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Tanzania and Uranium Mining Project, a profitless and new calamity of our generation!

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Not_Yet_Uhuru, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Hey, 'Motherland Lovers'

    Once again, our motherland, Tanganyika is finished! Our generation is once again plagued! A calamity to come!

    We have recently observed a number of high profiled Government officials working hard to engineer and finalize what is called a Uranium Mining Project in Tanzania, which is obviously spearheaded by few ambitious Government Officials working hand in hand with 'investors' in facilitating the project of making Tanzania a 'new country with Uranium mined deposits'! A few reasons have been fabricated to display the Uranium mining Project as beneficial to the economy, life of people and even alleviating the profile of the Tanzania title in the global arena. All these are just fanatics! Yes, plain fanatics! None of the Government officials have ever-ever thought of the 'Uranium benefits', in the entire perspective!
    The reality shows that if Tanzania will get anything beneficial from the Uranium mining Project, wouldn't ever exceed 5% of the entire 100% meaning of benefits from the Uranium, while the rest 95% goes to the 'investor' owned economy.

    A few clues below give us a clear picture why Uranium is Calamity of our Generation, and never a success story!

    • Before talking anything about Uranium, Tanzania has Had Williamson Diamonds - the 2nd largest if not third deposits in Africa decades and decades, and had a global recognition since its inception! Many local Tanzanians are still puzzled with what ever happened, and now the empty remnants of mine holes at Mwadui, Shinyanga and the surrounding deposits!. News from these sites have been countless! Investors killings, contamination, poverty increase, as ever and many have been vulnerable of contagious and airborne diseases resulted from the refinement or exploration process and waste disposals!

    • The same apply in all areas of Gold Mines deposits across Tanzania, people are suffering a countless effects, from everything and benefiting from nothing more than ever! Without noticing the radiations and airborne diseases, people remain with what they call '3% mrahaba' to the Government, which is absolute nothing! Nothing! 'Investors' remain 'bell-swollen' as ever!

    • Tanzania has been blessed with a Unique icon, a mineral of its own quality and entity from God, the creator! This is TANZANITE! This mineral had always left a haunting memories to all Tanzanians and especially the local indigenous across the northern zone where this unique item is gifted to possess. From investors killings (TANZANIA ONE cases), to burying and bullying of local miners and confiscating their lands and their deposits! Always the story cause pains in the hearts of so many Tanzanians within and abroad. No Government official could stand in-front of Tanzanians and declare the benefits gained from this TANZANIATE, a unique gift of our Motherland- Tanzania since its inception to-date! The same has been a global icon and beneficial to the neighboring country Kenya, and the 'purported refiner' India! They are always the 'gurus' of our own inheritance! We are nothing here! This is a national calamity! Just tears! A cry of our poor people! Just remnants of 'Tanzaniate deposit holes'!

    • THE 'URANIUM PLAGUE': Apart from the above, so many other mineral resources mined within our rich natural land, Tanganyika which NONE of the Tanzanians could stand firmly and claim the resulting benefits, now we are fooled to 'cheer and celebrate' the coming of URANIUM in Tanzania, a 'serial killer' project! URANIUM is simply a killer of our poor local miners, a killer of our stability, and an exposure of our in-explored resources of our coming generation to the 'global economical hackers and uncontrolled suckers' who will absolutely extract the Uranium, export to abroad for 'refinement'.
    Due to the fact that Tanzania has NO CAPACITY AT ALL to manage the Uranium Project, from exploration, mining, refining, enrichment, no defined 'final result' which shall be called a 'benefit' to Tanzanian and Tanzania as a whole. WE ARE FINISHED once again! In reality, 100% of the Uranium extract shall be (and MUST be) exported to the investors home country for 'refinement', and then what may be a minute final result 2% to 5% regarded as 'benefit' shall be sent back to Tanzania for economic consumption such as alternative energy resource for 'electricity production', which is also benefiting less than 10% of all Tanzanians.

    Recall, if 2% TO 5% comes back to Tanzania, the remaining 95% to 98% remains with investors own country for their Nuclear treasury and enrichment of their mighty capacity in Uranium utilization, from energy production to arsenals! And if the Uranium materials shall be sent back to Tanzania, or even refined within our land, the URANIUM WASTES are as dangerous as no other wastes!
    Uranium Disposals (Waste Products) management have been a core itching operation which mighty countries like Germany, Japan, France, Russia and so many others suffer much to 'where to safely dump them. Extremely risky and costly! The 'big countries' have failed, here comes Tanzania!!. We the Tanzanians, and especially our poor leader, know nothing as such Calamity to come! They claim of benefit! What economic benefits we call benefits here for TANZANIA?? This is a national CALAMITY! Lets fear of GOD, and preserve our generations and our resources! Defaulters of our own gifted natural resources is our own 'poor and short sighted leaders'.
    Dear Religious leaders, being silent means accepting the plague, means accepting the calamity. This is simply a curse!

    Only HAND OF GOD may take us to the safer hands! We are finished! YES we are done!

    Here I present, in Motherland and God's sake....!