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Revolutions: What went wrong in the west?

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Nonda, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. N

    Nonda JF-Expert Member

    Mar 27, 2011
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    Revolutions: What went wrong in the west? The recent revolutions in the Arab world rewrites Western paradigms on the "Arab" and "Muslim" narratives.

    The lack of an Islamic takeover in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt has forced scholars and academics to rework their theories and acknowledge their deep-seated stereotypes on which they found their analyses

    Many have been watching the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya with astonishment, not just because they seem to be coming out of the blue, but also because they have been amazingly civil, peaceful, unpretentious, and transformative.

    There are still several other revolutions now in the making – the closest one to the finish line seems to be the Libyan uprising.

    The credit, of course, goes to the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and to whoever might ultimately follow; who knows who will be the next?

    Revolutions: What went wrong in the west? - Opinion - Al Jazeera English
  2. Susy

    Susy JF-Expert Member

    Mar 28, 2011
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    uamsho nyakati za mwisho ndio huu, waliokuwa wamelazwa usingizi sasa wameamka kwa nguvu mpya

    siku moja itafika Tanzania!!!
  3. Ruge Opinion

    Ruge Opinion JF-Expert Member

    Mar 28, 2011
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    Tunisia and Egypt were spontaneous revolutions. I have this nagging feeling that Libya and now Syria are not the same. They are instigated. A window of opportunity has been opened and has been quickly taken up by the big foxes. Remember the British 'diplomats' (complete with a team of commandos) who were detained at the start of the Libyan uprising? How did they get there so fast? What were they looking for?
  4. A

    Ahungu Member

    Mar 28, 2011
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    The West has never gone wrong so long as you understand their diplomacy. Because Americans and their partners have no permanent friends or enemies but have permanent interests. It is why they have treated Libya differently from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria. In Libya (see photos and video clips) you don't see a mass movement like was seen in Tunisia, Egypt or Yemen. They are called "rebels" not "revolutionaries" or "popular movement". Ask you self - who armed the so called rebels, including new combat uniforms? Why started at the peripheral (small cities/towns) rather than the capital cities (Tunis, Cairo or Sanaa)? Apart from the desert black gold - oil - the US is afraid that revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen which has removed their "puppets" may produce other "Gaddafis" in the region! So the original "Gaddafi" should be removed by all means before he contaminates the new "leaders" or rulers in Tunisia, Egypt, etc. Unfortunately Moslems (peace) have never imposed their beliefs by force and true believers will never do so. Almighty God -through the Koran has forbidden spreading Islam by force. Moslems are forced to fight for their rights, fight against injustices and oppression to all mankind not Moslems only. Remember: The popular uprising - in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and other countries in the regions started during Al Jummaa prayers- and they continued praying and chanting - Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar!- God is Great, God is Great! Have you seen such a thing in Libya? Ogopa sana ndugu yangu! More people are being killed by the NATO Forces bombings now than by Gaddafi bullets! Are they not Libyan citizens?