Makamba: No relations between Zanzibar electoral and united republic President


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Oct 13, 2015
Deputy Minister ?Communication, science & Technology January Makamba has spoken on behalf of the CCM about several things including violence.

Makamba said they are trying to motivate youths to be on streets, make violence which is unacceptable, our nation is greater than need of power to individuals, and peace in our country has enormous value.
Our colleagues from UKAWA have the right to complain what they want day and night, but they don?t have any right to put nation into chaos by encouraging young people to organise youth and plan people into the streets to protest, to do violence, destroy property as a nation we cannot allow.

We argue Tanzanians to continue with their lives as usual and while everyone continue with responsibility to protect the peace of our county.

He continue saying this issue of postponing the election in Zanzibar have drawn recently, we are not speakers of the Commission, Zanzibar`s electoral Commission will state itself and give out the reason, what we know is two things.
First legal authority, ZEC has that authority to suspend the election results of Zanzibar, second that situation of Zanzibar does not have anything to do with our election of Republic of Tanzania because its two commission which run election.

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