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Muziki wa Hip Hop bongo umetokea mbali-Tujikumbushe kidogo

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Mwakalinga Y. R, Jun 11, 2012.

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    This page gives an overview of some of the founding crews that have played their part from the early 90's up to 1999. Elsewhere on this site we have more recent info and there are several special pages on artists from Tanzania (see the Tanzania main menu).

    Tanzanian crews - an overview A-Z

    Afro Reign
    Members: Bonny Harmony, Nature P, Dray, J.D.

    Nature P, a.k.a. Sebastian Muganga has his own daily radio show "Deiwaka" at Uhuru FM, promoting local artists to the fullest (and he's one of the few dj's in town to do so!). In the past he used to do the daily Dj show at Radio One. They recorded a few tracks in 1996 and 1997 with producer P-Funk, nice flows over a great jazz-inspred beat. Now the individual members seem all busy.

    Bantu Pound
    Members: Nigger Pure, Kassie, Soggy Doggy
    Albums: Ilala (98)

    Original crew of Soggy Doggy, who has also released solo albums and continued working as a dj for Times FM, then Radio Free Africa in Mwanza; and Caz-T whose solo album dropped in May 2002. They were also affiliated with Mack-D.

    Members: Ally, Hamdani
    Albums: Swahili Rap Zanzibar (96)

    [​IMG]This is the first group of Cool Para who formed Da Struggling Islanders afterwards, before continuing solo. They recorded a few songs in 1996, using instrumentals like Mc Lyte's and California Love. The result was put on tape and distributed locally in Zanzibar. Cool Para still occasionally uses the name 'Boombastic Sound' for his mobile sound system which can be hired for weddings ('rusha roho') and birthdays.

    Bugsy Malone
    Tracks: Keep it tight, Utaona (1998)

    Very gifted young mc who on being interviewed by South African television was mistaken for an American rapper. However his lyrical content is strictly his own and he used to run with the Kwanza Unit Foundation before moving to the States, where he kept on rhyming and recorded a solo album in 2002.

    The Clouds
    Members: Sindilla, Othman Jaidi & others
    Albums: Msela (95)

    The Clouds are well remembered for their hit 'Msela' which was the first ever production from Mawingu (Clouds) studio, and one of the first Swahili rap tracks to hit the charts. The track was so popular that 'msela' is still part of popular expression in Swahili. Many of the Clouds group members are now working with Clouds FM radio station (this includes OJ and producer Bonnie Luv). Clouds itself still engages in fresh productions like this one, where popular artists are brough together.

    Members: Abdul, Hakim
    Albums: Mabishoo (93)

    [​IMG]In the early 90's, the Mabishoo tape was widely available in Tanzania and so it has contributed largely to today's rap styles. Swahili lyrics over ragga instrumentals such as 'Tingaling' by Shabba Ranks, mixed live at Fuji disco in Zanzibar, this classic tape has a live feel.
    Hakim went solo later on and dropped the album 'Kim Pekee' ('Kim on his own') with strictly local distribution. Then he stopped rapping for some time, but recently he felt like making a come-back in ragga when Ally Cool Para approached him for the use of his lyrics on a new track fusing taarab and rap called 'Nayaweza', so who knows... At the time of writing Abdul had gone to live abroad.

    Cool James (R.I.P.)
    Members: solo
    Albums: Zooming you (95), Soft like a pillow (97), Bi Harusi (1998), Sukuma Land (2000)

    [​IMG]Cool James sadly passed away in a car accident in Dar es Salaam in 2002, in the mid of a career move that promised greater success in Tanzania.
    James, nicknamed 'Mtoto wa Dandu', first got professionally involved in music while living in Sweden, made some money from selling a lot of records with his Euro-house style singles under the name of 'Cool James & Black Teacher'. Then he came back home (his origins are in Mwanza), recording r&b flavored songs. However he even did a rumba kind of album which really was a fusion of ndombolo (Zairean) style with modern dance music and scored a big hit in Kenya with his remake of the evergreen Sina Makosa. Initially he was not really in the local hip hop scene, more on his own thing, but in the months before his death he had become very active in organizing his Tanzanian Music Awards and recording an album at Master Jay's studio.

    Members: Dola, Saigon, Stigo, Trip Dogg
    Albums: Are you down with the DPT (96), Tha De-Plow-MaTZ (97)

    [​IMG]In the mid-90's Saigon and Stigo teamed up with Dola Soul who had just come back from living in Lagos (Nigeria) where he grew up. They started recording and after a few singles they went into the studio with P-Funk and Master Jay, this resulted in the De-Plow-Matz album. Their style and topics were refreshing, and a new audience was addressed. With Saigon leaving for UK in 1999 and Dola getting onto his solo carreer, the crew sort of fell apart without officially disbanding. In 2002 Saigon returned to Tanzania, meeting up with Trip Dog and Dola for a possible come-back.

    Dola Soul
    Solo emcee
    Albums: Balozi wenu (1999), Ubalozini (2002)

    After most of Deplowmatz left Dar es Salaam to study upcountry or abroad, Dola Soul was left to protect the flag. He set up a succesful solo carreer and has been an example to many younger emcees. Being very serious about improving the state of music business in Dar, he went to seek more fair deals between distributors, studio people and emcees. A first result was his album Balozi wenu which sold well, and which he promoted himself. Dola Soul also worked together with Mr II whom he joined on tour all over Tanzania.

    [I]Members: solo

    Solo artist with a few English language tracks on his name. He did a cameo on a track by Unique Sisters in 1998. Has been busy with his studies, but still doing rap.

    [B]Ebony Moalim
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Never gonna change feeling (96)

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-ebony.jpg[/IMG]Graphic designer, rapper, singer and organizer of fashion shows in Dar city. The first album featured one Swahili track. There's been a second release after his debut, not a full album yet and we didn't get to hear it. He did his own album sleeve design, some posters for Mawingu disco and other emcees' artwork.

    [B]Five Toilers
    [I]Members: Brathe 1, Mr White, Cholo B, MC S, Big H

    One of the 'new school' groups of Zanzibar, sadly this second generation (1995-2000) has also given up rap, while a third generation has started to rhyme again.
    While at school, in their free time the 5 Toilers used to stay outside in Zanzibar town rapping, all five of them. They did some recordings and then the master tape got lost - a misfortune which happens too often. Also did a track with the five members of Struggling Islanders, now that's a posse track clocking ten minutes.

    [B]Flavour Dogz
    [I]Members: Crazy, Izzack Dog, Spac Dog, Jocob, Yzee

    From the Arusha school of rappers, this posse included the Hardcore Unity (HU), infamous for their 'HU' shouts. Rap si mchezo (Rap is not a game!) is what they were all about. Yzee was also good at ragga toasting, even in Jamaican Patois (his father was from Jamaica). They also had a 13 year old mc of Indian parents and spent time practicing at Arusha's Mawingu Club, or Crystal Club on sunday afternoons.

    [B]Foolz Skool
    [I]Members: Harris Naught Wailer, Solid G, Solo K
    Albums: Down with Foolz Skool

    Young crew of three who recorded a 90 minute tape full of tracks in the late 90's including some recordings with Master Jay at his studio in Oyster Bay.

    [B]4 Krewz Flava [I]Members: Moss, Paul, Makey, Klo

    Tanzania's first major r&b group, too bad they split up. Known to some as 'Boyz II Men wa Tanzania', they did a lot of concerts in Dar and went on tour to Arusha in 97. Paul went solo and had a hit with his 'Njoo mpenzi' featuring producer/mc Paul 'Halfani', and after that got a deal with Clouds who put out his solo album and lots of singles and features on other emcees' albums. Musa got to work with ITV and in 2002 he started doing music videos for local rap and r&b artists.

    [B]Gangsters With Matatizo (G.W.M.)
    [I]Members: D Chief, Easy Dope, KR

    One of the most well-respected crews from the new school which came up around 1997. They were instantly known all over Tanzania for their lyrical genius, first seeing the light in radio hits like 'Cheza mbali na kasheshe' ('stay out of trouble') and other songs which showcased a high degree of urban slang. Their first album should have been out at that time, but due to business deals gone sour it only came out in 2000, a bit after the buzz. KR has since also joined the group Wachuja Nafaka.

    [B]Gangwe Mobb
    [I]Members: Inspector Haruna, Lutenant Kalamah
    Album: Simulizi la ufasaha (2001)

    Popular group from Temeke (a residential area in Dar es Salaam) which comes from the same school of rap as GWM. They first got recognition with the getto vocabulary of 'Ngangari', a single released in 2000. The next single 'Mtoto wa geti kali' ensured their continued fame, and the long awaited album dropped at the end of 2001, while their 'Gangwe Night' of 23 December became one of the most discussed events in recent Tanzanian hiphop history. Check out their website at[URL="http://www.gangwemobb.com/"]www.Gangwemobb.com[/URL]

    [B]G'S Mobb

    Two girls singing and rapping and some male members, this was the predecessor to Unique Sisters. Party tracks like 'End of the week': 'We gotta get going, cause it's friday night'.

