Shift Supervisor


Jun 22, 2013
Position Summary
The Shift Supervisor supervises the operations of a shift to ensure that food safety, product preparation, cleanliness and inventory control standards are maintained. This may include scheduling and supervising staff. Exceptional customer service is a major component of this position.

1.Performs all tasks and responsibilities of a Senior waiter job description.
2.Trains newer or less experienced staff in their tasks and responsibilities.
3.Practices inventory control standards.
4.Inspects equipment and storage facilities throughout a shift to ensure that equipment is in proper working order.
5.Schedules and supervises staff as needed.
6.Performs paperwork duties as needed.
7.Completes online courses as directed.
8.Education: College degree/diploma in the hospitality industry.
9.Experience & Skills: A minimum of 1 year experience in a restaurant environment, communication and organizational skills.
10.Physical: Must be able to work any area of the restaurant when needed and to operate a computerized Point of Sale system/cash register. Position requires bending, standing, and walking the entire workday. Must have the ability to lift 10 pounds frequently and up to 30 pounds occasionally.


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Dec 23, 2011
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