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Leaders of confusion addition version according to my vision.

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Shayu, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Shayu

    Shayu Platinum Member

    Nov 20, 2011
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    There is the big diffarence between to lead and to manage, to manage is the job of a manager. The job of the leader is to gather, to manage and to lead people to certain cause. To show people which direction a country must take. Any true and virtuous leader understand this. The job of the leader must be to influence people to work for their own country for the benefit of all the people of the nation. To build harmony and adherence between the people.

    Politics means to deal with the public matters, the daily problems of the people. In our country right now, we need comitted politicians. Who will help this nation from confusion and distress, from leaders of confusion.

    A nation can not be build on selfishness my dear brothers and sisters. But on unity and sacrifice. And iam here my brothers and sisters. Becouse of the call of patriotism and as a duty of citizenship.

    When a country go in wrong direction we must stand firm and talk boldly. We must change. We must change how we think abt our country. And remember this nation and rebuild it again starting with our bond as the people who are living together as the nation.

    We have problems of corruption which is hindrace for our progress and our unity as the nation. If we come together and address all these issues as rational being we can solve our problems and move on as the nation.

    We Need to be careful not to disturb our peace when we are fighting for corruption and corrupt leaders. Corruption is the stain to our country and must be removed and this is our duty as the people of this country.

    A Country is strong by doing justice by being comitted to justice becouse it is justice that bring people together, injustice repel.
    This is my call for unity as Tanzanians. Iam always believing if we come together in one spirit and purpose, in one mind we can not fail.

    If we organized ourselves, if we are disciplined and comitted to our nation they shall be nothing impossible for us. Any country is build by intellegence and wisdom of it's people. Foolish people destroy their own country becouse of their ignorance. It is our ignorance that bind us and make us poor but it is time to free ourselves from ignorance.
    To build our families in patriotism and duty toward this nation and themselves. It is true my brothers and sisters sameone who destroy the familly destroy the very essence of the state. Order in the famillies determine order in the state.

    I said it again a country is strong by intellegence and wisdom of it's people and their readness to take sacrifice for their country and their future generation. We can have minerals, rivers, montains and good soil but without our readness to sacrifice ourselves for change and for honour and glory of our country we can not move on.

    People can change desert into land of milk and honey becouse of their readness to sacrifice themselves to change their lives and their land. This is the call of patriotism. To think again about our nation. We must have true love to our mother land. We must be ready to sacrifice ourselves for this country.

    We must have national agenda. we must spread that agenda from generation to generation and establish it firmly in the heart and mind of our people.

    I don't believe we are a nation just to eliminate poverty no! But to build a strong country for our glory and honour.
    If boys and girls, men and women, decide right now and say as one voice with the faith, we wan't this nation to develop and become strong we will. I strongly believe this. If we engage ourselves in searching after knowledge and innovation diligently, we will liberate ourselves from poverty and bring honour to our nation.

    It is possible my dear brothers and siters it is possible for this country to become great nation it is only our decision and our readness to act. We can innovate, we can produce great men and women the earth have never seen. We must have purpose as a nation, we must have a direction to lead our nation. Amen
  2. muhosni

    muhosni JF-Expert Member

    Nov 20, 2011
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    nimekidondokea kidhungu chako mwanangu. pole mkuu au ulikuwa umeshikiwa bastola kwamba lazima uandike kwa kiingereza? :focus:
    nini kipya kati ya hayo yote uliyoandika?
  3. Killuminati

    Killuminati JF-Expert Member

    Nov 20, 2011
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    Dah! Tumia lugha yetu basi mara nyingine maaana....