    [B]Halfani (P-Funk)
    Most known for his productions (see Tanzanian producers section) but he's also dropped a few lyrics, first with his crew 'No name', and in 1999 recorded the track 'Au siyo' with Kalamashaka (Kenya) and Saigon. Back in the days he was notorious for his freestyles when drunk.

    [I]Members: Crazy One, KC 1, Trigger F, Tuff Jam, Luni T Albums: Mambo ya Mjini (94), Blast Nuff (97), Funga kazi (2000)

    This is one of the longest standing Tanzanian groups, from their first release 'Ni Hard Blasters' they have ruled the airwaves. A long silence was broken in 2000 with the hugely succesful track 'Chemsha Bongo' and the album that came with it. This new style was much imitated but not really surpassed by any emcee. The new rapper in the group 'Nigga' Jay (now known as Profesa Jay), responsible for the most popular tracks on the album, went on solo in 2001.

    [B]Hardcore Unit (HU) This crew is among the top groups in Arusha. Their 'Rap si mchezo' ('rap is not a game'), recorded live in Mawingu disco (1998) is one powerful rap with its shouts of 'HUUUU' (short for Hardcore Unit) that made the recorder distort.

    [B]Immeditation Kingdom (I.K.)
    [I]Members: Killa B, Kon B, Doobie-M, Double M
    Albums: Kimara (97)


    Killa B goes way back to the first 'Yo Rap Bonanza' rap competitions of the early nineties. Their English language raps go deep. Experience pays off! The 3 track demo that we got hold of was produced at Soundcrafters studio in Temeke. It includes the songs 'Maapu' and 'Kimara flavor', the latter represents their neighbourhood. They are into rastafarianism.

    [B]Jontwa Jokeri
    [I]Albums: Ragga Mchicha (95)

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-joker.jpg[/IMG]Unique style raggamuffin artist from Mwanza, dope delivery over hardcore bubbling and ragga tracks playedback from scratchy 12 inches. His album was sponsored by Kuleana street children project. Used to rap with Niggaz With Power. Apparently he's in Dar es Salaam now.

    [B]Jungle Crewz Posse
    [I]Members: Bantoo G-Bro, Bantoo Ren, Bantoo Ciptak
    Albums: Bantuwibak (95)

    Despite all the 'Bantoo' stuff, this Dar crew has English lyrics as well. A home-made video could be seen on ITV a few times. G-Bro was last seen in Namibia.

    [B]Kamakazi Soldiers
    [I]Albums: Run Tingz & Dedicated

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-pfunk.gif[/IMG]The youngest rappers on earth? 7 Years of age, they sounded fierce in 'Simama Kaa'. Production by Paul P-Funk. Their group is no longer as one of them travelled to the USA.

    [B]Kim Pekee
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Kim Pekee Rap

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-pekee.gif[/IMG]Another old school Zanzibari rapper who put his tape out locally. Unfortunately the recording quality is strictly local as well. He was also with Contish (the 'Mabishoo' tape), and is in Dar es Salaam these days.

    [B]Kwanza Unit
    [I]Members: Rhymson, D-Rob, KBC, Fresh G, Eazy B, Y-Thang
    Albums: Tucheze (94), Tropical Tekniqs (95), Kwanzanians (99)

    Kwanza Unit is the longest standing rap group in Tanzania. They were around in the early 90's, before any tapes were released and when the Yo Rap Bonanza competitions were just kicking off. KU was also early to rhyme in Swahili, and in 1993 we got hold of a newspaper announcing the release of their first tape. Unfortunately the distribution of that effort wasn't very good and few copies were spread, however the tracks on that tape got played a lot on national radio, 'Amani' is still well remembered as well as several other songs. Second effort 'Tropical Tekniqs' was laid down in Soundcrafters studio, and again it didn't get a proper release. By that time KU were well known within hip hop circles for their energetic performances and simply because the KU foundation - a kidn of extended family - grew larger and larger. Eazy-B got ill and had to stop performing with KU. Their third album recording 'Kwanzanians' was done under the new and improved studio circumstances of Jay and Paul's studios, and featured production which at the time was no less than groundbreaking. 'Msafiri', the single from that album made it to the top of the charts with its sampling of an old Swahili song by the same name. Some older people considered the use of the Msafiri guitar as theft, but many more people -hip hop heads and others alike- loved the tune and it was one of the most popular of 1999. Shortly after, group leader Rhymson left for Canada where he is still living with his wife. KU released Kwanzanians on cd but it wasn't too well advertized, and lacked tape distribution which could have lifted it to major sales. Internationally the album was available through our site for a while. Member Ksingo left for America to study, and Fresh G was also not around, which left most work to D-Rob and the KU foundation members such as Bugsy Malone and KRV. Unexpectedly, D-Rob got seriously ill in early 2001, was hospitalized and died shortly after. According to Rhymson, the KU thought is still alive and most people affilliated are still involved in music, including Rhymson doing solo rhymes and home-produced beats, Ksingo and Bugsy recording with American crews, Rhymson's cousin Suda Soldier dropping solo singles every once in a while, and reportedly Eazy B is cured and back into rhyming.

    [B]Mac Mooger
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Afrika isidumishwe

    Always solo, he's been busy with three cassettes in stores since 1995. Lately Mac lived in Nairobi where he planned to put his songs on cd. A 1996 video clip and the 2nd album featured Ziggy from X Plastaz (Arusha).

    [B]Makoya Man
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums:Buzi (97),

    Some may say that Pemba Islanders don't know what's happening in the world but for sure the world knows about this ragga rapper from Pemba. His song 'Buzi' was a big hit in 1997. It talks about women 'scraping off' husband's skin as if he were a goat. 'Watch out, she only wants you for your money'. People named their roadside stores after this song. Afterwards, Makoya went to South Africa to record a mini album including the song 'Tuma nikutume' which got some airplay in 2000.

    [B]Mr. Ebbo
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Dunya (96), Fahari yako (2002)

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-ebbo.gif[/IMG]Mr Ebbo started out in Arusha doing ragga rhymes. After putting out two cassettes which got distributed locally, he switched to r&b, one of his songs even got covered on some American compilation tape. After moving to Tanga with his family he moved out of rap for a while, and came back in 2002 with a new approach, dressing like a Maasai and rhyming with a Maasai accent. The funny hit song 'Mimi Mmaasai' discusses life in town from the eyes of an ignorant Maasai warrior who has a different look on the luxury lifestyle that some people rate so high.

    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Ni Mimi (95), Ndani ya Bongo (96), Niite mr II (97), Nje ya Bongo (1999), Millennia (2000), Muziki na Maisha (2001), Itikadi (2002)


    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-2p1.jpg[/IMG]Solo artist 2 Proud or Mr II is the face of Swahili rap. From Dar es Salaam to the smallest inland village, everybody seems to know him, his lyrics and even what he looks like. His conscious lyrics refer to street life, the everyday life in Tanzania, politics and more common he does a lot of bragging. Deservedly that is, since he's the only Tanzanian rapper who is able to make a living from his music. The first also to go abroad on a tour to Holland in early 98, Mr II was responsible for giving local rap some international recognition. He was also down with Deplowmatz, mostly Dola Soul who came to join him on most tours within TZ and abroad. In 2002 Mr II decided to quit making music and concentrate on other ways to support the local industry.

    [B]Niggaz With Power (N.W.P.)

    Apparently there are two groups by this name. The other is from Mwanza and featured Jontwa Jokeri. At least this group has a tape out, using 1995 instrumentals from KRS-1 and others. [B]O.C.G. [I]Members: solo OCG used to be with the X Plastaz crew from Arusha. Since he is now staying in Dar es Salaam he went solo. His style is very similar to that of XP's but he took the act of one emcee with two voices (a low one and a high-pitched voice) one step further. [B]Proud Niggaz [I]Members: Stoppa Rhymes, Lucargo, Kriss G, Eazy J, KB-La

    Arusha in the house! Their influences include Junior Mafia, Dr Dre, Bustarhymes, Onyx, NBN, Lost Boyz and Tupac.

    [B]Ras Pompidou

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/raspompy.jpg[/IMG]A ragga artist who used to perform with live instruments. He did an album which (like most Dar es Salaam recordings) was never commercially available. He fights for the rights of the have-nots.

    [B]Rough Niggaz
    [I]Albums: Maisha (96)

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-nigaz.jpg[/IMG]Group from Tanga who got airplay with their 'Hakuna kama mama' which was a Swahili version of 2Pac's 'Dear Mama'. They can be seen performing an anti-drugs song in a Tanzanian ninja movie called 'Unga Adui' which is out on video tape and deals with a cocaine gang vs the police, Pulp Fiction style.

