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Oct 12, 2010
Arguing, as I define, is presenting arguments to support your case. Now I know here at JF we argue a lot and as you can see, we use logic every time. For example when you tell somebody "you are wrong", you use the logical law of non-contradiction. Since we use logic to make sense of our discussions and arguments here, I thought I should bring to light some fallacies I have found common here. My intention is that, we will learn to argue more intelligent by avoiding these fallacies.

I by no means claim infallibility and this is not strict treatise on philosophy or logic.

That being said, let me highlight few of them. I will be posting as I'm getting enough time to write something intelligible. I invite you to correct me wherever you find any mistake and thank you for reading!


This is very common among fallacies. It have got some alias like circular reasoning. It means that your conclusion is just subtle re statement of your premise(s). I will give example to illustrate that(I take a real world example and paraphrase it my way, so muslims be patient please):

Skeptic: why should I believe Koran?
Muslim: Because it is the word of Allah!
Skeptic: why should I believe Allah exists?
Muslim: Because Koran clearly says he exists

Now, I give muslim example because I have met variation of the same argument in many discussion, here at JF and many other places! If you investigate her you will find that Koran being the word of Allah is assertion that needs to be proved (a premise unproved), then conclusion that Allah exists" because koran (the Word of allah) says so" shows circularity! Both are assertion (Allah's existence and Koran being word of Allah) in need of proof!

I will give another example and move on to next fallacy.
Layman: How do we know Dinosaurs lives millions of years ago?
Paleontologist: Because they are found in rock layers dating millions years ago
Layman: But how do we know those rocks are millions of years?
Paleontologist: Because they contains Dinosaurs that lived millions years ago

Let us avoid this fallacy dear friends. Let us prove our premises and let the conclusion follow the premise(s)!


This fallacy is when people try to associate things which have no relationship, logically!
I know this will touch many, especially those who think they are "more africans" than many others. I will give example that I have encountered here at JF:
AA: You are idiot, how can you accept western religion? I thought you would value your african!
BB: So what? I'm still African!
AA: You are one of those who can't think for themselves!
BB: So what did you wanted me to be?
AA: Be african by valuing your ancestor's religion

Here you see false associations! Being Africa, means being born and value your continent. It have nothing to do with your thinking abilities. Also, since being african is a racial issue, it have nothing to do with religion you subscribe to!

Some more examples of this fallacy is association of beers and sports, cigars and being cool...et al

It will continue...
Have nice day!
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