Meet The 21-year Old Tanzanian Who Programs Games & Does Cyber-security


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Nov 6, 2023

Alameen Karim Merali, from Tanzania, is a 21 Year Old boy who programs his own games and has them uploaded online to his GitHub and his Itch Page where users can then download them and use them for themselves. Mr. Merali even has a counterpart job as a computer security researcher at Dark Horse Security Inc. Which is responsible for different computer security work such as Fraud Investigation, Digital Forensics and the similar.

You can see from here on Mr. Merali's GitHub that he certificates in different fields of Information Technology as seen here:

Over here, we see he has the Game Development Section on his GitHub Profile:

While most of the security work Mr. Merali does is Public on his Facebook and our companies Twitter, You can always check him there. Mr. Merali is even covered in over four News Articles and is a well-known security researcher in the field of computers for his work which is very rare to find in Africa especially in Tanzania. There is little to no news at all about such researchers online or even in news articles about people like him who have the capability to do what he can do. Nonetheless, this is why this article had to be made to make him known for his works.

Citations from News Articles on Mr. Merali: An interview with my CFO, Dark Horse Security Inc. The company that works with hackers to report corrupt people, The end of NetForums

News Reference from HackerNews on Mr. Merali can be found from this picture (The picture shows the breach of a forum which Mr. Merali did legally to send to authorities which was explained in the news report above about his reporting):

This therefore proves the capabilities that Mr. Merali has aren't comparative to what many people can do, while this itself requires programming knowledge to do such tasks including C++, PHP, Java and Python. Inclusive to this, his games are outrages and amazing as well. The Programming languages which he used to program all his games are mostly JavaScript and HTML since these games are then compiled through the Cordova Framework.

Citation: Meet The 21-year Old Tanzanian Who Programs Games & Does Cyber-security - Programming - Nigeria

You can find out more about him from his Wiki here:
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