    [B]Saleh J
    [I]Members: solo
    Albums: Swahili Rap - Ice Ice Baby (91)


    Classic stuff, this tape which really is American songs translated to Kiswahili. Saleh was the first (1991) to do an album of Swahili Rap. Ever heard 'Ice Ice Baby' in Swahili? Probably one of the last strictly party albums in Tanzania, as lately conscious lyrics have taken over. Check out our exclusive interview here to read about his history and come-back plans.

    [I]Members: solo
    Sos-B entered the local top 10 with his 'Kukuru kakara zako' and some hits after that. Recent work includes 'Saturday' and 3 other tracks recorded using instrumentals by producer Master Jay. He went to Moscow for his studies, but he's in Tanzania again, working as a radio dj for Radio One. Read a massive interview with Sos, by Dola Soul.

    [B]The Struggling Islanders
    [I]Members: Cool Musa, SJ, Cool Para Albums: Zanzibar Swahili Rap Vol. 1 (98)


    The first Zanzibar group to have a video shown on TVZ. They came together in 97, with two female and three male rappers. A song about child abuse in Tanzania (rapped over Nas' 'If I ruled the world' beat) , got them well known locally. AA Cool Para (Ally), formerly with Boombastic, is a dj at various spots, at this time for Bwawani FM club. He's the cousin of Dola (Deplowmatz). Early 1998, two members left. The other three won a rap competition which was to take them to Oman for a performance, but unfortunately the money (or tickets) never came - another case of promoters whose mouth is bigger than their pockets?. They have recorded a second album in 1999 and 2000 for Madunia music, and Cool Para featured in the video documentary 'Hali Halisi'.

    [B]Ugly Face
    [I]Members: Mack, Daz, Rich

    Read more about Ugly Face in an update by Dola Soul.

    [B]Underground Souls
    [I]Members: Abbas Maunda, Baraka Kongwa, Steven Mbowe

    Underground crew who are well respected by true heads. They used to prefer rappin in English but recently changed their policy. Abbas used to live in England for years, now he's back in Dar and trying to get that first album done. Read more about them in a short update. They got a track played on Radio One in 1998, produced by Master Jay.

    [B]Weusi Wagumu Asilia (W.W.A.)
    [I]Albums: Sauti ya wagumu (95)

    [IMG]http://www.africanhiphop.com/archive/crew/photos/tanzania/k7-wwa.jpg[/IMG]First TZ rap group to record an album in a real studio. The beats suck, we can say now. Their lyrical skills are still appreciated though. This is where we got the name 'RUMBA-KALI' from: it's the name of one of the tracks. To listen to that track, go to the Rumba-Radio section (Show #2: Tanzanian hip hop).

    [B]X Plastaz
    Members: Rough-Nell, Zig-Lah, G-Son


    The Arusha hip hop heads have rated this group high. Their homestead Mawingu Club Arusha has enjoyed an XPs performance every now & then. The X Plastaz (Rough-Nell and Zig-Lah) and G-Son work in a hair saloon. G-son used to perform solo and he won the Mr Retro Arusha competition at Mawingu Club in 1997 with his afro and dressed in seventies style.

    More recently they have been experimenting with Maasai music, were joined by a true Maasai singer, and recorded a single and the album 'Ushanta' up for release in 2002. Also check out their website [URL="http://www.xplastaz.com/"]www.Xplastaz.com[/URL] for the latest news

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    Hapa Old Skool tu ndo tunaweza kuchangia, wengine wote wamekimbia! Umenikumbusha kina Jontwa Jokeri, Sos B na jembe lao Saleh Jabri - hasa ule mstari wa "...naruka kama ninja natua kama ndege airport...ice ice baby ice ice baby...ndi ndi ndi ndiiiiii..."

    Sio kina bong falva wa siku hizi!
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    "ngoma hii ya hatari inafanya watu wawe deadly..."
    Kuna ngoma ya jamaa walikuwa wanaitwa WWA-Weusi Wagumu Asilia ilikuwa inaitwa "Ni nani kama mama" waliitoa miaka ya 1994/95
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    Du! Huyu Jontwa si wa Mwanza alikuwa na jamaa yake mmoja marehemu saizi Temineta X pamoja na Venture...ha ha haaa nakumbuka Dar walikuwepo kina K.R GANGWE, Prof J na mob yake.
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    Mkuu umefanya bonge la compilation hili. BIG UP
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    hata cc madogo tunajifunza hongera mkuu
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    mike mhagama ni mmoja wa waasisi wa bopngo flava soma alichokiandika......
    (Pichani: Marehemu Cool James (James Dandu) akiwa nami baada ya kumtambulisha kwa mara ya kwanza nchini Tanzania ndani ya bwawa la kuogelea la Kilimanjaro Hotel.Dandu aliimba kwa mara ya kwanza kwenye onesho hilo.)


    Moja kati ya mambo niyapendayo mno maishani ni muziki.Nimekuwa mfuatiliaji mzuri sana wa muziki si tu ule wa nje lakini kwa karibu ule wa nyumbani hasa muziki wa dansi na ule wenye umaarufu sana hivi sasa ujulikanao kama Bongo Flava (Muziki wa Kizazi Kipya).Katika mapenzi hayo imekuwa kama bahati kuwa mmoja wa vijana wengi tuliobahatika kuuona muziki huu wa kizazi kipya ukizaliwa na pengine bahati zaidi bila kusita kusema;kuwa mmoja kati ya wale tulioanzisha kusukuma gurudumu la muziki huu kufikia hapa ulipo na nafasi yake kutambulika si tu Afrika Mashariki bali pia kwa sasa duniani kwa ujumla.

    Kama ilivyo kwa aina zingine za muziki Tanzania,mfano muziki wa dansi basi utakuwa mkosefu wa fadhila bila kujumuisha majina kama Patrick Balisidya,Mbaraka Mwaruka Mwinshehe,Salum Abdalah na hata Remmy Ongara.Hawa ni vinara na walifanya kila wawezalo kuja na ubunifu si tu kuvutia wateja wao bali kuutangaza muziki wao ndani na nje ya nchi na kuipa Tanzania kitambulisho chake kwenye jukwaa la sanaa ya muziki.Kazi za wanamuziki hawa zilifana sana kwa ushirikiano mkubwa na chombo ambacho kwa Tanzania ni muhimu sana katika kueneza au kutambulisha kitu kipya,RADIO.Watangazaji kama Mzee Ibrahim Chimgege,Enock Ngombale,Timothy Pata,Abisai Stephen,Seif Salum Nkamba na Julius Nyaisangah chini ya ma-bwana mitambo mahiri kama akina James Mhilu na Crispin Lugongo wanastahili pongezi kwa kiasi kikubwa katika kurekodi na kusimamia mitambo wakati wanamuziki hawa wakitafuta majina na namna ya kujitambulisha kwa jamii itakayosikiliza muziki wao.Bahati mbaya huwasikii sana watu hawa katika zinazoitwa historia kwa sababu wengi ni rahisi kuwasahau lakini mchango wao ni mkubwa sana na unastahili heshima hasa unapoandika au kuizungumzia historia ya muziki wa dansi Tanzania.

    Nimetoa mfano wa hali halisi kwa ufupi kuhusu muziki wa dansi ili kukupa nafasi ya kujua kwa undani kile ambacho kinakweza kichwa cha habari hapo juu.Nia yangu hasa ni kuandika yale niliyoyaona na uzoefu wangu katika muziki huu wa sasa maarufu kama Bongo Flava.Muziki huu umeshika kasi na unapendwa sana hivi sasa kila kona.Ni faraja kuona hata wale walio ughaibuni siku hizi si ajabu kumkuta mtu ana albamu jpya la mwanamuziki wa Bongo Flava akiicheza ndani ya nyumba yake au garini kwa fahari.Inafurahisha kuona mapenzi kwa muziki huu yamekuwa makubwa na hilo ndilo lengo kuu.

    Pamoja na yote haya,kama ilivyo kwa kila jambo ni vyema historia yake ikawa nyoofu na si kama ilivyo sasa ambavyo imekuwa ikipindishwa pindishwa mno,sijui kama ni kwa makusudi au kwa wengi kutojua harakati na wanaharakati walioufikisha muziki huu hapa ulipo.Kwa kuandika kwa usahihi yale yaliojiri juu ya chimbuko la muziki huu tutakuwa tunawatunzia wanetu na wengineo haki ya kuuelewa na kuutukuza zaidi muziki huu na msimamo wake katika jamii ya leo na ijayo.Shukrani labda nizitoe kwa Kaka Bonny Makene na Uncle michuzi kwa kunisukuma kujaribu kuandika nikijuacho juu ya muziki huu.

    Kama nilivyododosa hapo juu kuhusu muziki wa dansi basi sasa niingie kwenye muziki huu wa kizazi kipya.Muziki huu ni ule ambao unajumuisha mitindo mbali mbali ambayo zamani tulizoea kuona ikipigwa na watu wa nje ya Tanzania kuanzia Hip Hop,R&B,Zouk na hata Soul.

