Near - Death experiences evidence

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Jan 13, 2023
Near Death Experience are reported by about 17% of those who nearly die, have been reported by children, adults, scientists, physicians, priest, ministers, and atheists throughout the world.

There are some features observed in near Death experiences including :
  • A perception of seeing and hearing a part from the physical body.
  • Passing into or through a tunnel.
  • Encountering and mystical lights.
  • Intense and generally positive emotions.
  • Review of a part or all of their prior life experiences.
  • Encountering deceased loved ones and a choice to return to their earthly life.
Line of Evidence #1
Martha, a 5-year - old blind girl who walked into the lake.


Line of Evidence #2

Occurred under general anesthesia during surgery for the heart valve replacement.


Line of Evidence #3

Another example of Near death experience.


Source, documentary after death, the handbook of near death experience, Sabom, my. Recollection of death.
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