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Sep 8, 2011


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One of the children's home in Tanzania has been sending their children to study in the Uk for the last three years. The social welfare in the area was in favour of this although they did have some problems with the idea that some of these children are going there without any secondary education. To be honest not having secondary education has not been a problem as some of their young people went to the Uk with only STD seven education and did really well in their studies. Also the chnace of studying there is provided now and can't wait for tomorrow, and anyway secondary education in Tanzania is not a problem as they can do it anytime when they finish their studies as secondary education will always be there. another thing is when these young people come to the Uk, they don't only go to college but they do have some extra lessons to help with their secondary education, e.g. Maths, science, English, etc.

Unfortunately this year the orpange was about to send three of their older gir;s to study in the Uk, but they required a letter from the social welfare, but surprisingly the social welfare was against the idea. it is so depressing to hear these social welfare people stopping these young people to get an education just because of the secondary education in Tanzania. it is not that when these children are not treated well or given proper education in the Uk, infact they are better of stuying in the uk, as the school they attend lacks so much in terms of education.

Also bringing these young people to the Uk, is not to benefit English people, but it is for the benefit of Tanzania. This is because some of the young people who went to the Uk in 2007, 2008 and 2009 are noe back in Tanzania working as teachers. Why are being so ignorant people? I don't really understand why they wold do this to these poor people.

Plesae I need some ideas, as I don't understand why this is happening. Do you think that the sendary education in Tanzania is better than the education provided in the Uk? These children need something better for their future. Plesae tell me if I'm wrong here.

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