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Raila And The Deceptive Gentleman, Kibaki

Discussion in 'Kenyan News and Politics' started by Kenyan-Tanzanian, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Good thoughts indeed Ndugu Mzalendohalisi, good thoughts but save for a few facts that contradict your good view, especially when one reads your concern within the context of Kenya's recent political history.

    Point 1: The basis of gentlemanship or the practice of being a gentleman is keeping your word. In other words, ukimwambia mtu wewe ni gentleman unamaana kwamba tabia yako inaenda sambamba na hio kauli. Kibaki "looks" like a gentleman but looks are deceptive and this is known fact the worldover. It is for his deceptive "gentleman" looks that Kibaki was made the compromise candidate to defeat Moi and KANU in 2002. So deceptive was his "gentlemanship" that even when he was hospitalized in the UK at the very mid of the campaigns, the opposition led by Raila still convinced Kenyans not to vote for Kanu and Moi's choice successor Uhuru Kenyatta. The Raila team at that time told Kenyans that even with the captain out of the field, the team must win and it did win.

    Yet Kibaki betrayed the Raila team that had campaigned so hard for him when it came to honouring the vipengele of the document (MoU) that had bind them together against Moi. Instead of working on the Bomas Katiba in which Kenyans wantd devolution and the creation of a prime minister position to castrate the powerful presidential powers, Kibaki consolidated these presidential powers like Moi and Kenyatta whom he workd for in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. When the Raila group complained, they were marginalized, frustrated by fellow ministers close to the president who were nowhere in 2002 to campaign for Kibaki. Kibaki lost all the deceptive gentlemanship he is asscoiated with and assumed his true nature. He consolidated members of his ethnic group in powerful civil, executive and judiciary positions as a way of reinforcing his weak coalition-based government against internal opposition from the raila team which was crying foul. From a nationalist he became the exact opposite. Today his popularity lies only in the province wher he comes from.Indeed a child can be rejected everywhere but its mother can never deny it even when it deserves such denial.

    Point 2: President Kibaki's disrespect for Kenya's senstive tribal mathematics where all communities through their leaders want to enjoy the fruits from the defeat of KANU, is his biggest weakness. And this, muulize Mkenya yeyote, is a weakness he will pay for dearly by entering the annals of history as the first East African president to ever defend his sit and lose. His selfishness yakuidharau ile gentleman's memorandum of understanding (MOU) that had brought the opposition victory against Moi ati simply because haikuwaimetiwa saini kisheria kwa hiyo hangeweza kupelekwa mahakamani. Now when a gentleman cannot keep a gentleman's agreement with his colleagues why should he continue being called a gentleman? Or is it because he looks like one?

    Between 2002 and 2005, Kibaki's selfishness ushered in the season of political wrangles in the victorious National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) Party that slowed government business, pissed of Kenyans, and made Moi to look as if he was right. The quarells divided the party as one group became that of Kibaki and his tribesmates whom he had brought closer to himself and given them powerful positions in the Executive and Judiciary. The other group who were the true soldiers on the ground in 2007 Elections led by Raila Odinga were frustrated in their Ministeries by their peers in the Kibaki kitchen cabinet. At certain points the Raila group even raised questions as to why the president was sacrificing the hard earned unity that Kenyans had found in opposing Moi at the altar of ethnicity but their cries were in vain. Instead they were accused of rocking the government from within. Inawezekana wapi, hata ndani ya Bibilia eti uwe Msamaria mwema umuokea msafiri alijeruhiwa vibaya kisha akipata nafuu akukandamize?

    Point 3: As a result of his negative politics of ethnicity that has seen one tribe (read his tribe) take Lion's share in all forms of appointments starting from the Civil Service to the Executive. The negative ethnicity that we had kind off buried in the elections of 2007 as we opposed Moi and his project uhuru the son of Kenyatta, was ressurrected again by Kibaki to serve his antinationalist and narrow political vision. You are aware that in Kenya, we have been trying to write a totally new consitution away from the one we inherited from the British. Millions of dollars have been spent, people's time and energy, opinions have been collected and all these surprisingly was done under Moi's dictatorship. When Kibaki took over power 90% of the new consitution (called the Bomas Draft) was already in place and thats why he promised that Kenya will have a new constituition after 100 days of his coming to power. Lakini because of President Kibaki's negative politics disguised with the so-called economic growth (ntarejea kwa hilo later), Kibaki and his cronies mutilated this people's draft and inserted some vipengele eti ili kuchek akina Raila! Now swali ni: katiba ni ya Kenya au ni ya kabila fulani na viongozi wake wakorofi?

