Tanzania - BAD TREE!


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Feb 14, 2007
Dear members, I hope my style of writing won't be confusing.

In the bellow message I have tried to come up with an analogy
to the existing Tanzanian system as whole
and called it a BAD TREE. In between statements I have put
examples or clarification where I found it fit. karibu.

First, I solute all for the undying zeal within you to have
hope; hope that there will one day be changes in
Tanganyika and Zanzibar that will create a system;

of the people (i.e. that benefits the people),
by the people (i.e. that has people's interest built-in)
and for the people (i.e. that serves the people).

You will have to excuse me for my use of word Tanganyika (as it is a rare occurrence)but I see nothing wrong in referring to Tanzania mainland as such, in as much as Zanzibar is the other part of Tanzania.

I for one can no longer keep much of the hope. why? because in my life time, I have lived the experience (as most of you have) that allows me to make the conclusion that the dying TAN(ganyIkA)ZAN(IbAr)IA is heading for the ultimate death unless a revolution occurs.

I feel that, what is happening right now (Richmond, EPA and the likes) is a result/fruit of corrupt system.

It is like having a tree that gives out bad fruits (some of us have seen such trees in real life). you can't make it give good fruits.

you can try hiding the fact that it is a bad tree, say, by picking fruits before they ripe
<e.g. you heard what Dr.Slaa went through in the parliament,
you heard Takakuru report on Richmond - this is what they do best, covering/hiding>, but that won't change the tree.

You can, with all the love, get a good gardner to take of the tree, he will still not make the tree give out good

<some people think a GOOD president under the existing system can bring about the needed changes. Well, I'm sorry for you, this system won't give you a good president S/He HAS to be corrupt to be one, if you don't believe what I am saying, then why don't you do a reality check!

back to the tree:

The only way to get rid of the bad fruits, is NOT by cutting some
branches < e.g. you know what they do, when they want you to think they are making changes to the system>,

BUT is to UPROOT, and BURN it. Then plant another tree from a seed that's known to give good fruits, this is what is referred to, in many context as revolution, < e.g. some people suggest a new constitution. may be this could work, I don't know >

Now, whether you are thinking replacing the bad tree with a good one or keep looking for ways to make the bad tree good, know that, it's now clear,beyond reasonable doubts that THE TREE IS BAD.

I feel that the earlier we realize this the better, why? because we will stop wasting our time and money on such things as:

who is going to be a better Gardner?
which branch to cut.
how fast should we pick out the flowers before they become bad fruits etc,

AND concentrate on the real issue of UPROOTING, BURN THE BAD TREE AND PLANT A GOOD ONE in whatever order. And if a good tree can't be found, well A BAD TREE IS A BAD TREE!

Please don't get me wrong, I have no intention whatsoever to make people loose hope. Hope may be the only thing that stands in the way of total destruction (which is NOT impossible in Tanzania, by the way).
However, I feel that a lasting hope is built upon realization and acknowldgement of facts sorrounding it.

Hope or no hope let us learn where we have gone wrong because a better future may rely heavily on how knowledgeable were of our previous mistakes And the strategies we have to prevent them from reccurence.

I hope this message has challenged you thinking of the problems facing us in a wider perspective,

Thank you all.
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