Signs you’re with a “narcissistic woman”

Detective J

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Oct 17, 2016
Many of us have been through it… dating what we casually refer to as a “crazy” woman. If you live and date long enough, you might meet a woman who is emotionally or psychologically/emotionally abusive and non-reciprocating.

To be clear, this is not an attack on women in general. This is a specific attempt to describe
narcissistic women or those with such qualities.

Here are some of characteristics..

- 1. The Hoodwink.

The narcissistic woman begins a conversation (attack) with one topic. When you present facts that are contrary to her beliefs, she hoodwinks you by going on a different tangent, changing the subject or making a brand new accusation. While you’re still defending your original point, she distracts you by jumping to another topic that’s completely unrelated.

- 2. SHUT UP!

When you try to explain your feelings or point of view, this kind of woman may brutally tell you to, “Shut up! ” Narcissists not only can’t cope with the truth, they go to great lengths to deny and obliterate it.

- 3. Name-Calling.

This is the last resort of narcissists and other bullies. If they can’t defend their position or their behaviors, they resort to emotionally-based personal attacks. It’s another distraction technique that sidetracks you from the original point of contention by putting you on the defensive.

- 4. Projection.

Narcissistic women accuse their victims of actions or thoughts that they themselves are actually guilty of. This is a primitive defense mechanism

- 5. Gaslighting.
Women who use this tactic deny things they’ve said and done (and often accuse you of the very same transgressions they committed). They distort reality, claiming the event never happened (“you imagined it…YOU must be crazy”) until you begin to doubt your own sanity.

- 6.Blame and Shame.

Narcissists blame others for everything that is wrong in their lives and never consider how they contributed to, and often caused, the problems and their own unhappiness. They shift responsibility to make you seem bad or crazy in an effort to shame you into submission.

- 7. Playing the Victim.

When narcissistic women are put on the spot for their bad behavior or dishonesty and they can’t deny it, then they play the victim. They claim they are the ones who are being unfairly attacked for “standing up for the truth” and having the “courage” to speak out or etc.

-8. Attention seeking behaviour

Women who are narcissistic need all eyes to be on them and they will do almost anything to make sure the attention is on them. A woman who's narcissistic will interrupt people in the middle of a conversation to turn the subject to herself. She might make her stories seem more dramatic. For instance, she might tell a group of people that her sister is in the hospital due to an almost fatal accident to gain sympathy, when her sister really went to the hospital for a broken arm.

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