    We are lucky to have Raila. Together with his able team, he campaigned across the country and because Kenyans even in the village are very much politicized, they knew he was right about the mutilations in their draft by a certain community and certain members of its leaders. They rejected the new Kibaki-sponsored draft (Kilifi Draft) of the Katiba overwhelmingly. Mikoa saba kati ya nane zilisema NO to the Kibaki Katiba na ilikuwa mkoa mmoja tu (atokako) ndio ulisema YES. Raila akapata ushindi mkubwa 2005 na ikabainika wazi kwamba yeye ndiye sauti ya waKenya waliowengi, wananchi wa kawaida na sio mabepari wa mkoa fulani. Kwa hiyo amepata umaarufu kihistoria jameni na sio tu kwa kiini macho. Kura za maoni zimekuwazikifanywa nchi mzima na kampuni tano tofauti za hapa nchini, za EAC, AU na EU na zote zimeonyesha kwa miezi miwili sasa kwamba Raila anaongoza kwa asili mia 51-53, na ni maarufu kwa mikoa yote saba iliyokataa Katiba Kibaki. Kibaki anaongoza kwa mkoa atokako tu, na ni ile Mkoa anaotoka Uhuru mwanawe Kenyatta ambaye katuweka aibu kwa kuwa Kiongozi wa Upinzani wa Kwanza Duniani kumuunga Rais wa serekali tawala mkono awanie kiti tena ilhali kikatiba hii ni kosa. Obvious waKenya wajua anamuunga Kibaki kwa sababu gani.

    Point 4: Raila si mgeni kwaWakenya unavyosema Ndugu. Unakosea ukisema ni kama the Angel you dont know na Kibaki ni the devil we know so afaa Kibaki. NO. Raila ndiye aliwezakuivunja uti wa mgongo wa chama cha Moi KANU, na kuimaliza kabisa kwa kuwa kama kinyonga kuungana na Moi halafu kutoroka na mawaziri hadi Upinzani uchaguzi ulipowadia 2002. Bila yeye, Uhuru angekuwa leo Rais wa 3 waKenya. Raila anapendwa sio kwasababu amejenga hili au amepitisha lile serekalini. Anapendwa kwasbabu watu wana imani na yeye. Amewin nyoyo za waKenya wa kabila nyingi zikiwemo hata zile zilizokuwa adui au hasimu wa waJaluo atokako Raila. Leo hii kabila zote isipokua wakikuyu na binamu zao wanaoishi karibu na Mlima Kenya zipo ndani ya chama cha Raila, ODM. Waluhya, Wajaluo, waKalenjin, waSomali, waMaasai na waSwahili ambao ndio kabila sita kubwa Kenya mbali na waKikuyu zote zimo ODM. Na ujuavyo kura ni namba. Raila atapita kwa hisani ya viongozi wa jamii hizi ambao ndio Kibaki aliwadharau na kuwafukuza kwenye wizaera walizowakilisha bila kuwa na hekima ya kisiasa kwamba atawahitaji kwenye uchaguzi wa mwaka huu.

    Point 5: The constitution is the basis of all forms of development within any nation. Without its constitution, USA will be probably contrary to what it is today. The quest for new constitutions in DRC and SA also attest to this basic point. In order to redress the inequalities that bedevil Kenya, a new constitutional dispensation is urgently needed. The basic thread that ties all the Kenyan tribes is their commitment to the ethics of hard work. We do not need free and diluted education in Kenya. What we need is an improved purchasing power to be able to buy quality education. This is the ODM messege and the Raila vision for Kenya is for that of a prosperous nation that can afford its basic and secondary needs. Not a begging nation that always looks up to the serikali with the "tunaiomba serekali this, tunaiomba serikali that" mentality but one that can PAY for its lifestyle. There is no dignity in free things that is why many empathize with a beggar's situation on the streets of our cities but also look down upon the same beggars.
    The unitary system of government in Kenya that we have had since independce is good. But it has been abused by self-centred people who exploit the proximity of their community to the capital city and other social dynamics to milk resources from other regions of the country without ploughing back the profits to these regions. What does Kericho in Southern Kenya have to show for its vast fields of tea? What does Coast province have to show for its world renown international tourism? Now, they have discovered traces of oil in the Northern arid lands and we know that under the centralised unitary system of government which is prone to abuse it is Nairobi and its environs, including the home province of the incumbent that will continue to blossom competing with capital cities of middle economy European nations.

