Nigeria Kupitia Upya Mikataba Ya Uchimbaji Mafuta

Mtoto wa Mkulima

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Apr 12, 2007
Serikali ya Nigeria inampango wa kuipitia upya na kuirekebisha mikataba yote ya uchimbaji wa mafuta kwaajili ya masilahi ya pande zote mbili. Nadhani move kama hii ingefanyika kwa Tanzania hasa secta ya madini. Habari zaidi ni kutoka BBC.
Nigeria eyes review of oil deals

Nigeria is the fifth-largest supplier of crude oil to the US
Nigeria's top energy adviser, Rilwanu Lukman, has said deals with foreign companies to extract Nigerian oil should be reviewed.
Nigeria produces billions of dollars worth of crude oil every year in partnership with Western companies such as Mobil and Shell.

Mr Lukman said he wanted to improve the conditions of oil deals to be even more mutually beneficial to both sides.

Nigeria is Africa's top oil exporter and a key supplier of crude to the US.

Speaking to reporters in Abuja, Mr Lukman did not name specific companies.

"We have to look at what is on [the] ground now and see which way we can improve the conditions so that our relationship will be even more beneficial to both sides," he said.

"We may have to reconsider some of our generous terms in order to ensure we are getting the best value."

Despite Nigeria's vast oil exports, few of its people have access to clean water or electricity.

The Niger Delta region has a history of disputes between oil companies and communities who have for years demanded a greater share of the wealth.

Nigeria ambao wamemaliza kulipa madeni yao hivi sasa wanavalia njuga mikataba. BRAVO kwa hatua hiyo ili ineemeshe Nigerians na sio haya makampuni makubwa pekee.

Kazi ya Niger delta inaanza kuonekana.
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