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Saif al Islam aliwaita hawa thugs, kweli imedhihirika!

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Hofstede, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Hofstede JF-Expert Member

    Mar 4, 2012
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    Libyan authorities have apologised after video footage emerged showing graves of British servicemen being vandalised by armed men in Benghazi.
    According to reports, the militants - who were liberated last year from Colonel Gaddafi with help from UK forces - attacked more than 150 graves.

    The Libyan graves belong to British serviceman killed during the Second World War in North Africa.
    Headstones at the Benghazi war cemetery were pulled down and crucifixes destroyed.
    The attackers, who were carrying guns and wearing combat fatigues, posted the footage on the web.
    The Foreign Office says it believes the attack was carried out by a group of Salafist jihadists, a hardline branch of Islam, because Muslim graves were also desecrated.

    Its spokesman said officials from the Embassy in Tripoli immediately visited the sites and raised the issue with the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Benghazi Chief of Police.

    The Ambassador also voiced concerns with the Deputy Foreign Minister, the Minister of Interior and the offices of The National Transitional Council (NTC) Chairman Abdul Jalil and Prime Minister Abdel Rahim al Kib.
    Earlier it was believed that the attack, which is understood to have taken place last week, was in revenge for US soldiers accidentally burning copies of the Koran in Afghanistan .

    The NTC has issued an offical statement, apologising to all Christians and instructed police to make regular patrols to ensure no further attacks occur.
    "These actions are the personal actions of specific individuals and do not reflect the views of the National Transitional Council and are nothing to do with the Islamic Faith," the statement read.
    "We are Muslims, we know that our God created us from the earth and we will go back to the earth, so all souls belong to God.

    "Once again, we hope that the Christian community worldwide can accept our apology for what has happened."
    Libya is the resting place for many Commonwealth soldiers who died during intense campaigns against Rommel's German forces, including the famous Rats of Tobruk.

    Although freed from authoritarian control with the aid of Nato last year, the country is still struggling to adapt to democracy.

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    M-Joka JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    This is as the heading says it all and quoted " Insult to WWII servicemen graves of British troops" not "insult to christianity" and they are only about 150 of them. Even if what was insulted was the whole British nation, then it would be only about 150-200million people, and still not to "christianity" or even not all the Anglicans in the world. Videos, news, announcements everywhere to try to brainwash the mass and find the perpetrators and must be punished. Note that what they did was just to remove "permanent symbols of tombs and crucifixes" not digging out of the graves and removing the bodies/bones of dead burried there, No,!!! just the symbol stones and crucifixes as permanent symbols, which afterall islam does not approve anyway, and they were allowed as a matter of respect or, then, forced upon the muslims during colonisation, hence muslims did not have any power to oppose. Since the land therein is the land of the muslims, there is atleast justification to remove them. If Libyan leaders follow the Quran and sunna to enact laws, then the tombs and crucifixes (not the graves and deadbodies/bones) could have been removed justifiably although the christians would not have liked it.

    Compare this with the desecration of the Quran, the wholly scripture to all 1.5 to 2 billion Muslims worldwide, either be Sunni wal-Jamaa, Shia and any denomination, all draw their inspiration from and have their faith attached to Quran. But No videos, no pictures except if any are static pictures and there are no perpetrators to be punished!!! and no condemnations. Note: this is not the first time, and it is not only against islam, but also against the perperators' faith of christianity to do such a thing, unless some stupid christians in this forum tell us otherwise, anyone up there??!!!!!. But stil, there is no one to be punished, no videos, no repeating headlines, but alot of negative portrayal of those who demonstrate to condem such an act of desecration of Quran.

    What about urinating on the dead!!! where are the perpetrators?? Is there anything in the christianity or the Bibble to justify that??? where are the perpetrators? where are the news headlines, where are the condemnations around the world.

    Let us wait and see, but time is very near
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    TUJITEGEMEE JF-Expert Member

    Mar 5, 2012
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    Ilikuwa rahisi kuwatambua kuwa ni WAHUNI WA BENGHARZ kwa jinsi walivyokuwa wanaendesha harakati zao.