    The devolution agenda is not Raila's. It is the wish of the majority of the Kenyan people. It is what they told the Ghai Commission that came up with the Bomas Draft after deep and expansive consultation. Let the regions regulate their own resources and let the central government be a mediator of such regulations. It has worked in Nigeria, SA, India, and Brazil in the developing countries. It is the model of US, Japan and Germany. We have tailored our own and all this is enshrined in the popular Bomas Katiba draft that the Kibaki regime mutilated and made Kenyans vote against it in the historic 2005 National Referendum. The Raila team is only saying that it will resurrect the true or original Bomas Draft and ensure that it becomes the working constitution of the Republic of Kenya. Seven provinces of the Republic should be allowed to free themselves from the manacles of one province and thereby enabling Kenya to leap into its own dream, what Raila calls the Kenyan Dream.

    Conclusion: We are not ready to vote for a President for the second term simply because we want to be consistent with History in the sense that no E.A. President has ever occupied one term in office. We in Kenya have finally learnt you do not vote for a leader who SHOWS you how "new things" such as economic growth CAN fast be achieved. You vote for that leader who TELLS you that "old things" such as economic equity MUST be achieved first.

    Voting like learning is normally based on punishment and reward.

    You do what is right and you are rewarded even sometimes a statue is erected in your honour somewhere in the city. Children learn about you in books and generations talk about you with awe in future.

    You do what is wrong and you are punished with a humiliating election defeat (like the one Kibaki faced in 2005 and will face this year). We do not need percentage economic growth that even our stateless eastern neighbour, Somalia, can achieve were it not for external forces at play. What we need is leadership and that is what most Kenyans believe Raila has earned at last.


    NB: For a general view of the policies the ODM stands for: view the following websites:

    a) Raila's www.raila07.com

    b) Raila's running mate Mudavadi's www.mudavadiforkenya.com
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Kenyan- Tanzanian,
    Shukrani- your response is so detailed and interesting on 5 points above! A few observations!

    1. Remember one key important thing- despite all the blames against Kibaki- Kenya has remained stable and attracted a lot of FDI and invested in other EA during Kibaki era! Is this not a credit to Kibaki? Why not give him another chance to complete his mission? Kenya is still an economic hub of EA and SA with large GDP than any other country in SSA other than South Africa and Nigeria.

    2. In co-operation with Tz and Ug- he has invested a lot of energy to see that EA region is closer today than ether- EA co-operation is seen actually as a model in Africa compared to other regional bodies- why not give this gentleman another chance to consolidate and finish EA integration mission?

    3. Raila is ok as a young man- full of energy-the problem he wanted a higher position like VP and later to be nominated for presidency! When he noted things were not moving on his favour- he started criticising Kibaki -openly! Is this fair? I said Kibaki is a gentleman - see for example how he tolerated Ngilu and other Ministers for so long for sake of Kenyan unity!
    My argument is- we don’t have an angle in Kenya- Kibaki is not one. Give him another chance and this time he will deliver!

    After all it seems many Kenyans still have faith with Kibaki- those you see in Raila rallies are 'mere vibaka' who actually do not vote! In Tz Mbowe of Chadema during campaigns 2005 used a helicopter which attracted many people in rural areas! People came to rallies ‘kushangaa’ helicopter and never actually concentrated on Mbowe policies! You know the outcome? Mbowe then got less than 10% of votes while JK got 80%!

    We give Kibaki one last chance for Unity, Peace, Harmony and Stability of Kenya!
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Kenya has remained stable on what sense? Mungiki is the order of the day. Kenyans have never experienced beheadings in the entire life. Its the first time in Kenya that we are experiencing Kenyans being killed by Marauding gangs sponsored by Ministers and Mps allied in Kibakis government. Mt Elgon is a no area. people are being killed in Sondu and Sotik border. While Kibaki hears no evil, sees no evil and says no evil.