    Katika Hip Hop ya Tanzania pia utakosa fadhila kama hutotaja vijana wa mwanzo kabisa ambao kuanzia mivao yao na kufoka foka kwao kulikuwa ni burudani na ushawishi tosha kwa watu kuanza kudadisi kuhusu maana halisi ya utamaduni huu hasa Tanzania.Kwa wakati huo ilionekana kama uhuni tena wa kupita kiasi.Nitawataja wachache ninaowakumbuka ambao kila kukicha ukigongana nao kwenye Night Clubs,Samora Avenue pale Salamander basi ulikuwa unachoka mwenyewe.Nakumbuka vijana kama John Simple,Dj Rusual,The BIG One,Babu Manju,David Nhigula,Abdulhakim Magomelo,Kessy,Ibony Moalim,Tom London,OPP (now Jay P) na Dj Ngomeley.

    Tukiendelea hao niliowataja hapo juu walikuwa chachu katika uvaaji wa kihip-hop na katika kughani na sijui kama kuna mtu atasahau watu kama Fresh XE Mtui,BBG (alianza na Mr II),Adili kumbuka,KBC (Mbeya Tech),Saleh Jabir,Samia X,THE BIG,Rhymson,2Proud.Deplowmatz na wengineo wengi ambao walikuwepo na wakighani katka school parties au matamasha ya mtaani kabla hata ya kurekodi nyimbo zao studio.

    Kwa mara ya kwanza pia promoters kama Joe Kusaga na Abdul hakim Magomelo walionekana kutobaki nyuma katika ukuzaji wa sanaa hii ambapo waliandaa matamasha mbali kama Yo! Rap Bonanza na Coco beach Bottle Parties kwa ajili ya kuwapa nafasi wale wenye uwezo wa kughani.Matokeo yake yalikuwa ya kufurahisha kwani kila mmoja alikuwa na shauku ya kuingia katika gemu.

    Kwa vile sio watu wote walikuwa na uwezo wa kughani lakini pia kulikuwa na wale wenye kuimba kama wanamuziki wengi wa Marekani kwa kupitia matamasha mbali mbali kwenye Jumba la utamaduni la Urusi,Korea na mengineyo yalikuwa yakiandaliwa hasa na wanafunzi wa shule mbali mbali za sekondari jijini kama Forodhani pia matamasha yaliyokuwa yakifanyika kando kando ya ufukwe ambako wengi wenye kutaka kuimba walijitokeza.Hapa tunakumbuka kundi kama la Mawingu na mwana dada Pamela,mwanadada Stara Thomas na Judith Wambura ambao uwezo wake wa kughani na kuimba kama Mc Lyte ulimpa tafu hasa alipofanya hivyo kwa mara ya kwanza ndani ya kipindi cha DJ show ya Radio One,shukrani kwa Ipyana Malecela Mkwavi (RIP) kwa zawadi ya LP yenye instrumental (ala) tupu aliyonipatia kama zawadi aliporudi toka UK kwani instrumental ya single "Keep,Keeping on" ndiyo iliyomtambusliha Jay Dee wa leo Radioni kwa mara ya kwanza japokuwa kabla ya hapo alikuwa mwimbaji wa kwaya kanisani lakini mweye kusita kuingia kwenye muziki wa kidunia.Pia Kundi la R&B lililojulikana kama Four Krewz Flava pia Herbert Makange ambaye pia alikuwa akiimba.

    Naweza nikawa nimesahahu majina machache hapo juu lakini kwa ufupi hao ni baadhi ya watu wa mwanzo kabisa kuuingiza masikioni mwa jamii muziki wa kizazi kipya pengine hata kabla ya chombo kilichoipaisha juu zaidi..RADIO.Na ninaposema Radio simaanishi Radio nyengine bali Radio One Stereo kama Radio pekee yenye kujivunia juu ya ukuaji wa muziki huu wa kizazi kipya kufikia hapa ulipo.

    Lakini uko nako hakukuwa na mteremko,mambo yalikuwa mengi na mazito mpaka muziki kujipenyeza na kukubalika.Je nini kilichochea mapambano ya kuuchomeka muziki huu Radioni na kuupa nafasi ya kupigwa sambamba aina zingine za muziki kama ule wa dansi nk? nani alihusika katika harakati hizo na nini kilifuata? ugumu huo ulitokana na nini?
  10. Yo Yo

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    [h=3]SEHEMU YA PILI.[/h]
    (Hili ni kava la albamu mojawapo na za mwanzo kabisa kutolewa na mwanamuziki wa kizazi kipya Tanzania Ibony Moalim,Albamu inaitwa Never Gonna Change Feelin')


    Mpaka kufikia mwishoni mwa mwaka 1994 kituo cha Radio kilikuwa kimoja tu kinachomilikiwa na serikali na wanamuziki wengi wa awali Tanzania walitambulika kutokana na nyimbo zao kupigwa katika kituo hicho hasa kwenye vipindi mbali mbali hasa kipindi maarufu cha kilabu Raha Leo Show.Japokuwa hakukuwa na mfumo maalumu wa mahojiano na wanamuziki ndani ya Radio Tanzania lakini kipindi hiki kilionekana kumaliza karibu kila kitu katika utambulishi wao jkwaani na mpaka jina la mpiga ala au sauti wanazoimba kutoka safu ya mbele,kati hata nyuma.Mara nyingi onesho hili lilikuwa likifanyika LIVE.

    Wanamuziki ninaowazungumzia ambao walipewa nafasi kwenye kipindi kama hiki ni wale waliokuwa wakipiga muziki wa dansi na pengine taarabu na kwaya japo hawa hawakuwa na nafasi sana wakati huo.

    Mara baada ya serikali kulegeza masharti kidogo kwenye soko huria,hatimaye watu binafsi waliruhusiwa kuanzisha Radio binafsi na kwa kuanzia walipewa masafa mafupi kwanza kwa sababu za kiusalama na kupima uwezo wa kumiliki na kuendesha chombo hiki muhimu.

    Moja kati ya Radio hizo za mwanzo kuanzishwa ni Radio One Stereo iliyokuwa ikipatikana katika Megahartz 99.6 FM na kuanzishwa kwa kituo hiki ama kwa hakika ilikuwa ni mwisho wa ukiritimba na ushindani ulianza rasmi.Baadhi ya watangazaji waanzilishi ambao waliombwa na mmiliki ambaye ni Mwenyekiti Mtendaji wa IPP Mzee Reginald Abraham Mengi ni Mikidadi Mahamoud ambaye alikuwa Mkurugenzi wa Vipindi na Utangazaji,Charles Hillary aliyekuwa Mtayarishaji Mkuu wa vipindi na baadaye Mratibu wa kituo na Julius Nyaisangah aliyesimamia vipindi vya burudani na usomaji habari.Hawa wote walitokea Radio Tanzania Dar Es salaam.

    Mchango wao kwa watangazaji chipukizi ni mkubwa na haupimiki kwa wale ambao walipitia mikononi mwa hawa wakongwe bila shaka watakubaliana nami.Walihimiza kufanya kazi kitaaluma ,walitoa mafunzo na nidhamu ya hali ya juu tuwapo kazini juu ya utangazaji.Hakika walifunguaa ukurasa mpya kwenye kitabu cha utangazaji Tanzania.

    Darasa la kwanza kuajiriwa mwaka 1994 lilikuwa na chipukizi kama Taji "Master T" Liundi,Deo "Best Friend" Mshigeni,Flora Nducha na Runkim Ramadhani Nyamka.Kila mtu alipewa angle/nafasi yake ya kujidai na kipindi anachoweza kumudu.Mfano Taji Liundi alikuwa katika vipindi vya muziki vyenye kutoa maudhui na elimu juu ya mitindo mbali mbali ya muziki na fashion,Taji alikuwa ni mchambuzi.Runkim "Zipompapompa" Nyamka yeye alikuwa mcheza muziki DJ fundi na alikabidhiwa vipindi vile vya ufundi wa kuchanganya muziki na mara nyingi wakati wa Weekend.

    Radio lianza kukua kwa kasi huku Radio zingine zikianzishwa kukuza ushindani.Hivyo kituo kilihitaji darasa lingine kupambana na ushindani huo na darasa hilo lilikuja mwaka 1995 likinijumuisha mimi,Sunday Shomari na Peace Kwiyamba.Binafsi nilipewa jukumu la kusaidiana na Taji Liundi katika uchambuzi ndani ya vipindi mbali mbali,Sunday Simba Shomari alishirikiana na karibu kila kipindi kuleta mchangayiko na Peace alishirikiana kwa karibu na Deo "Best Friend" Mshigeni katika vipindi vya salamu na muziki wa taratibu.

    Lakini mbali ya vipindi vya burudani uongozi wetu hapo baadaye uliona ni vyema baadhi yetu tukasoma taarifa za habari na kuripoti kupitia vipindi vya Current Affairs kama Nipashe n.k.Peace Kwiyamba na miye tulibahatika kuingia katika upande mwingine wa kituo na kuwa wasomaji kamili wa taarifa ya habari na maripota.Tulipata mafunzo yetu pale Radio Tanzania Dar Es Salaam chini ya wakufunzi kutoka chuo kikuu cha Whitwatersand kilichopo Afrika kusini.Mafunzo haya yalidhaminiwa na serikali kwa pamoja na mfuko wa Ebert Stiftung nchini Tanzania.

