relationships and love. I am in the bandwagon of Tanzanian youths who spend most of their time talking about what a celebrity did, who is dating who and the likes.
    It is a known fact that we are a country that thrives on gossip, look around you; the highest selling newspapers are gossip themed as sex scandals sells stories sell more than scientific inventions. Wema Sepetu's latest love interests, the latest beef in entertainment, Shaa's new hair style -it's impossible to turn on the TV or open a newspaper without being bombarded by rumours, hearsay and the occasional fact about ‘celebrities and other prominent people.
    Celebrity gossip is a multi million business that continues to fascinate the world and fills thousands of pages of magazines, websites and newspapers every week.
    I am not trying to justify or condone this and the effect it has in our country but trying to understand how and why we can spend over 2 billion in meaningless communication is incomprehensible.
    sex and relationship matters have in the recent past become vital in life. I would like to think that it is human nature that because we are people that's why we would like to be in the know on what is going on in other people's lives.
    Curiosity is genetically inherent: Generally we are anxious to know what is happening in others' life so we start gossiping.

    I don't know about you but being labelled a gossiping nation is not a very proud moment for me. Maybe with the changing trends in society and the competitiveness in the region, as a country we will have to channel our interest into more productive topics to end this love affair with gossip.

  2. n

    ng'wabuki Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Wewe ni mwana ukwata lakini unatazama mikataba mibovu ikisaniwa na serikali yako na mawaziri wenzio, majibu ya uongo bungeni, umeenda china kujifunza biashara na uzalishaji viwandani. Elimu hiyo mbona hukuwaeleza hao vijana wa udom? Ardhi inaporowa toka mikononi mwa raia wenzio mnatazama tu. Unaniudhi vibaya sana ungejua hata ungeacha huo uwaziri. Ulisema wachina waondoke mbona wazidi kuongezeka na kuuza yeboyebo? ACHA UNAFIKI NINGEKUWA ASKOFU WAKO NINGEKUZUIA KUJA KANISANI KWANGU
  3. Mwanajamii

    Mwanajamii JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    we nyalandu huna uwezo wa kuja hapa na kutudanganya wewe,kawadanganye watu wa singida unawahonga mia tano wanakupa kura....kwanza tunakudai elfu arobaini zetu ulizochukua kutoka kwenye michango ya kujenga shule kule kinyeto wewe ukaenda kufanyia harusi.wew si mzalendo tunakustiri tu.
  4. P

    Paul J Senior Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Nyarandu I think you are misleading us!

    The key question you need to ask your self why tanzanian's rshould pay taxes while all the money collected are being spend on UFISADI by CCM leaders? I am advising and convicing Tanzanians not to pay TAX because why should they pay while when it comes to basic social needs the government is doing nothing! No goog health, water, shools servicesand infrasstructure? I certainly tell you Nyarandu even those paying tax through PAYEE they have no any means otherwise they would have escaped! Somebody is paying for instance 500000per month as PAYEE, he is buying 20ltrs of water at 500Tsk, he has to send her/his kids to nusery school at 1.2m a year, sleep in the darkness and buy candles,to see a doctor on a single visit at 50,000, service the car due to poor road conditions e.t.c Think of these expenses and you will now why people avade taxes! I will submit my tax to the government without any external force if all the social services are conducive otherwise I am looking all the possibilities of running away from double taxation-Paying tax for social services and buying social services at cash!
  5. Ngisibara

    Ngisibara JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Eee bwana eeeeeh, kumbe na kwenu alichukua kwenda kubeba mbuny ya Ubungo,
  6. MANI

    MANI Platinum Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Well said no more to add!
  7. LebronWade

    LebronWade JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Nyalandu amejualia wapi kua watu wanatuma meseji za mapenzi tu?Amezionea wapi?Amefanya utafiti kwenye trafick ya hizi meseji kwenye SMSC platforms za hawa mobile operators?Nyalandu hajui kua kwa EA Tanzania ndio inashika mkia kwa kutumia ICT facilities such as internet?Karibu asilimia 97 ya Watanzania wana-access ya mobile phone,hii ni sawa,ila amejuaje calls na SMS zinazotumwa ni za mapenzi?Amejulia wapi kama sio anaongea porojo zisizokua na proof zozote?Na kama anaweza kusoma SMS za raia namna hiyo then anaingilia uhuru binafsi wa watanzania na tukimshika tunaweka ndani........
  8. L

    Lsk Senior Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    ...kwa nimjuavyo Nyarandu,sioni hata sababu kuujibu utumbo wake. Hana lolote huyo,mi na log-off!!
  9. Lokissa

    Lokissa JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    kuna ukweli fulani ktk blogs, ukitoa jf,mjengwa,michuzi nyingine zimejaa mapenzi tukubali.
    kuhusu simu wamiliki wake wengi ukitoa wafanyakazi,na watu wazima wanafunzi wanazitumia kwa mapenzi
    wengi wanakesha facebook,wala sio kutafuta journals au articles.tusikatae sana jiulize wewe tangu asbh umeshatuma msg
    ngapi za mapenzi? emails? facebook? badoo.com nk.
    maofisini ukiingia secretary kaweka miguu juu ya meza anaongea na mpenzi wake kwa saa nyingi nk
    wachache wanatumia simu kibiashara kama kutafuta masoko au maeneo ya uwekezaji
    angalia hapa JF pia jukwaa la mapenzi ndio linakuwa na watu wengi zaiiiiidiiiiiiiiii kwa siku tena kw akutumia blackbery zao.
    its true hela nyingi tunazimalizia kwenye simu badala ya kusave kufanyia mambo ya maana.
  10. F

    FJM JF-Expert Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Vizuri tumejuwa kuwa Nyalandu ni mdau mzuri wa blogs za Tanzania. Angekuwa hasomi hizo blogs angejuaje ni gossips? Pengine anapenda gossips ndio maana azizoma! Hypocrite!