    Kibaki has done nothing to bring the harmony in EA. Kenya is now viewed more suspiciously than any other time by all the EA countries except Rwanda and Burundi which are still infant members. We have had museveni dressing down Kenyan companies and government for various reason including and not limited to bereacracy and non trade barriers at Mombassa port in regard to clearing of UG goods, KQ's inhuman treatment of Ugandans and the general feeling that Kenyans will take Tz jobs. Kenyans are potrayed in varous opinion polls as more enthusiastic about EA political and labour union than others and Kibaki has sat on the job and not marketed Kenya enough to the residents of EA. Tanzania is complaining about allegations that Kenya is marketing Kilimanjaro and Ol donyo as its own. What did Kibaki 's administration do to reverse those allegations? What did he do to reverse thefact that Kenya is now exporting crime to Tanzania, Uganda and even DRC and Sudan. Kibaki is just a lazy president.

    Kibaki is not a gentleman. A gentleman doesnt reject his wife and Kid in public. A gentleman doesnt use his harlot to import mercenaries to intimidate Kenyans. A gentleman doesnt doesnt raid Tv and Radio stations. Kenyans tolerated Kibaki. Kibaki didnt tolerate anybody. His henchmen Killed Odhiambo Mbai, his henchmen made sure that the man who campaigned single handedly for him was never accepted in the cabinet. Raila was denied funds to implement road constructions which the cabinet approved. raila's idea of wiping the slum out of Kibera and making house projects which for the low income earners who live in Kibera was thwarted by Kibaki removing the housing docket from raila's ministry and giving it to Kimunya. That made Kimunya not implement the Kibera housing schemes. Raila's idea of using concrete to build Kenyan roads was thwarted by Kibaki. The cowboy contractors bhave been the order of the day. Kirinyaga construction is one example of cowboy contractor which was blacklisted by raila but was later accepted by Kibaki because of kickbacks he was giving the goverment. A gentleman doesnt anglo-fleece his country.

    Dont make stupid allegations. Who are the vibakas in Raila rallies? 'Vibakas' could have 'bakad' everybody when Raila was launching his campaigns in Nairobi last month. You have very limited knowledge of Kenyan politics and its your undoing. Please do some research. Kibaki must baki because amebakiza Kenya Nyuma. At independence Kenya was at par with Asian 'tigers' i.e. malaysia, South Korea and Singapore. Kenya cannot now be put anywhere near those countries. Just beacause of the people who have really messed Kenya. Kibaki has perfected ethnic tension and cronism which was initiated by Moi and Kenyatta.

    Kibaki is just a drunk over 70 years old who has no place in Kenyan politics. Kwanza he conned Kenyans of the presidency. He was not elected to kill the MOU. He said the MOU was just a piece of paper. Does he know that even the bible is 'just a piece of paper'?, the constitutions is 'just a piece of paper'?, the Quran is 'just a pice of mpaper'? Lets respect the 'pieces of papers'.

    he couldnt respect the piece of paper which is his marriage certificate with Wambui. How does he expect to uphold the constitution? Shame on Kibaki and Mzalendo usio halisi, search yourself and look if you know anything about Kibaki.
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    Kenyan-Tanzanian and Alai,

    1. Kwanza nawashukuru kwa michango yenu! My contribution relates to supporting Kibaki- the other side of the coin! It is fair enough to evaluate Kibaki both on positive and negative aspects a president! You seem to be so much biased to Raila! Kama ukisoma in between lines- you both seem against Kibaki, so my position is intended to weigh the balance!

    I don't believe Kibaki ni mtu mbaya kisi hicho- you know Kenyan politics can be very dirty!

    Again there is no guarantee that Raila will change Kenya for better or worse- this is politics! Remember high expectations in Malawi after Banda and Zambia after Kaunda- have things in the two countries changed for worse or better?

    2. Over Mungiki- crime is not only unique to Kenya- see what is happening in SA- do we blame Kibaki for Mungiki? Is Kibaki satisfied with Mungiki activities? I don't think so! Over imported crime in Tz- should we blame Mbeki for increased crimes in Maputo?

    My point is tumpe tena Kibaki second term- just like other leaders in the region! Raila in 2012 naye apewe 2 terms! Why did Moi rule over 20 years- Kibaki is mere 5 years- tayari mmeshamchoka?

    Well, we are just making arguments kama ndugu! Raila naye ni ndugu yetu! I will also request you to discuss Kibaki also on the positive aspects he has done to Kenyans since 2002!
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    Please dont shukuru. We dont think that your shukrani is doing any good. You are trying to blind us and lead us into temptations. Kibaki has no positives. he is talking of free primary education. What was the cost of primary education before it became 'free'? Can we stop being naive? It costs negligible sum and now it is much more expensive through increased taxation. Imagine Unga wa ugali was Ksh 36. Now its ksh 70. blue band was 37 now its 82. what a shame. Economy has grown only to the rich. Increased money laundering at NSE is not economic growth.