    Taji "Master T" Liundi alikuwa ni kivutio cha aina yake si tu kwa uwezo wake wa kuchambua mambo mbali mbali,bali pia kwa mahojiano yenye ukina na wanamuziki mbali mbali,uwezo wake wa kuongea lugha zaidi ya tatu na kwa ubunifu.Ikumbukwe yeye ndiye mwanzilishi wa neno "Chombeza",neno alilolibuni kumaanisha kubembelezana kiaina kati ya wapendanao hasa nyakati za usiku alipokuwa akipiga kipindi maalumu cha nyimbo za taratibu.Neno hili sasa ni maarufu sana huko Tanzania.

    Master T pia alikuwa na ushawishi mkubwa sana hasa kwa vijana ambao wengi walikuwa ni wasikilizaji wa vipindi alivyokuwa akiviendesha Radio One.Aliwalenga pia vijana waliokuwa na mwelekeo wa kuingia katika muziki wa kizazi kipya na hakusita kujitolea kuwashauri kwa ukaribu na hata kujichukulia muda wake wa ziada kushiriki kwenye mazoezi na wakati mwingine hata kuwalipia sehemu hizo za mazoezi.Kwa vile sasa tulikuwa timu moja Taji alinishirikisha sana katika mambo mbali mbali yahusuyo kazi na hata nje ya kazi.Tulikuwa bega kwa bega kwenye matamasha mbali mbali yaliyokuwa yakiandaliwa na vikundi vya utamaduni vya shule mbali mbali za sekondari jijini.

    Kwa ukaribu huu mkubwa kati yangu na Taji nia hasa ilikuwa ni kubadilisha mtazamo wa muziki Tanzania kwani mpaka wakati huo ni nyimbo za Marekani na nchi zingine za Afrika ndizo zilizokuwa zikichukua nafasi katika Radio One's Top Ten,Chaguo la msikilizaji na DJ Show vipindi ambavyo vilikuwa ni jahazi na vilibeba sura ya kituo.Vipindi hivi tuliviendesha kwa umahiri mkubwa huku tukipokezana na mwenzangu Master T.

    Mabadiliko haya tuliyokuwa tukiyalenga ni yalikuwa hasa ni kujaribu kuupa nafasi muziki wetu hasa ule wa kizazi kipya katika show kubwa nilizozitaja hapo juu,lakini piajitihada zetu hazikuwa na mteremko hata kidogo bali vikwazo pia,vikwazo hivyo vilimweka Taji katika wakati mgumu zaidi na kufanya ajiulize mara mbili mbili kwamba yuko kwenye Radio yenye mabadiliko kwa manufaa ya nani zaidi kama si kizazi kipya?

    Nitatoa aina mbili ya vikwazo tulivyokumbana navyo kati ya vingi ambavyo havikutaka kutoa nafasi kwa wanamuziki wetu wa kizazi kipya kuutangaza muziki wao.Na vikwazo hivi zilifanya yeyote aliyetaka kwenda kinyume aidha kupoteza kazi,kusimamishwa kazi au kupewa onyo kali kwa maandishi.

    Mosi: Kutokana na mpangilio wa vipindi na kwa matakwa ya watayarishaji wakuu ilikuwa ni marufuku kupiga muziki wa ndani ya Tanzania zaidi ya ule wa dansi bila muziki huo kusikilizwa na mmoja kati ya watayarishaji na kuukubali.Zaidi ya hapo ni ruksa kupiga muziki wowote kutoka Afrika au Marekani mradi tu uwe ni clean version (toleo lisilo na lugha chafu).

    Na Pili: Si ruksa kufanya mahojiano na mwanamuziki wa kizazi kipya au asiyefahamika bila mwanamuziki huyo kufanyiwa usaili na watayarishaji (nikiwa na maana wakongwe) niliowataja hapo juu.

    Hayo ni machache tu,lakini yalituweka katika wakati mgumu sana.Kitu kimoja tulikubaliana na watayarishaji ni suala la kutopiga muziki weneye matusi na sote tulilipinga hilo lakini kwa haya mengineyo hatukuwa katika level sawa.Wengi tulionelea kuwa pengine tunarudishwa enzi ya Radio Tanzania bila kujua na tulipanga kupigania hilo kwa nguvu zote.

    Mimi na Taji tulipata barua kadhaa za onyo na hata kuhamishwa vipindi wakati fulani.Lakini hilo halikutuzuia kuongea kwa sauti juu ya kile tulichoona si haki.Tulitaka uhuru zaidi kwenye vipindi tulivyokuwa tukiendesha ili kipindi maarufu kama Top Ten yetu ipambwe na muziki wa kizazi kipya na mchanganyiko wa miziki ya aina zingine.Hiyo ilikuwa ni ndoto yetu kila kukicha.

    Kwa jitihada hizi za kupigania muziki huu wa kizazi kipya uende hewani sambamba na aina zingine za muziki bila ukiritimba au masharti uituweka katika nafasi mbaya kiasi sio kazini tu bali hata mitaani ambako baadhi walituona kama tunaiga sana u-Marekani na kwamba kwa kutaka kupiga nyimbo kama hizi za kizazi kipya basi sisi ni wahuni tu na labda lengo letu kuu lilikuwa ni kutaka kuwafurahisha watu wa makundi yetu tu,kwa mtazamo wao watu wa makazi ya hali ya juu kama Oysterbay,Masaki n.k bila kujua binafsi nilikuwa nikiishi (Mbagala Kwa Makuka) mbali kabisa na maeneo wanayoyasema.Lakini lengo letu lilikuwa ni kutenda haki kwa kila mwanamuziki hata kama wa kizazi kipya bila kujali wasifu wa wanakotokea.Japokuwa mwanzo wao ulikuwa mgumu kwani mashairi katika nyimbo zao yalikuwa lege lege na kutokana na ufinyu wa viwango vya studio wakati huo midundo/mipigo ndani ya miziki yao ilionekana kutokuwa na mpangilio,lakini tulihoji kwa nini wasipewe nafasi tu kwanza halafu tuone jamii itawapokea vipi? ilikuwa si sahihi kukataa kuiga nyimbo zao na kufanaisha viwango vya urekodi na vile vya wanamuziki wengine wa kimataifa ambao nyimbo zao mpaka zilikuwa zikichosha.

    Mambo yalikuwa magumu na yasiyotabirika kutokana na harakati hizi.Hatimaye Master T aliondoka Radio One na kwenda jijini Mwanza ambako Radio (Radio Free Africa) nyingine ilikuwa ikianzishwa.

    Baada ya Master T kuondoka nilikabidhiwa vipindi vitatu mfululizo (DJ Show,Chaguo La Msikilizaji,na Top Ten) kuviendesha,kati ya hivyo DJ Show ilikuwa weekdays na vingine weekly,ilikuwa mshtuko na kwa kweli kazi ngumu lakini kwa vile nilipenda na bado naipenda sana kazi ya utangazaji sikusita kuendeleza kasi ile ile aliyoiacha Taji japokuwa siwezi kusema kuwa pengo lake lilizibika.Lakini tulikuwa bado tukibadilishana mawazo kila mara tukiongea kwenye simu akiwa Mwanza.Moja kati ya msisitizo katika kila mazungumzo yetu ilikuwa ni kukaza uzi na kamwe kutotetereka na yeye akianzisha mzimamo kama aliouacha huko Mwanza.

    Mambo yalianza kubadilika na nadhani kwa sababu ya wakati pia.Makundi tuliyokuwa tukiyapigania ni makundi mawili makubwa na haya ni makundi ya mwanzo kabisa katika muziki wa kizazi kipya Tanzania ukiachilia mbali wale waliokuwa wakighani au kuimba bila kurekodi.

    Kulikuwa na makundi ya Hip Hop kama Fresh XE Mtui,Kwanza Unit,Deplowmatz,Hard Blasters,Gangstar With Matatizo,Wagumu Weusi Asilia,Young Da' Mob,II Proud,Saleh Jabir,Samia X,Bugz Malone,Sos B,Afro Reign na flava kama za akina Mohd Momella,4Kruz Flava,Stara Thomas, Pamela na Mawingu Band,Connie Francis,Jungle Crewz Posse,Kamakazi Soldiers(6-7 years old kids),Mac Mooger,E-Attack,Afro Reign (chini ya Seba Maganga),Bantu Pound,Hardcore Unit/immeditation Kingdom nk.

    Pia kulikuwa na makundi ya Reagge kama Inno Nganyagwa,Pompidou,Kimbuteh & Roots Band,Justin Kalikawe,Innocent Galinoma (USA),Jontwa Jokeri,Makoya Man na wengineo.

