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Tanzanian Constitution, Economic Growth and Social Justice

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mchambuzi, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    My partners and I are soon to launch a series of focus group meetings and workshops in Tanzania that aim to Raise Awareness Among Youths on how they can demand and make the new constitution become an instrument for their economic and social justice. What enticed me to come up with such a daunting task is that i was fortunate to be appointed as a member of the team that organized the constitutional review debate at Karimjee Hall in Dar-es-salaam. This was paralleled to similar events that took place in Dodoma and Zanzibar, respectively. It is these events that heightened my interest to participate in searching for our new constitution. In the context of the on-going debate, my interest is mainly on the two issues namely: Social and Economic Justice. This is a self - initiated project, so it will be a daunting process. We expect to manage this project under an NGO that will be determined at a later date. We envisage the project to reach a good number of youths both in urban and rural Tanzania.

    As a nation, we are currently going through one of the most important moments of our county's political history – the ongoing process of searching for a new constitution of Tanzania. This exercise follows an introduction of the infamous Constitutional Review ACT that was officially tabled before the parliament in April 2011. The ACT has stimulated heated debates across the country in all spheres of national life - political, social, and economic. Much remains to unfold. Focus in this paper however is on how the new constitution can be enabled to become an instrument for economic growth and social justice in Tanzania.

    In a true democracy, the constitution wells up from the people. To the citizens of such a democracy, the constitution serves as their covenant, their charter of freedom as well as the blue print for the present and the future generations. This is why the constitution of any country is regarded as a unique document.

    Our new constitution needs to be a sacred document. It ought to reflect the soul of Tanzania, the personality of a timeless society, her unparalleled national ethos, the values and ideals, the hopes and aspirations and those beliefs and faiths that we as a people have come to cherish down the long years of our struggle for political and economic independence. It should symbolize the unity of the people of Tanzania and their sovereign will. The source of all power in our civil-order is the people, so the new constitution must spring from the people and ought to subsist for the people, for their well being and progress. Therefore by all means, the new constitution needs to be drawn up in a manner that can make it act as an instrument of economic growth and social justice for the citizens of Tanzania. To access the rest of the document, please download the attachment below. Your comments will be invaluable.

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