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SaskTel pulls out of TTCL deal

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Alpha, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. A

    Alpha JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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    SaskTel pulls out of TTCL deal

    Canada-based SaskTel International, which was appointed to oversee the operations of national PTO Tanzania Telecommunication Company Limited (TTCL) in a three-year, USD5 million Contract Development Network deal in 2007, has pulled out of the contract. Local press reports note the Canadian company’s decision effectively halts in its tracks, TTCL’s latest recovery bid and marks the latest setback for the telecoms firm. In 2001 a consortium comprising the Netherlands’ MSI and DeTeCon of Germany) acquired a 35% stake in the firm from the Tanzanian government, taking over both the board and management at TTCL, but later pulled out. Two years ago, SaskTel received the nod for a three-year management contract covering the operation, maintenance and expansion of the incumbent’s network to improve its financial, commercial and technical performance. The deal was expected to run until July 2010 but SaskTel’s departure raises fresh questions over why a series of privatisation plans for TTCL have derailed.

    SaskTel has reportedly submitted a 45-day notice (ends 12 July) notifying its intention to pull out of the deal citing its inability to raise the funding necessary to transform the operator’s fortunes. It says it has failed to secure government guarantees for a USD1.5 million loan for TTCL, needed for various projects.

    Source: SaskTel pulls out of TTCL deal: CommsUpdate : TeleGeography Research
  2. Lole Gwakisa

    Lole Gwakisa JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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    I have quoted on some paragraphs of of your thred.
    SASKATEL had a developmental duty to improve TTCL.This has not happened over the years.
    The gravevine has it that these guys were pushing for a loan with Goverment guarantees that once secured would have been promptly sent back to Canada in the form of purchase of of services.Somebody saw the crack on the wall through which the loan would have dissapeared through, and had it promptly stopped.
    One wonders if at all SASKATEL was serious why then have Goverment guarantees-One would have expected that SASKATEL securing their own business guarantee on the venture.
  3. M

    Mtanzania JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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    Si watupatie Watanzania tuifufue hii kampuni? Kuna Watanzania wengi wenye uwezo wa kutosha kwenye telecom industry duniani kote. Tatizo serikali yetu inatafuta Wazungu.

    Tulisema sana kwamba hao SaskTel hawana lolote, wakapuuza sasa ndio kama tunarudi moja tena. Afadhali hata wangewaachia wale Wazalendo wenzetu ambao walianza kuifufua hii kampuni hata kama ilikuwa kwa kiwango kidogo.

    Inasikitisha sana!
  4. zacha

    zacha JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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    hawa sa hizi wanapotea, Jana internet imekata kama masaa 8 hivi, kupiga customer care akanijibu eti umeme umekatika thas ? net imekata so tusubiri umeme urudi ikiwa ni pamoja kuwaita mafundi waje, sasa ina maana kampuni kama hiyo itakosa generata la kuendesha hizo server zao!!!!!!!!! full bored
  5. Kapinga

    Kapinga JF-Expert Member

    Jul 6, 2009
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