Omega Security na Shoprite hawako makini


Feb 6, 2008
Wana JF someni usumbufu huu wa hali ya juu kwa wateja wote wanaonunua bidhaa zao pale Shoprite-Kamata.

Beware Shoppers shopping at Shoprite - Kamata Branch

I am a regular shopper shopping at various supermarkets and chains of
stores on weekends with my family. On 29th June 2008 I went for shopping
at Shoprite which is next to kamata (on Pugu road) parking my vehicle in
the shoprite compound as I normally do outside all supermarkets and
reputable stores; I went in for shopping. at 3:45pm knowing the fact
that at 4pm they close the supermarket. On my way out I read a sign
saying that all purchases above Tshs 20,000/- qualify for a free 1.5
litre of Dasani water and I got my free bottle from their duty manager
Ms. Zakia.

Coming out of the supermarket I noticed that my vehicle Vitara's doors
were open and all power windows from all the doors stolen including a
jack and central locking system was tempered. Before I explain further
be informed that:-

1) As it was a Sunday and the closing hours were approaching closer
there were only about 4 cars parked outside when I entered the

2) When I came out there were 2 cars including mine

I called the watchman on duty and he was trying to ignore the matter and
push it away by saying that they are not there for our vehicles security
but only for securing Shoprite. I called the management and called a
police defender which came and the conclusion made was that either
shoprite or the Security company to compensate me. The managers Mr.
Suleiman Sadik and Ms Zakia were both present when this issue happened.
I was told to wait as the Boss of Omega Security would soon come and
sort it out with me. I waited with my family for about an hour and half
until Mr. Gideon of Omega Security came and all he did was he looked at
the car and talked to his watchmen. Assuring me that something positive
would turn out the next day, he told me to go as it being Sunday and
closing hours were approaching nothing could have been done.

The most astonishing thing is that I went in the supermarket and come
out in about 20 minutes time. Some one coming into the shoprite compound
opening the drivers side doors and then the rest 3 doors in order to
pull out the power window system and also carrying a jack from under the
driver seat and yet not getting noticed by Omega watchmen. I feel it's
an organized and planned theft. How can a thief know that a vitara has
just parked the shoprite premises shortly? Or How can he access to get
into the compound if not by the gates? How can he open the vehicle in
such a short time and run away with 4 power windows and jack and not get
noticed as 4 power windows and jack are bulky.

I then went to Gerezani Police Post and reported a statement (reference
- GPP/RB/562/08) after doing so I left for home.

Mr. Gideon of Omega Security had committed on Monday 30th June 2008 to
see me at 10am at shoprite kamata for sorting out the issue and
compensation. I reached there at 10am but he wasn't there. After a
couple of calls he told me that he would visit my office located in
kariakoo at 12pm the same day. He came at 12.30 pm and he said that
their company can not compensate anything of such kind to any customers.
Which means that he was talking in favour of his watchman who are either
negligent or are allies of the theft and know that their bosses will
assist them in all mishaps. I told Mr. Gideon by doing such things you
are encouraging your watchman to be more careless and maybe they know,
inform and organize such theft from customer vehicles.
I then took some cops with reference of My RB and went to Shoprite again
whereby I met Mr. Gideon readily available to vouch for his watchmen.
Just imagine such a big chain of supermarket and a multinational company
having such cheap and irresponsible company as their security guards.
Mr. Gideon told the cops that the watchman is on duty and shall go
tomorrow to police station for answering queries.
If shoprite or the ATMS located in the premises had thefts would it be
the same issue or the watchmen would be arrested immediately for
questioning? Or because I am merely a customer and I am fighting for my
rights that's why I am facing this?

The question here is not of the loss of goods worth of Tshs 200,000/-.
Here the question is how one is treated in such organisations when you
open your mouth to demand your rights.

When I was with the cops and Mr. Gideon of Omega Security couple of
other people came there and mentioned similar incidents transpired with
them at the same location. And they were told the Owner park their
vehicles at their own risk. One of the ladies asked "When we see your
watchmen we know our vehicles are safe and secured" And she was replied
by Mr. Gideon that the security guards there are for getting vehicles
parked orderly and not for security of customer or customer vehicles.

I am ready to volunteer and paint Shoprite walls saying "SECURITY NOT

I will email this fact to all people that I know so that the know their
rights when the shop at Shoprite Supermarkets.

A frustrated customer

Muslim Bharwani

Kindly forward this email to all your friends and relatives in tanzania
so that they dont face the same problems as I did.
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