Mfumo wa mawasiliano ya Intaneti unaopita chini ya bahari wapata hitilafu


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May 25, 2011

Mfumo wa mawasiliano unapita chini ya bahari unaziunganisha nchi mbalimbali za bara la Afrika wazima. Mfumo huo unaofahamika kwa jina la Seacom umepata hitilafu usiku wa kuamkia leo

Tatizo limetokea katika eneo la Mombasa nchini Kenya na Zafarana nchini Misri lakini mpaka sasa haijaelezwa nini hasa ndio chanzo cha kutokea kwa tatizo hilo

Nchi za Pwani ya Afrika Mashariki na baadhi ya nchi za Ulaya zimeathirika kutokana na hitilafu hiyo kwenye mfumo wa intaneti

Aidha, watumiaji wenye namba ya utambulisho kutokea Dar es Salaam na Afrika Kusini hawajaathirika ingawa wataona mabadiliko kidogo tofauti na walivyozoea


Seacom said on
Wednesday that the submarine cable system it operates along Africa’s east coast is experiencing a “service-affecting outage”.
The incident began at midnight South African time.

“Seacom is experiencing a service-affecting outage on its subsea cable system between Mombasa (in Kenya) and Zafarana (in Egypt),” it said in a series of tweets.

It did not say what caused the problem. In the past, ships’ anchors in the Red Sea near Egypt have severed submarine telecommunications systems, but it’s not clear if this caused the current problem — a Seacom spokesman couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

All linear transmission traffic on the Seacom subsea cable system on the east coast of Africa, to and from Europe, are affected

“All linear transmission traffic on the Seacom subsea cable system on the east coast of Africa, to and from Europe, are affected,” Seacom said in another tweet.

“Customers with IP or other managed services terminating between Dar es Salaam (in Tanzania) and South Africa will remain unaffected but could experience a slight increase in latency (network round-trip times) as traffic is routed over Seacom’s west coast transmission links.”

In years gone by, downtime on the Seacom cable had a severe impact on Internet users in South Africa, particularly residential users, with Internet service providers relying largely, or even entirely, on the Seacom system for international bandwidth.

However, with the construction of new systems on the west coast, including the West Africa Cable System (Wacs), the impact is no longer nearly as severe as it once was.

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