    Tusahahu kuwa hata muziki wa dansi uliingia katika kizazi kipya kwa kasi tofauti kabisa na kubadili mtazamo wa bendi kama Msondo na Sikinde.Nazungumzia band ya Diamond Sound,wana ikibinda Nkoi chini ya Eliston Angai.

    Wakati pengine hawa makazi yao yalikuwa Dar Es salaam ambako pia studio nyingi zilikuwepo,tukumbuke pia mikoani kulikuwa na ma-rapa waliokuja juu ile mbaya.Kwa vile nilisoma mkoani mbeya namkumbuka Rapa aliyekuwa akiitwa BBG ambaye alikuwa kibwagizo tosha kwenye ma-disco mjini Mbeya kama RTC,Mount Livingstone,AA Cool Para wa Zanzibar,Comtish wa ZNZ,pia kundi la Bombastic nk.

    Naweza kusema hawa ndio waliweza kufungua ukurasa mpya wa muziki wa kizazi kipya Tanzania na baadhi yao waliwahi kufanya mahojiano na Taji kabla hajaondoka kuelekea Mwanza na sio siri walikubalika japokuwa muziki wao ulianza kupigwa lakini sio sana kama ambavyo piganio letu lilitaka.

    Japokuwa jitihada zilianza kuzaa matunda,kazi sasa ilikuwa kwa wanamuziki wenyewe kuhakikisha wanauweka ulimwengu wa Tanzania sawa na kwamba jitihada na harakati zetu za kuupigania muziki huu uende hewani haziangushwi na kushindwa kwao.Tuliwaasa kupiga muziki wa kueleweka wenye maadhi si ya ki-Marekani zaidi au nje zaidi bali muziki wenye mtazamo wa kitanzania.

    Tulishauri kuwa ili muziki uwe na nafsi basi ni vyema tukaweka vionjo vya kwetu zaidi kama wenzetu wa Afrika ya Kusini na mtindo wao Kwaito.Hata huko Marekani kulikuwa na mtindo tofauti kidogo wenye mahadhi ya hip hop ulioanzishwa na mkongwe Teddy Riley unaoitwa "New Jack Swing" ambao ulibaki kam Hip Hop ila yenye vionjo tofauti na ladha ya New York.Nilitoa mifano hii makusudi kwenye kipindi maarufu nilichokuwa nikiendesha cha DJ Show kwa sababu walengwa na wadau wengi wa muziki Tanzania walikuwa wasikilizaji wakubwa wa kipindi hiki.DJ show ndio ilikuwa kilabu Raha Leo Show yao na nilisisitiza sana kwenye mapinduzi ya kuwa na mtindo wetu mpya wenye ladha yetu wenyewe.

    Inaendelea juu...
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    [h=3]SEHEMU TA TATU[/h]
    (Pichani nikiwa na mwanzilishi wa mtandao wa africanhiphop.com na Madunia Foundation Dj Thomas "J4" Gesthuzen tukijadili jambo juu ya ukuzaji wa muziki huu kwa njia ya internet huko Holland,hii ilikuwa mwaka 1997).


    Kwa vile kwa namna moja au nyingine harakati zilionekana kuanza kuzaa matunda,nami niliona ni vyema nikauchukua mwanya huu kuzaa kile ambacho mwenzangu Master T alikuwa mstari wa mbele kukingia kifua ili kufanikisha azma ya kuwaweka vijana wa Tanzania na muziki wao wa kizazi kipya mbele ya watanzania lakini huku kukiwa na msisitizo wa "cha kwetu".

    Nilibahatika kufanya mazungumzo na mmoja wa wana Hip Hop mahiri nchini anayetokea kwenye kundi la Kwanza Unit Kibacha "KBC" Singo ambaye tulikuwa tukifahamiana kwa muda mrefu toka mkoani Mbeya ambako sote tulikuwa tukisoma miaka ya mwanzoni ya tisini.KBC alikuwa ni msomaji mzuri na muelewa wa mambo mengi ya Hip Hop.

    Nilimweleza azma yangu ya kujaribu kuuingiza muziki huu hewani lakini kwa ushauri wa nini kifanyike ili tusichekwe kwa kuonekana tunaiga sana umarekani.KBC alicheka lakini alikubaliana nami na kusema hatuwezi kuibadilisha Hip Hop kufuata midundo yetu lakini tunaweza kuibadilisha kulingana na lugha pia vionjo vya kwetu.Lakini kwanza KBC alisema si kila mtu anaweza kufanya Hip Hop na lazima anayetaka kuingia katika game lazima ajue misingi ya muziki wenyewe.Nilikubali maoni ya KBC na niliuomba uongozi wa Radio one kugawa saa nzima,kuanzia saa 12 mpaka saa moja jioni katika siku moja ya wiki ili kutimiza haja hiyo,hasa hasa kuutenga muda huo kwa muziki wa Rap/Hip Hop tu na si kitu kingine ili kuupa muziki huu nafasi zaidi ya kusikika na kutambulika tofauti kabisa na ule wa kutoka The Bronx,Dirty Dirty South au South Central L.A.

    Niliomba kwa uongozi ili KBC aongoze kipindi hicho lakini uongozi kwa sababu za kueleweka ulikataa na kunitaka niendeshe kipindi hicho mimi mwenyewe na KBC awe mgeni maalumu au mtoa mada katika kipindi hicho wakati wowote akiwa na nafasi.Kipindi kilikwenda hewani kwa mara ya kwanza na KBC alikuwa regular.

    Matokeo yalikuwa mazuri kwani vijana wengi walikipokea kwa mikono miwili na kushukuru mchango wa KBC katika kipindi hiki.

    Hip Hop ya Tanzania ilianza kubadilika na kuanza kuwa na sura na mwelekeo wa Tanzania kama tulivyotarajia kwani kwa mara ya kwanza mkali mwingine wa Hip Hop Ramadhani "Chief Rhymson" Mponjika alitoa single yake kwa kumshirikisha mkongwe wa miondoko ya dansi aitwaye Hassan Seyvunde na kibao ambacho kilitamba sana sio kwenye Radio tu hata kwenye TV kutokana na maudhui yake.Pia kundi lao la Kwanza Unit walikubali mwito na kuibuka na kibao kiitwacho Msafiri ambapo rekodi ilikuwa na kiitikio kilichodurufu rekodi ya mkongwe wa muziki wa dansi Tanzania al maarufu kama Mzee Mzima King Kikii Mwanza Mpango.King Kikii naye alijumuika na familia ya Kwanza Unit katika matamasha mbali mbali kuwapiga tafu na mara wimbo huo ulipopigwa katika matamasha hayo mapokeo yalikuwa ni ya kuridhisha na huo ndio ukawa mwanzo wa Hip Hop ya Tanzania kupanda chati na kukubalika zaidi.

    Wakati haya yote yanatokea mkongwe mwingine kwa jina la 2Proud (sasa Sugu) naye hakuwa nyuma alitoa nyimbo ambazo zilikuwa gumzo na zenye ujumbe wa moja kwa moja kwa viongozi wa siasa Tanzania mpaka aliyekuwa Mratibu wa vipindi wa Radio One Charles Hillary alianza kukubali kazi za wasanii wa kizazi kipya na kuamua kuvunja baadhi ya masharti ambayo hapo mwanzo yalikuwa ni kikwazo.Charles Hillary kwa mara ya kwanza alikubali kupiga wimbo wa msanii wa huyu IIProud uitwao "Ni Mimi" katika moja ya vipindi ambavyo alikuwa akiviendesha.

    Huu ulikuwa ni mwanzo mzuri na upanuzi mkubwa kwa muziki wa Hip Hop Tanzania ambao sasa ulianza kushamiri kila kona na kwa kasi kubwa.

    Lakini changamoto haikuwa kwenye Hip Hop ya Tanzania tu bali hata muziki wa dansi nao ulianza kubadilika kutokana na wakati.Kama ilivyo kwa KBC na mchanganuo wake wa mawazo kwenye kipindi changu cha Rap time ambacho sio siri kiliwafungua macho vijana wengi waliotaka kuingia katika muizki katika miaka ya 90 ukiachilia wale wakongwe,basi katika dansi nako kulikuwa na mapinduzi yake.

    Sote tunakumbuka bendi kama Diamond Sound ambayo ilikuwa ikipiga nyimbo nyingi za Congo na zikiimbwa kwa lugha ya kilingala.Niliwahi kumwalika kiongozi wa band hiyo Elliston Angai katika kipindi cha DJ Show na rapa wake mashuhuri Allan Mulumba Nkashama na kufanya nao mazungumzo ni namna gani wanaweza kushirikisha vionjo vya Tanzania zaidi katika nyimbo zao na Rap zao.Bila kusita walikaribisha wazo hilo na kama ilikuwa ni mgongano wa mawazo kumbe nao walikuwa wanatafakari namna ya kutawala soko la muziki wao kwa kuuza CD ambazo muziki wake utakuwa na mtazamo na ladha ya Tanzania.

