Kwa nini ukiingiza hewa ya puto mdomoni sauti inabadilika kabisa inakuwa nyembamba au ya bezi sana?


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Dec 27, 2016
There is so called a Wave...and there are two types of waves
1.Mechanical waves eg sound waves.
5.electromagnetic waves e.g water waves, linght waves, waves in string etc.

A sound as a standing wave is formed whe when the two equal and opposite waves superimpose forming points of high amplitude as Antinodes and lowe amplitude as Nodes.

If the sound varies its due to the variation these two points which results as you change the frequency from your mouth.

If there is no obstacle nearby there is no standing wave hence there is no sound at all.

A reflected sound wave is called "echo" as mwangwi which causes a sound to occur.

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