Serikali zinazojua thamani ya elimu kwa Taifa


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Oct 11, 2006
[h=3]Brazil Sending 75,000 Students To the World's Top Universities.[/h]Time (9/22, Downie) reports that Brazilian "students are finally getting an incentive to see the world, thanks to a major government program that aims to award 75,000 scholarships to attend the world's top universities. Available only to Brazilians studying subjects of strategic national importance, like engineering, they reflect 'an effort by the government to take a quantum leap in the formation of a scientific and technological elite,'" according to Brazil's Science and Technology Minister, Aloizio Mercadante. "That's a long-overdue agenda, not just in Brazil but all of Latin America. During the 2009–10 academic year, for example, Brazil, a nation of almost 200 million people, had fewer than 9,000 students at US universities; China, by contrast, had more than 127,000, India 100,000 and South Korea 72,000." According to Time, "That's a big reason that more than a third of the world's research and development takes place in Asia today while less than 3% of it goes on in Latin America."

What about Africa, and in particular Tanzania?

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