    Allain Mulumba kutokana na ubunifu wake alikuja na rap yake ya kwanza kabisa baada ya changamoto hiyo kwenye DJ Show ambayo alitumia tangazo la sabuni kuonesha muonjo huo.Tangazo lile lilikuwa na maneno kama "Omari mbona unajikuna sana,sio siri mamaa! ninawashwa sana ngwarariii ngwararaaa".

    Ndipo sote tulipokubali maapokezi ya muziki na kwa kutumia lugha yetu kumbe unalipa.Ukumbi wa Silent Inn ulilipuka kwa furaha ya Rap hiyo ambayo kwa mara ya kwanza ilipigwa usiku huo na kutambulishwa rasmi,mashuhuda wenzangu katika mapinduzi haya usiku huo pale Silent Inn walikuwa waandishi wenzangu Sebastian Maganga (Radio One),Farouq Karim (ITV Zanzibar),John Ngahyoma (ITV Dar) na Chacha Maginga (sasa TBC1) .Baada ya hapo tulishuhudia band nyingi zikiiga sana mtindo huu na kuibuka na rap za kiswahili kwenye miziki waliyokuwa wakipiga ambayo ina asili ya Congo.Tunakumbuka bendi kama FM Musica na zingine ambazo zilifuata nyayo.

    Nanyambulisha haya kwa makusudi ili kuweka kumbukumbu sawa na kwa vile kuna kusahahulika kwa matukio muhimu kama haya hasa inapofika wakati wa watu aidha wasiojua kumbukumbu hizi au kwa makusudi ya kukidhiana wanaandika zinazoitwa historia juu ya mabadiliko ya muziki wa kizazi kipya Tanzania bila ya kutaja mambo muhimu kama haya.

    Na nikiri wazi kuwa pamoja na kuwepo kwa kipindi cha DJ Show ambacho ni cha kwanza kutambulisha muziki huu wa kizazi kipya hewani na kuwa kipindi pekee chenye heshima hiyo kabla ya kingine chochote,hivi leo husikii wengi wakikipa heshima yake na pengine kukisahau kabisa katika kumbukumbu za muziki huu tunaousheherekea hivi leo.Waulize wanamuziki wakongwe katika anga za muziki huu watakwambia ukweli huu.Pia kumekuwa na kusahaulika kwa waandishi wa kwanza kabisa kuandika habari za wanamuziki hawa kwenye makala na hata kuwafanyia mahojiano kwa mara ya kwanza.Waandishi kama Angetileh Osiah,Tom Kirumbi,Albert Memba ,Ibra Poza,Issa Michuzi au Juma Pinto.

    Tukirudi kwenye Radio lazima nikubali baadaye pia kulikuwa na upinzani na vituo vingine ambavyo navyo viliendeleza muziki huu wa kizazi kipya kwa kasi kubwa sana.Pia watayarishaji wa muziki kama Enrique "Rick" Figueredo wa Sound Crafters pale Temeke,Joakim "Master Jay" Kimario wa MMJ Production,Boniphas "Bonny Luv" Kilosa wa Mawingu Studios,Paul "P" Funk wa Bongo Records (alianzisha kundi la vijna wa miaka saba lililopiga HipHop),Marlon Linje wa Don Bosco studio.Shukurani kwa kipindi cha Dr Beat chini ya KBC na Dj Bonny "Luv" Kilosa na Othman "OJ" Njaidi ambao waliendeleza libeneke katika mtindo ule ule wa ushindani lakini tukiwa marafiki wa karibu na kubadilishana mawazo mara kwa mara kwani sote lengo letu lilikuwa moja.Dr Beat ilikuwa chini ya Clouds FM.

    Pia wadhamini na mapromota ambao walikuwa na moyo wa dhati katika kuendeleza sana hii ya muziki wa kizazi kipya.Na upozungumzia muziki huu basi huwezi kumsahahu Joseph 'Joe" Kussaga na Abdulhakim Magomelo.

    Lakini mimi binafsi mbali ya mkongwe Taji Liundi ambaye alifungua njia ya mapambano na harakati ili kuupa muziki huu nafasi yake kama ilivyo dansi na aina nyengine ya muziki,kamwe sitomsahahukijana mwenye akili "Genius" Dj Sebastian Maganga ambaye alipokea kwa dhati mikoba ya DJ SHOW baada ya miye kuachia ngazi.Sebastian ana nafasi ya pekee sana katika muziki huu tangu alipojiunga na Radio One toka Radio Tumaini,ikumbukwe pia Sebastian ni mwana HipHop aliyetoka na kundi la Afro Reign toka miaka hiyoo.Sebastian ni mbunifu na ndio yeye aliyenisukuma zaidi katika kuibadili DJ Show moja kwa moja na kuachana na nyimbo nyingi za Marekani katika kipindi cha DJ SHOW na pole pole tuliweza kufanikiwa kwa kushirikiana na DJ Jumanne kutoka Holland ambaye alitutengenezea promo nyingi za kipindi na kubadili usikivu wa kipindi hiki kutoka muziki wa Snoopy Dogg/Dr Dre mpaka ule wa akina Mr II/Kwanza Unit.

    Na katika kufanikisha hilo kwa vile DJ Show ilikuwa inapiga muziki mchanganyiko lakini wa kileo.Siku moja tukiwa kwenye kipindi Sebastian aligusia mfumo wa kutenga muziki katika dakika 30 kila genre,kama tunapiga Reggae basi alishauri iwe dakika 30,kama R&B ya Tanzania basi tutenge dakika 30 nk.Nilikubaliana na wazo hilo kwani lingetufanya tutoe nafasi sawa kwa kila aina ya mtindo na sio upendeleo wa kupiga Hip Hop au R&B tu masaa yote mawili ya kipindi.

    Ilipofika dakika 30 za muziki wa R & B,siku hiyo nilikuwa kwenye usukani na kwa mbwembwe nilicheza nyimbo ya kundi la R&B lililoitwa 4Krewz Flava na baadaye kuiunganisha na nyimbo nyingine ya Unique Sistaz.Kwa vile midundo,mpangilio,lugha na utaalamu wa muziki wenyewe kamwe huwezi kuufananisha na ule wa Soul 4 Real au SWV kutoka Marekani,tulipenda tutofautishe kidogo kati ya aina hizi mbili na ndipo session hii niliibatiza jina ambalo lingetofautisha R&B ya Marekani na ile ya kwetu....niliipa session hii jina la BONGO FLAVA.

    Hii ilikuwa mwaka 1996 na ndio ulikuwa mwanzo wa neno BONGO FLAVA likiwa na maana muziki wenye mahadhi ya nje lakini wenye vionjo na ladha ya Tanzania na si vinginevyo lengo kuu ni kuitofautisha na muziki ule wa Marekani.Hip Hop ya Tanzania ilibaki na itabaki vile vile kama ilivyo,ila muziki wowote ule wa nje,mbali ya Hip Hop na DANSI ya Tanzania niliuita na kuufahamishakwa umma wa watanzania kama BONGO FLAVA ndani ya kipindi cha DJ SHOW cha Radio One.

    Nikifikia tamati ya mtazamo wangu na jinsi nilivyoshuhudia muziki huu ukikua pengine kumekuwa na ubishi ambao kwa maana halisi nimeonelea nao niudodose kidogo hii leo.Nilipokuwa nyumbani Tanzania nilipata bahati ya kutembelea Clouds FM ambako mwenzangu Sebastian Maganga sasa ni Mkuu wa Vipindi na aligusia suala hili la chimbuko zima la muziki huu na neno BONGO FLAVA.Niliweka haya unayoyasoma wewe hapa bloguni kama yalivyo na niliomba yeyote mwenye kuona tofauti na ninauona ukweli kujitokeza lakini hakutokea mtu kupinga.

    Nasema hivi kwa vile huko nyuma kuna waliodiriki kujitokeza/kujitangaza hapo mwanzo na kudai kuwa neno hili BONGO FLAVA ni jina lililotokana au kutungwa na wao,kitu ambacho mimi na mwenzangu Sebastian Maganga tunakipinga kwa sababu tunajua ukweli uko wapi.Watu hawa (tunafahamiana fika) waliombwa kuja studio za Clouds FM siku hiyo katika mahojiano maalum na kuuthibitishia umma juu ya dai lao lakini hakuna aliyetokea.

    Ni kweli kila mtu na mtazamo wake katika kila jambo kutokana na alivyolishuhudia lakini ni vyema tukawa wakweli kidogo bila kupindisha mambo pale tunapotaka kuuhabarisha umma juu ya yale tunayotaka wayafahamu.Katika mnyambulisho huu hapa juu sio lengo wala nia yangu kumsuta mtu na inawezekana kabisa kama binadamu wa kawaida kuna mambo nimeyasahau,kama ndivyo basi ni vyema tukasahihishana ili kurekebisha mambo na sio kudanganya kwa kudhani ukweli kamwe hautojulikana na ndio maana nimeamua kuandika haya ili kuweka yale ninayoyajua wazi kwa faida ya kizazi kijacho na hata cha sasa ambacho kimekuwa kikipotoshwa na wachache.