    There is no balance is a tilted administration. Kibaki is a drunk thief in power and that is what he should be called. he must never be let to kill the spirit of Kenyans.

    you are not forced to believe anything. there is no dirty politics. And kenyan politics is not the dirtiest politics. Tanzanian politics is not clean with the ushirikina and corruption now involved. Dont stereotype. Face the facts. Lets talk about a drunk Kibaki and a sobe people's president (Raila).

    There is no guarantee that Raila will change. Thats just your opinion. There is a guarantee which Kenyans have been given by Raila and his pentagon team. Did Kenyans have the guarantee that Kibaki mwill deliver in 2002? Kibaki promised Kenyans in 2002 that he will rule for only 5 years and then retire. Kibaki is a conman who cant stand by his word. he is very slippery and will play daft when faced with the ills of his administration. Have you heard him comment about the Mungiki? never. Because they are Kikuyus whom he is a chauvinistic supporter of.

    Yes crime is not unique to Kenya. But should it or must it be high in Kenya just because its "happening in SA". please dont be fooled. Beheadings is unique to Kenyans in Africa. It had never happened before. We used to hear of it only happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Columbia. Not Kenya. but now people fear venturing in the night because Kibaki cannot guarantee Kenyans security. what a shame.

    My point is Kibaki deserve no second time. Infact Kibaki never deserved to be Kenyan president. thats why Raila had to apologise to Kenyans for saying "Kibaki Tosha". Now we are telling Kibaki to Toka. he must leave because he has made the country look like its owned by GEMA tribal grouping.
    Kibaki sio ndugu yetu. Ndugu yako hawezi kukuona unakatwa shingo asiongelee. Ashindwe na afe na njaa.
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    Nov 4, 2007
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    New polls show mixed fortunes for candidates

    Sun, November 04, 2007
    Last updated: Sun, Nov 04, 2007 00:17 AM (EAT)
    The opinion polls were a mixed bag again this week. One showed President Kibaki of the Party of National Unity (PNU) and ODM's Raila Odinga in a statistical dead heat in one extreme. Another gave Mr Odinga a 19-point lead in the other extreme.

    But the familiar pattern is repeated with Mr Odinga leading, followed by President Kibaki with ODM-K's Mr Kalonzo Musyoka third.

    The percentage margins are 51-32-12 (Infotrak Harris), 50-35-14 (Strategic Public Relations and Research) and 41-40-14 (Consumer Insight).

    The one per cent margin between the President and Mr Odinga registered by Consumer Insight is the tightest margin recorded in any poll since the surveys began six weeks ago.

    Another consistent pattern is the very wide disparities between the findings of Strategic Research and Infotrak Harris on the one hand, and those of Consumer Insight on the other.

    This is curious, considering the sampling indicated by all three pollsters is not very dissimilar.

    The 19-point difference between Mr Odinga and Mr Kibaki polled by Infotrak Harris and the one percentage point recorded by Consumer Insight is strangely wide, given that all pollsters were asking the same question.

    Equally interesting disparities are registered in the findings from various districts registered by Strategic Research and Consumer Insight.

    For instance, according to Consumer Insight, Mr Odinga's numbers are insignificant in West Pokot, yet he scores quite highly in other districts of the Rift Valley.

    What is also not quite clear is why Mr Odinga would underperform in Kericho District with 42 per cent yet suddenly overwhelm everybody else with 92 per cent in the neighbouring Bureti, which is demographically similar to the other district.

    In another Meru Central District, Infotrak Harris reports that President Kibaki had the support of slightly over half (52 per cent) of those interviewed, followed by Mr Odinga (32 per cent) and Mr Musyoka (13 per cent) with three per cent yet to make up their minds on whom they would back.

    Nationmedia.com Premium Content





    Strategic PR








    Consumer Insight




    · Click on table to download full reports of the three opinion polls

    Same district

    Having polled the same district, Consumer Insight reports that 94 per cent of those it interviewed supported President Kibaki, four per cent backed Mr Odinga and two per cent supported Mr Musyoka. None was undecided.

    The overall trend is that there are no radical shifts. The exception is with the Consumer Insight poll, where the gap has closed dramatically. Otherwise the other two polls don't indicate any significant improvement in President Kibaki's fortunes, or that of Mr Musyoka.

    If anything, they show a slight dipping in Mr Odinga's numbers.