President Kikwete Affirms Non-Interference with PCCB Operations in Fight Against Corruption


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Feb 11, 2007
...Mkuu, umesahau kauli yako,"Mwacheni mzee wetu astaafu kwa amani." pamoja na kuwa kuna kashfa nzito dhidi yake?

JK: Don`t interfere with PCCB

2007-10-15 10:49:24
By Adam Ihucha, Arusha

President Jakaya Kikwete said yesterday he had neither interfered with PCCB operations nor set boundaries in its comprehensive battle against corruption.

``They are at liberty to investigate and arrest anybody. If they don`t, then it will be their own weakness. I have nothing to do with that,`` Kikwete said.

"I am the most powerful individual in this country. If I have never interfered with PCCB operations, then who has the audacity to interrupt their work?" the President asked.

President Kikwete was gracing the climax of the Freedom Torch race which completed its final round for 2007 in Arusha.

He said grand corruption was the biggest nightmare haunting the country at the moment.

"For PCCB to be more vigorous in curbing both grand and petty corruption, we have asked the UK and American governments to train our people to fight the vices," he said.

Kikwete said the new PCCB structure empowered it to tackle bribery, but the agency`s efforts were hampered by lack of qualified staff and insufficient funding.

Meanwhile, President Kikwete left yesterday for Italy, in response to an official invitation extended by Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

The President will also attend World Food Day celebrations organized by FAO.

On October 19, President Kikwete will meet Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. This will be the President's first meeting with the pope since he assumed power.

While in Italy, President Kikwete will be the chief guest of an inter-faith conference organized by the Sant`Egidio Community in Naples. The meeting will be attended by major world religious leaders, including Pope Benedict XVI.

From Rome, the President will fly to Paris to attend the 34 General Meeting of UNESCO. He will return home on October 24.

SOURCE: Guardian
mbona tuu kuwa chini ya ofisi yake ni kuinyima nguvu PCCB na kuifanya ifanye kazi chini ya mwavuli wa rais ndiye mwamuzi wa mwisho kwenye issue yoyote
I think there is no connectivity between mind and mouth. when he speaks he dont keep in mind for future use. Lazima kauli zikinzane na siwezi kumlaumu tena bse is his becoming his usual now.
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