    Na kwa kufanya hivi sina nia hata kidogo ya kutaka au kuuukwa umaarufu,kwani nimekuwa maarufu toka nina miaka 19 na sihitaji wala silazimishi kuwa maarufu hivi leo.

    Ieleweke kuwa haya yote ni katika kutoa elimu kama shuhuda wa mapinduzi ya muziki huu Tanzania kwani kumekuwa dhahiri na upotoshaji wa makusudi au wa kutojijua inapokuja katika mambo muhimu yanaohusu muziki wa kizazi kipya Tanzania.

    Kwa mfano neno hili la BONGO FLAVA lilizaliwa na kutokea katika kipindi cha DJ Show na si vinginevyo kama ambavyo imekuwa ikidaiwa katika zinazoitwa historia za muziki huu wa kizazi kipya kutoka vianzio mbali mbali.

    Mfano mwingine hai ni ule kuwa kuna kuna wanaosema TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS imeanzishwa na mwanamuziki James Dandu (ambaye alikuwa ni rafiki yangu mkubwa) lakini watu wanasahau kuwa TANZANIA MUSIC AWARDS ilianzishwa na mwanamuziki wa zamani wa bendi ya Mawenzi/Prodyuza John Kagaruki chini ya kampuni yake ya Serengeti Production kwa kushirikiana na BASATA mwaka 1997 na sherehe za kwanza kabisa ambazo zilirushwa live na kituo cha ITV zilifanyika pale Whitesand Hotel.

    Ni kweli mwaka uliofuata sherehe hizi hazikufanyika tena na zilipwaya.Lakini tusisahau kuwa mwaka 2000 kampuni ya Look Promotion kwa kushirikiana na Clouds FM walifanya tena onesho hili ikiwa ni mara ya pili kufanyika Tanzania.Na mwaka uliofuata bia ya Kilimanjaro kwa kushirikiana na mwanamuziki James "CJ MASSIVE" Dandu na kampuni yake ya Dandu Planet walizindua upya sherehe hizi ambazo zimekuwa zikifanyika kila mwaka toka wakati huo.

    Mifano kama hii na mingineyo mingi tu inaleta mushkeri hasa inavyopotoshwa kwa makusudi ilhali mashuhuda wake tupo tena tukiwa hai.
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    [h=3]SEHEMU YA MWISHO[/h]
    [​IMG](Pichani: Mimi, Dj Runkim "Zipompapompa" Ramadhani na Dj Sebastian Maganga, Dar-Tanzania)

    Kufikia hatua hii basi labda niseme tu kuwa imefika wakati wanamuziki wa Hip Hop na Bongo Flava leo hii wana nafasi yao katika jamii ya Tanzania na wanapaswa kuenziwa,kukumbukwa na kuheshimika bila kuchanganya aina hizi mbili za muziki kwani ni vitu viwili tofauti kabisa lakini lengo likiwa moja.Kuna mambo mawili ambayo nadhani yakifanyika basi angalau kumbukumbu ya wale wakongwe walioanzisha harakati na mapinduzi katika muziki huu watadumishwa na wale wapya watajifunza kutokana na kuwaenzi wakongwe hawa.

    Hapa tusisahau pia wakongwe waliokuwa wakipiga ianyoitwa Hard Core HipHop kama Fresh XE ambaye sidhani kama alibahatika kurekodi,Samia X,GWM,E-Attack,Underground Soul,Hasheem,KU Crew,Nigga One,D-Rob au II Proud na wengineo ambao walikuwapo hata kabla ya kipindi cha DJ SHOW au Radio One kuanza lakini hawakuwa na sehemu ya kuutangaza muziki wao.Hawa kamwe hawatasahaulika na wana heshima kubwa sana kwenye muziki wa kizazi kipya nchini Tanzania.

    Bila kutegemea "Awards" ambazo zinaonekana kuwa na dosari kila zinapofanyika kila mwaka kwa tuhuma za upendeleo nadhani imefika wakati mwafaka kwa muziki huu na wanamuziki wake kuwa na tuzo zake maalum zitakazofanyika kila mwaka na kuzitofautisha kabisa na zile tulizozioea za muziki mchanganyiko.

    Kuwepo na utaratibu wa kujumuisha wiki ya tuzo hizo na usaidiaji wa jamii kwa wakongwe watakotumikiwa tuzo hizo kutembelea baadhi ya shule za msingi au sekondari na kutoa changamoto ya maisha na elimu juu ya muziki huu kwa ujumla kwa kizazi hiki kijacho.Pia hata kushiriki nao katika shughuli za usafi wa mazingira kwa siku hiyo.Huu ni mchango tosha na ishara kuwa muziki huu si uhuni ni sehemu ya maisha kwa kizazi kipya.

    Vile vile sehemu ya mapato na udhamini wa onesho hili iende kusaidia shule masikini au ya watoto wasiobahatika na wenye ulemavu wa namna moja au nyingine.

    Kwa kufanya haya na mengineyo mengi muziki huu sio tu utakuwa ni wenye kujijengea heshima bali kuweka kumbukumbu kubwa ya mapinduzi kwenye ulimwengu wa muziki Tanzania na hadhi yake kuwa ni ile isiyofutika kwa urahisi machoni na akilini mwa kizazi cha sasa na hata kile kijacho kwa muda mrefu.
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    "...inapodunda redioni tega sikio kwa makini, upende usiipende take your way na mimi nadunda kama kid & play, kama hunipendi yoo kaa pande sitapenda wengi kama Maumba....ndindi ndindi ndindiiiiiiiiii x 2 ice ice ice baby...."

    Hiyo "ndindi ndindi ndindiiiiii" ni mdundo kwa ile instrumental yaani hapa nilipo wimbo mzima unaflow kichwani. Dah siku hizi sijui vijana wanapimba nini!
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    Duh Ritz bana, mi najua we ni gambaz pure! Kumbe kweli hata humu umo? Ni kweli Jontwa ni wa Mwanza pia alikuwa na jamaa mwingine muhaya akiitwa Rweyemamu (yeye alikuwa akijiita Rweyeman) wote wakiimba Ragga. Nakumbuka kama vile Jontwa aliperform katika show Beenie Man alipokuja Bongo in late 90's, ikasemekana naye angekwea pipa kwenda visiwani (Jamaica) kupata record deal matokeo yake deal haikuwa na akabakia Bongo tu, sijui akaingia katika ulevi wa unga, mara akaokoka sijui kwa sasa yuko wapi. Pia walikuwepo jamaa wanajiita Wepesi wa Akili (WEPWAA) sijui wako wapi kwa sasa.
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    Maganiko bana.
    Hunajua miaka hiyo wajanja wote lazima mpende Hip Hop, tulienda Mwanza na washakaji zangu kutembea ndio tukamjua Jontwa na Wipwaa jamaa wapo UK siku hizi, tulikutana na II Proud na Sos-B, Dola Souls, tulikuwa tunakaa pale Delex Hotel jioni tunakwenda kula pizza pale pizelia kuleana..wewe acha saizi uzee tena.
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    Nakumbuka enzi hizo Dj Show ya Radio One ilikuwa unmissable kabisa, akikaa Sebastian Maganga, Mike Mhagama yaani ilikuwa show bomba mbaya! Nakumbuka baadaye Rankim Ramadna alikuja huku Mwanza, akatisha sana pale RFA ila tena akapotea. Siku hizi Dj shows za maredio mbwembwe nyingi bila substance mpaka hutamani tena kusikiliza muziki. Those were the days!
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    Afro reign kwenye ji,kwenye jiji la bongo afro reignnnnnnnn......nakumbuka hii chorus ya afro reign kitambo icho nilikuwa naona kama mbele..aisee kuna watu exposure kitambo.
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    Deluxe ilishachoka sana siku hizi ila kwa enzi hizo ndo kilikuwa kiwanja kikubwa huku Mwanza, kwa sasa kuna kuna kiwanja kipya kinaitwa Rock Bottom Club, ipo underground katika jengo jipya la PPF Plaza opposite na Mwanza Hotel ndo huwa tunaenda hapo kupitisha muda tu. Pizzeria (Kuleana) bado ipo ingawa sio kama siku hizo tena ndo nakwenda kula matunda hapo jioni hii. Mwanza siku hizi hakuna tena waimbaji baada ya hao kina Jontwa na wenzake. Kina Dolasoul (nadhani aliiga Dela Soul wa US) hawasikiki tena...anyway kila jambo na muda wacha kian Diamond nao wapete ndio muda wao huu.
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    hicho ndio kipindi muziki una radha,sio siku izi muziki una swaga,makelele kibao....nakumbuka wale watoto wa temeke Gwm walikuwa wanapanda stejini wako rafu lakini wakianza kuchana kila mtu anashangilia...utawaskia ''cheza mbali na kasheshe mbali na kasheshe''............